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  1. I'm not angry, just frustrated. Well, the answer to your second point is never, but that doesn't mean that will be true for all time; there is a first time for everything. Since JC was made leader, Labour has won all by-elections, increased council elections and share of the vote and elected 4 mayors. The right would have been havering if there had been any slip ups. And that's real elections not small sample polling. Just as SNP increased membership after indy1, so Labour has done the same thing since Corbyn.
  2. Don't come out with shit like that unless you can provide evidence. I can get enough of that from the Daily Mail. 183,000 new Labour members signed up since the shenanigans of the right wing - what does that show?
  3. Novo signs for Glens

    Thought Linfield were the 'Rangers' team?
  4. High time folk on here stopped reading the Daily Mail and , yes, the Daily Mirror views and believing all their lies. The Labour Party is slowly but surely getting back to its roots and will soon purge all the right wing traitors with deselection. It's not 'Labour is fecked' but the right wing is 'fecked'. Big difference. Over half a million new members can't be wrong.
  5. One has to ask: what is your idea of 'not pathetic'? Adopting the Bliar position of Tory Party 'B' team?
  6. Right. First up, this: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/sep/19/third-snp-voters-more-likely-back-labour-jeremy-corbyn-poll?CMP=share_btn_tw Now, I live in England and have had to put up with this 'Labour is unelectable' nonsense at least since St. Jeremy was crowned. What is finished is not the Labour Party per se but the RIGHT WING of the Labour Party, inside and outside of parliament. If the cabal try to oppose Corbyn again, they will find themselves deselected and the NEC reconstructed to better represent the movement and prevent any more fatuous challenges to the leadership. I appreciate that you all have a legitimate beef with the Kezia Scottish Labour branch office, but that will change when the UK party resumes its place on the Left of British politics. Now, many old Labour voters went to SNP because they stole some of the Left's clothes (anti-Trident,anti-austerity, anti-Westminster corruption and so on); however, SNP are not really left wing, they have no intention of threatening capitalism. So here's the cunning plan: get a UK Left government then I think you will find that Scottish Labour will find it easier to adopt an Indy position and be ideally placed to form a government post-referendum 2.Independence at any cost is a dangerous path to go down, for what's the point of breaking with Westminster neo-Liberalism only to find that you have a watered down tartan version? In the short-term, reformed and reclaimed UK Labour needs Scotland to win; the price for a trade-off could be that ScotLab is reinvented as an indyParty. I don't think Corbyn will be unsympathetic to that.
  7. What the hell would please you? You hate corbyn, hate the Right. What do you want? You can be too cynical y'know...
  8. Why would anyone who is not a Tory want the the right wing to win? Just check out ersatz's post on Angela the Eagle..
  9. He shot him FIVE times; once could be seen as reasonable restraint but 5 times suggests intent to kill.
  10. Obama condemned the shootings calling them 'despicable' I must have missed it when he condemned the cop for shooting FIVE TIMES the guy reaching for his driving licence in front of his wife and daughter. There is NO excuse for that - it is murder plain and simple. That is what provoked the revenge attacks.
  11. Caroline Aherne

    BBC News showed a compilation of her supposed 'finest' moments. None of it was in the least funny. Sorry she's dead but Victoria Wood she wasn't. And the Royle Family simply glorified social security scroungers - not funny people at all.
  12. Nice try but Germany was already united before WW2 then split. Scotland and Ireland never were!
  13. Black Players

    You're forgetting the gentlemen's agreement that prevails among the home nations. England could take snodgrass if they wished - there is no English or Scottish nationality.
  14. Congratulations Iceland

    The SFA should move heaven and earth to get Lagerback now.