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  1. After the Old Firm, the only ones known by any Europeans would be Aberdeen and Utd for their European exploits in the 80s. Younger ones wouldn't have a clue about them either. Apart from that, most wouldn't have heard of many/any others unless they can go back 40-50 plus years .
  2. Or is it a rule about furthest from the pin (on the green?) putts first, unless given permission from the other player ?
  3. Fair enough if that's correct (which I would like to think rather than the alternative).
  4. Ah naw ?!! I hope that's not the underlying, "hidden" reason.
  5. FFS! Any reasons given ?
  6. One of the funniest films ever made when I watched it numerous times years ago. I've not watched it in recent years so it's may be too dated or lost it's charm over time, but it was brilliant back then.
  7. I would be extremely disappointed if Griffiths didn't start the game. The guys been banging them in for 2-3 years and is on fire just now. There's also no-one close to challenge him IMO. So no doubt Strachan will pick S Fletcher again.
  8. Magic sponge should sort it.
  9. Rhodes didn't even come on as sub today ?
  10. I passed a newsagent yesterday that was offering 2 free rolls with every newspaper you bought.
  11. And would Barcelona fans reciprocate with Scotland flags ? Wonder how UEFA would handle that ?
  12. PS I',m going to bed after agreeing with Rossy.