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  1. Nobody putting blame at the SFA over the ticket fiasco ? I was in section 13 ,most of that home end behind the goal was full of scots , why did the SFA not push for more tickets, they must have know that lots of us would buy tickets for that part of the ground anyway . Talking to other TA ,and like me they were on 5 points and did not get tickets for the game. Hence why we bought from the Slovak FA.
  2. I have all of those and prime spot has already been reserved for my feathers and flag
  3. Same with me ,on 5 points and no phone call 😰
  4. I just hope I get in the ground early with my flag as i am also in section 13 row 2 .
  5. Thanks for the replies, only thing I'm worried about is if the local neds try and steal the flags , which is what happened in Warsaw 2 years ago,
  6. Anyone know what colour strip we might be playing in ? have emailed the SFA and they think it might be the pink strip but they are not sure !!!!
  7. I'm, in block 13 , next to the away section, anybody else thinking of taking there flags into that part of the ground ,
  8. Still looking for 3 seats if possible
  9. All booked in less than 5 mins , also email through as well , section 13 , all I need now is transport to the game
  10. Oh well , watching in a bar it is then
  11. Booked months ago to travel , 5 points and no ticket. Fingers crossed that I pick one up out there, does anybody know if the SFA are asking for more tickets
  12. Tickets sold out,
  13. Sent email , thanks
  14. I have sent email , hoping for 3 seats on bus , thanks
  15. Andy, have sent you a PM but your message box is full, need 3 seats and payment details if possible. Thanks