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  1. Just got to say this somewhere. Just remarkable. Been for a beer tonight with three 2014 NOs, German, English labour member and son of a Lord of the realm. All saying they would be yes next time. All pointing at eu ref being reason. I hope this is universal
  2. Swinney was shyt as well tbh. Fluffed his education question.
  3. Are labour in such a need they couldn't get a Scottish labour representative. No support for Murray or Kez from head office... Not Even Lord Darling or McConnell if they wanted a Lord.
  4. I don't know who he is really. Thought he just spoke his mind, fair enough for a person in that seat on qt
  5. Chakrabarti not getting the flavour of the interests of the audience
  6. https://www.buzzfeed.com/jamieross/eu-officials-are-discussing-how-to-fast-track-an-independent?utm_term=.uj4JpZwKwq#.pko5da4W4m
  7. Apart from the fact there is no queue as it doesn't work like that otherwise how'd you explain Turkey being leapfrogged several times.
  8. Yeah, trailers look interesting. Did read its a bit like last king of Scotland where the protagonist is a combination of 3/4 real personas
  9. Up their game. Go on, examples (other than not whistling - which imho was cringe worthy) Voiceless in UK Parliament being small percentage, minority government in Scottish Parliament. Don't have overall control of any council but Angus... Very difficult to have sweeping reforms.
  10. First I thought, that's some good satire. Funny how media try and squeeze snp bad in to whatever they can. Tory student in Cambridge, Pffff good grief. Lets go see what was actually photos hopped.. It's actually a genuine report https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2825661/cambridge-university-student-ronald-coyne-homeless-man-20-note-nicola-sturgeon/ That is some tenuous association with the FM
  11. So who else went to bed after a pathetic first pats drive of the second half followed by falcons td? Agh well.