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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. And full of ale ?
  2. Could be the new combined nickname for him - Tom Thumb ?
  3. PS when you previously mentioned using the "contact us" button to folk, I never imagined there was THAT type of contact !
  4. Yet another young Scottish talent who may not fulfil his potential due to a poor career moving. I said at the time, I could see him being a future Celtic captain (when Brown retires/fades) but he's not been a regular and could ending up as an average journeyman. I'd like to see him get the chance at Celtic (before it's too late) as he's potentially still a real Scotland talent.
  5. It's never straightforward on here. If you scroll to the very bottom of the page there's a "contact us" you can click on to send them a message.
  6. I was walking down our road the other day and this bloke comes past, carrying a girl on his back. I said "what you doing?" He said "fancy dress party - I'm going as a snail" I said "what's she doing on your back?" He said: "this is MICHELLE"
  7. What he said.
  8. That could never happen on the TAMB.
  9. Stones just before HT missed a great chance too !
  10. I've gone for BTTS 1st half @ 11/4.
  11. If you use Chrome you get a pop up asking if you want it translated. It's not a great translation though It does confirm however, that guys wearing jeans are a national embarrassment.. Here's the copy and paste. TOPIC: The attraction of Bratislava: The men in kilts The «metrosport.gr» found alongside Scots fans eve Slovak-Scottish game and recorded the way of life ... Monday afternoon, 10 October, and the inhabitants of Bratislava show willing to change their daily rhythms, whether the next day had a ... fight, because the Slovak national faced the same in Scotland. Responsibility for ... disturbing the enervating silence had given the Scots fans, who had begun to arrive in the capital, since each fight their representative assembly -especially when conducted outside edras- is "achasti" rite. When it comes to World Cup qualifiers, even then the reasons are obvious. As the sun was setting, so the main streets smelled malt and hops, basic ingredients of beer. Besides, and this rite is ... The «undress code» of checkered skirt Each arrow in the old center of Bratislava looked in one direction, which was none other than Sedlarska Ulica (Ed: means street), where it was assembled bars, which seemed incapable of meeting the needs of Scots fans. One need only watched the looks of despair of the owners of pubs, who did not have the appropriate staff to serve their clients. The environment, however, was very familiar, because the banner of «Tartan Army» (name given to fans of the Scotland national football team, who have won awards from several organizations for their calm demeanor, but also for their social work) had covered the facades of shops. The image ... inside itself. Countless empty glasses that were filled in seconds, singing and dancing with the necessary accessories to be the typical skirt, called "kilts" and carries its own history. With the thermometer shows close to seven points, hundreds of Scots ... not felt while to note that the rule expressly requires the absence of underwear (!), Just as did the warriors in order to feel more comfortable and to fight without internal ... obstacles. The traditional skirt "kilts" appeared during the 16 th century and the colors were different, as you can see in the photos, and the tartan is the traditional checkered fabric, from which the kilts made. Depending on their ancestors and the area in which lived, and choose the color. Many colors, different families, but common ideology and great love for the national team Another Scot, another British Inviolable rule, with known ethnic differences be printed on T-shirts of Scots, who were in a terribly good mood, waiting for victory of their team, even if the joys that have lived -in football level; minimal. Several families, people of all ages, who multiplied as time passed, but neither reason episodes. Besides, there was and rival. Nevertheless, the police presence was discreet with few men to monitor the traffic in the central streets of the city. Officially, tickets were available were -about- 2,000. In the court of Trnava, certainly, almost 4,000 fans were, who they left frustrated after they against the 3-0, but relive the same scene and not intimidated in the least Doe a deer We turned to two fans who came from Zurich, Switzerland, to watch the match for the World Cup qualifier Russia. In Garry Jeromson (left in photo) and Peter Dickson (right in photo), who counted the hours to go on the field, with chartered coach. "We are here to find ourselves next to our country's national team. It is something that we often do, whether there is interest in the league or not. It is difficult for most to understand the passion we have for our country. " We asked for repetitive song that sounded in the streets of Bratislava. "It's the« Doe a deer », from the film" A sound of Music », which was adopted by the Tartan Army and expresses our perfectly, so I heard then."