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  1. Answer is in here http://archive.is/i7YdD Mr Mackay said: "I can categorically assure every local authority area that every penny raised in council tax will stay in that local authority area. "How we are proposing to allocate revenues towards education as we've proposed in the manifesto is through the revenue support grant. "It is similar to business rates in terms of how that mechanism works and I don't hear the complaint that that mechanism hasn't worked to the satisfaction of local government. "So, the principle is there but I'm very clear that which is raised at a local level through council tax will stay with those local authorities."
  2. Actually don't think the England players ever listen to the manager. Won't make a jot of difference
  3. Cracking free kick to win it. But Aberdeen far too defensive and showing too much respect to a mid table team (in not trying to be all let's all laugh at rangers snarf snarf demise of a club how drole - genuinely think the squad is limited and the results indicate this). Hoping for Saints to have a result later to keep the league competitive at the top.
  4. He was second for leave.eu in Scotland. Can see him going UKIP before then.. You know the Northern working class thing first. Seems to be taking quite a bit of the labour vote in North England
  5. Bit strong. I saw him at hustings vs Salmond. Very niave, nice young man who justs wants attention. He hadn't a clue and every answer started with when I worked on zero hour contract at McDonald's, or my disabled mam. Has definitely plotting his way to the top. Parliamentary candidate, political aid, been told to go back and get his degree, navy reserves, all out political wannabe 1-0-1. I wonder how Dame Anne feels about her protégé now?
  6. http://archive.is/XKL3f So autonomous they have general election candidates moving over to Conservatives
  7. Indication Owen Smith only win was in Scotland (58%) http://election-data.co.uk/labour-leadership-exit-poll Is that a suggestion left leaning labour voters in Scotland moving to green /snp /rise and leaving labour to the neoliberalism of the likes of Smith? Or are labour in Scotland truly different to the rest of UK labour, and not in a progressive, left wing, corbyn ideal way? To my mind, Once again an election in Scotland is contrary to rest of UK.
  8. http://archive.is/WFPAF
  9. Personally I wouldn't pay for an spfl game as a neutral. Would rather head down to a juniors game for 1400 ko, go on to their club at ft to watch the scores come in .
  10. Give the loon his dues. 2015 general election it was 60% snp, 2011 holyrood 67% snp. It is a negative trajectory.
  11. Are they, aye? 55% of the vote on a 25000 turnout, with a 6500 majority (20%). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/scotland-constituencies/S16000085 Edit 28k turnout, got mixed with 2011. NB still 23% majority.
  12. Are they, aye? 55% of the vote on a 25000 turnout, with a 6500 majority (20%). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/scotland-constituencies/S16000085
  13. http://www.thetennentsbarglasgow.co.uk without a doubt. In CAMRA good beer guide always with a great variety and well kept ale. Has sports to.
  14. Some sfa thing http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/tory-msp-blows-key-parliament-8901030