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  1. Why? WHY? nothing to do with Scotland, nothing to do with Scottish football Idiots
  2. worst stadium on a trip??

    Kiev, yes, worst ever for me. Shite strewn all over the floor in the bogs. I've seen some pretty horrible sights in toilets all over the world, but that was the worst I've ever seen at a football match. Kept in afterwards by very aggressive police and then let out into the night just in time for the local neds to have assembled to pick us off. Neza in 86 was a mess but brilliant locals
  3. Venue Confirmed

    Brazil in 1982 was pretty warm
  4. Armistice Day Is Match Day.

    Well put. I agree. I'd like to think the commemoration before the match will be respectful too. But I doubt it. It'll be jingoistic bollocks, squaddies carting on the match ball, union flags fluttering at all corners, chinless wonders like the Duke of York and the Prime Minister in attendance, tannoy demands that we remember all the sacrifices made (but not by those on the wrong end of British imperial power)
  5. Scotland Vs Poland Scarves

    Your local pub's full of half wits who don't understand the first thing about football, is it? Do they say things like "may the best team win" and "at the end of the day it's only a game". Sure they wouldn't be better off with a rugger scarf? FFS. The TA has got far too many people in it who don't care if we lose as long as they get on telly swinging their kilt over their heid, but people who buy half and half scarfs are the scum of the bourgeois earth It's football it's not the F£$%^&g gay gordons
  6. Polish Fans

    I wouldn't usually get too worried about a few away fans in home sections. But I was puzzled last night by the sheer number of Polish fans last night round Hampden before the game absolutely steaming, carrying plastic bags full of cans, and attracting no attention at all from the police. I've seen plenty of Scots lifted for far less in Glasgow
  7. Would You Take A Draw Right Now?

    Explain to me how that works?
  8. Euro 96 - Wembley - Where's Wally Game

    It's a good point. It's all got a bit ridiculous in recent years - it does look like a big fancy-dress party, with almost everyone having chosen the same outfit. And the TA is getting older too, as well as more homogenous. That picture from 1996 does hammer home how it's changed. Not for the better, to my taste. Was a great half-time though. And the difference between 96 - needed a bit of attention but basically safe - and 99 - not safe at all - was enormous
  9. Sri Lanka

    WONDERFUL place!! Don't even think about driving yourself. Easy and cheap to hire a driver, any hotel or guesthouse will sort you out. Safe everywhere, far safer than the UK. Amazingly friendly people. Food .... o wow. Food. Colombo's an acquired taste - very busy, hard to get a grip on what's what, and where things are. Galle is good, Kandy lovely. And just enjoy it
  10. Interrailing Tips

    Yep, don't let it get too low
  11. Interrailing Tips

    Plan very little, is my advice. One of the beauties of interrail is hooking up with people by chance, following advice from a bloke in a bar ... or just turning up at a station mid-evening and picking a night train at random, and see where you wake up. Go east, go south for cheapness. Wouldn't bother much with France. San Sebastian is great, you can't really go wrong in Spain, and Portugal is good too, but only go to the Algarve if you like golf and expat bores telling you Farage has got the right idea. Italy's brilliant everywhere, random small towns can be amazing, Slovenia, Croatia too ... it's all great! Though I wouldn't worry too much about Scandinavia or Switzerland, which are a bit sedate and crazy expensive. Skip England too, it's shite
  12. Dennis Law, Any Older Ta Recall Him Playing

    Aye, and those wristwatches that Platini and all the rest of them got given as a 'gift' a wee while back - shame Bobby Moore's not around anymore, he'd have nicked a few o'them
  13. Dennis Law, Any Older Ta Recall Him Playing

    Gary Teale and Bobby Moore - you're a wag!!
  14. Costa Rica In June?

    The home game with Croatia in the WC qualifying for (I think) 2002 - the man was absolutely outstanding. Didn't run more than a yard or two all game, but because he saw the pattern so early, he was always in space to receive a pass, and then to move the ball on to a teammate. No Scotland player could get close enough to stop it, even though all the play was obviously going through Prosinečki. Genius Iniesta at Hampden in the 2-3 game a couple of years ago would be the only other midfield performance I'd want to mention in the same breath. Proper, proper footballers
  15. Dennis Law, Any Older Ta Recall Him Playing

    You're dead right about Best. He gets mythologised because of some folk's envy about his drinking and women, but he was simply (at the most generous) the third best player in a very good United team, and was effective for only 3 or 4 years, quickly being exposed as short of top class when he was asked to do it for a declining United side. Greatest British ever? Well, that's an interesting one to discuss - Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks, Kenny Dalglish, Denis Law, Tom Finney and (my slight favourite) John Charles would all be in the frame, I think - but not Best, no way