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  1. Zgemma boxes almost dead as well. Only get Discovery, BT sports, some cartoons and FTA channels.
  2. Thanks EddardStark cashed out at £101.
  3. Pre-match gig cost £12 not £20.
  4. Saturday 5th November
  5. Will also post out recorded delivery if required.
  6. First class rail ticket for sale, leaving Dundee 11.07am to Kings Cross on 10th November and returning to Dundee leaving 10.00am on 12th November. Face value £60. Could possibly deliver Tayside area.
  7. Thank you, Dundee/Kings Cross return first class £60.
  8. What if you haven't taken a flight between Edinburgh and London do you just make it up and hope they give you a special code.
  9. I've been in for a QP v Arbroath game years ago but not hospitality on offer rather board members meeting others etc. Got drinks from a can bar, it was quite big, think this was when south stand was getting done up.
  10. Thanks for replays, now using Ryanair app with smartphone boarding pass. Thanks again.
  11. Going to Majorca as independent travellers for a weeks holiday on Sunday, got outward boarding passes printed out without booking a seat but to print out return boarding pass you need to book a seat at £10 allowing you to print out your return boarding pass at home. If you don't book a seat Ryanair only allow you you print out return boarding pass 7 days and 2 hours before return flight forcing you to reserve a seat at £10. What's the best way to print out boarding pass whilst abroad, find an Internet cafe and print out yourselves or is there another way. Thanks in advance Greig.
  12. Stopped buying the Dundee Courier months ago, too much anti SNP bile for me.
  13. Live sports streams through Phoenix through Kodi have stopped working for last few days or so but movies, cartoons etc all work great, anybody having same problems or know how to remedy. Are Sky/BT blocking live streams, is it something to do with my router (Technicolor) supplied by SSE? Thanks in advance.
  14. McLarens, Forfars' No1