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  1. Saddlers

    McLarens, Forfars' No1
  2. The ?!

    View new content was at the top right of the old board.
  3. Me and my mates have a 29 min wait to catch a connecting train south. Need to get some cold beers for train, some hot food (could be some burger type or fish chips to eat on train) and sink a pint before catching train south, is this doable and if so what off licence, burger/chip shop, and pub do you recommend. The Exchange Pub is next door so that could be a pint taken care of. Cheers in advance.
  4. If you have a passcode on your phone I thought you could not switch it off unless unlocked
  5. Apple Icloud Back-Up, Help

    We have 4 Apple devices in household all connected to iCloud. When they are all fully backed up to iCloud does that mean we can delete all pics on the 4 Apple devices to allow more space to take more pics but still have previous pics in iCloud. Thanks PS I hate iCloud and these Apple devices will be last but will have to wait till contract is out.
  6. Polls

    Angus will definitely not be lost. Tory free Scotland. Cast iron.
  7. Skybet Free £10

    Where is the section to enter this code to see if it works.
  8. 2nd time today so far had to restart home hub 5 to connect iPad to net. BT said Apple products connect a 5 mhs and that's the issue, they said connect a 2.5 mhs and will connect. Not tried that yet but I paid to be connected to fastest service which they are not delivering. (Mhs) not sure if correct terminology.
  9. DO NOT GET BT. And don't get but tv its utter crap. But home hub 5 won't connect to any Apple products without restarting it at least once a day. Hate to say this but I wish I never changed from Sky.
  10. Met him once, great craic. Rip big man. Btw on the back of his denim jacket was written "If it's not Scottish it's crap".
  11. Bought one every day since launch, quite like it, I was looking for an excuse not to buy the Dundee Courier so there, though could do with a bit more football coverage.
  12. So, who do I vote for then to help fukk them up even more.
  13. If you were giving a vote in this because of your Union membership which way would vote. Assuming your Union was telling you to vote for Neil Alexander as leader and Katy Clark as deputy out of a pool of Sarah Boyak, Neil Findlay, Jim Murphy and Katy Clark, Kezia Dugdale which way would you vote, all assuming of course.
  14. With out doubt the most un-funny individual eyes I have laid on.
  15. Orlando Watching Georgia Game

    Will be in Orlando day of the Scotland v Georgia game and looking for recommendations of a pub/sports bar etc that will showing game. Pubs on International Drive would be perfect. Cheers Greig.