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  1. The players can't be bothered...

    The real worry is that we suffer 2 unnecessary defeats which cement our status as a Pot 5 team.
  2. Hull v Shef Wed.

    From a purely selfish TA viewpoint who do we want to win? (Please move if this is wrong thread)
  3. In other news, for those of us who live in Eng. any idea who this mysterious celebrity is who failed to get the gagging order?
  4. Great post. The voice of commonsense.
  5. Thanks both to giblet and Doonthe Slope.
  6. I live in Eng. Sorry forgot to say, that's why i was wondering if I could get it on Red button; otherwise just have to use computer.
  7. anyone know if I can get this on BBC red button. I dont have Sky just Freeview.
  8. Should Strachan be given another campaign?

    Then you had better tell us who we should have instead.
  9. Voting

    It may be churlish of me to point this out, but the SNP do not have the constitutional power to call a referendum; they will have to wait till a Westminster government decides to be so kind...
  10. Voting

    You're so right. I would call the current SNP Tartan Tories, especially after getting into bed with that Chinese deal. There are some Unionists so blinkered that they hate the SNP because they see them as a Scottish Sinn Fein! The real lesson for the SNP is that if they embrace a real Socialist philosophy they could sweep to independence far more easily than if they simply peddle a narrow nationalist agenda. As it stands, some are against them because they see them as Tories, while others are opposed because think they equate republicanism with socialism.
  11. Agree with orraloon about Mann but don't think it's too late. You're only talking about the PLP; the Labour Party will deselect all those bastards in the constituencies but it will take time.
  12. I'm crap at posting links but try this:
  13. Saw the Andrew Marr 'interview' with Abbot. He is a total khunt and I dont normally swear. I think Corbyn has actually been weak; he should should have gone on the offensive with the John Mann types and backed Ken to the hilt. The Israeli PM recently said in a US interview that Hitler wanted to expel Jews to Palestine. Was he a racist?
  14. Check out Noam Chomsky on you Tube; a Jew and an anti-zionist; wonder what John Mann thinks of him? There's no limit to the extent of the lying these right wing Blairites are capable of.