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  1. February...

    Listen, I'm a 'weegie' and I have NEVER ever said or spelt it like that; it's a fairly modern transgression.
  2. February...

    'Definitely' is the worst offender. 'Finite' plus de and ly. Pronounce it right and you're halfway there...
  3. February...

    Well try pronouncing it correctly for a start: 'FebRuary'.
  4. Yep. Any mathematicians can tell me what the odds would be?
  5. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    The thing is, we could solve 2 problems here: Martin could move to RB where he has been playing recently with Norwich. Caulker would be guaranteed a start with us; with England he'll have the likes of young Stones to contend with.
  6. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Michael O'H to Rangers is now a done deal acc. to Scott McDermott on twitter. Cue Rangers haters saying lack of ambition etc.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Agree McArthur's time is now but he's more of a replacement for Brown; morrison more of an advanced midfielder.
  8. The Born Here V Not Born Here 11

    Cant understand why Griffiths keeps out Snodgrass but i think the born here team is much better. Remember when the divide was between the 'anglos' and an all-tartan eleven?
  9. Euro 2016 Draw

    Why the hell not? I want anybody to beat Eng. Not to support Wales is just small-minded jealousy.
  10. Our Next Qualifier....

    Has Lewis McLeod actually played for Brentford yet?
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    Long term it's a worry for us to bridge the gap between Gordon,Marshall and McGregor and Robbie MCrorie.
  12. Cant get the link to load up so could please give us the gist?
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    Be a long time before any Scottish home-grown player gets that sort of experience.Thanks to our league champions.
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    You know a certain mister Gareth Bale started life as a left back cum winger and that was the sort of goal he used to specialise in. Just saying...