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  1. As I heard it the guy was standing at a bus stop with a load of library books in his hand that the cop thought was a gun! Black or white is irrelevant; even if the guy had a criminal record there is no excuse on earth for that.
  2. Is he Scottish? Must admit that's new name to me.
  3. Hendry wasn't his favourite - he was the best CB available. Oh for him now...
  4. I really hope so. For me this the way forward now.
  5. Hear Hear! That should be the final and definitive word on the subject.
  6. Dimbleday let the loathsome Soubry rant on about Mcdonnell being a 'nasty man' without making her substantiate it. Then he interrupts McDonnell again and again calling him a 'Marxist'. Sooner Labour splits and we get rid of the shadow Tories the better.
  7. But he's another left-sided one. Wilson, Berra, Hanley, Mulgrew - all lefties. Need a right sider to peplace Greer who seems to be keeping Hanley (!) out the Blackburn team.
  8. Let's be even-handed here. Wrecking the tiolets was disgusting but so was the banner on display referring to a hanged man with a RFC scarf on..Kris Boyd's brother committed suicide last week. That was deliberate and disgusting.
  9. I do remember clearly Snoddy scoring for Livi at 17 and being billed 'wonderkid' or 'hitkid' but I think injury hampered his progress. Hope you are right about Miller. Remember Fyvie being called the 'new Paul Scholes' by Craig Brown. Also, I have high hopes for Lewis (no pun intended) Mcleod, who provided an assist yesterday.
  10. Burke is 19 and has been a first team regular for a quite a while. Something Harper and Gauld have not managed; so, yes, we can write them off. Rooney made it at 16, Rashford at 18. You are either good enough or you are not. The only one with the tag 'wonderkid' I can think has made it is Snodgrass. Fleck? Fyvie? Even Ricky Gillies was a wonderkid. Oh, and where is Calvin Miller?
  11. Agree with you but who is untried? Soutar and McGhee have just got done 4-0 and they are the prospects.
  12. It's as bad as those sheets covering roundabouts which announce things like: "Tracy McGonagall is 40 today." Who gives a toss? Miserable buggers loyal...
  13. Great overview. Agree with all points, especially about Ritchie. I was unconvinced by him before but now I think he's the man in possession on the left. Anyone else think Strachan will name the exact same team for Lith? I would maybe say Griffiths for Martin but Strachan does seem to select teams who deliver.
  14. Good to see that Jordan McGhee is playing as a centre back for Middlesbrough's U23 team. Hopefully he'll get a first team chance.
  15. Not sure how better support for them is a good for us. Surely we want a low-key atmosphere? I dont think they will be so defensive v us. Which might suit us on the counter with Snoddy and Burke.