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  1. As sad as it is I've no greater or less feeling for someone from Barra than someone from Lancashire. Despicable stuff which to me doesn't need a "local" angle for me to struggle with. So so sad. Hope some folk getter better news than they expect and others find a way to achieve acceptance.
  2. Bullsh!t min. Barnum statements, positive recollection.. Etc etc. Come along to skeptics in the pub in Aberdeen. if you've anything worth discussing, We'll make you see sense.
  3. But you haven't seen all the manifestos yet!
  4. https://audioboom.com/posts/5950861-radio-scotland Call Kaye. Wait for the Last 5-10 seconds.
  5. Fair point. I hope authorities monitor all taxi drivers from now on in. There will be bad apples out there and because you can't be sure who is a genuine taxi driver and who is a child abductor, every last one of them should be presumed guilty until innocent. I would revoke licences until then, clamp down on em,i say. String em up. You'll get it wrong sometimes, but it's a price worth paying to get the bad guys amongst them. Especially those British born of English origins/heritage, shifty I tell you. In fact anyone who drives for a living, truckers... Look at that bloke in Suffolk... No change that, target all drivers period, kids get bundled in to cars all the time. Better safe than sorry. *not aimed at you Ally, just applying the straw man leap used for stopping immigration refugees seeking asylum.
  6. Quite right. 8% UK is foreign born. 13% UK born are none white ethnicity, not everyone is a threat just a few marginalised nut jobs. Could say all Scots are threats based on the action of the likes of Thomas Hamilton, Peter tobin, Ian Brady, Bible John who are simply marginalised pathetic individual who wanted to take it out on others.
  7. I think people would have said the same about the troubles, ETA, etc. Society got there (sorta)
  8. Claire Austin now being brandished. E. G. https://mobile.twitter.com/iansinkins/status/866399587820609539
  9. How is it a trap?Just people jumping to false conclusions. The most logical explanation is the most likely,. really need to do some contortions to believe BBC/tory working in cahoots on this.
  10. Terrible leader debate. Completely off topic. Looking forward to the next episode of off the ball... Think I'll phone in and give my views on the new Alien movie. I expect they'll let me speak at length. Only Harvey had it in him to say that's devolved, it's a general election, let's talk about that. Pathetic by Smith
  11. Could be. But seeing as so far it's been presidential for May with a nasty manifesto, can't see how they can turn it around if people flood back to labour.
  12. Game on. Still heading for tory majority. I'm hoping sub 50 leading to pressure as to why did we bother.