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  1. Any chance Souttar (John) and McGhee might challenge our first 2 centre backs? Seem to remember Robbie Neilson saying that he saw McGhee as a future EPL right back as he wasn't tall enough for a CB. Also, is Harry Souttar a better prospect at CB than John?
  2. Darren Fletch was ever-present for WBA last season:cannot believe no one is picking him here. Captain by a streetlength; Snoddy as vice captain.
  3. McCormack doesn't play in his position so that's pointless saying that; Bryson and Cairney would have been regulars now if they had been good enough. McGinn has potential and that is why he's selected. Many of us wanted youth given a chance.
  4. Has Tierney not played at Celtic in a back three recently? If so, we could have him and robertson in a 3-5-2?
  5. Interesting thought but we play a 4-2-3-1 and is Bannan suited to the role of sitting midfielder? I've always seen him as a sort of withdrawn left winger. Is that where he's been playing for Sheff Wed.?
  6. Now GB has a gold in the 'finn' class? WTF is that? Are we supposed to be excited? I really couldn't give a monkeys about the double sculls sofa jumping or the tiddlywinks time trials. The Olympics is a joke now.
  7. The problem is the party is in a fight to the death with the right wing. If it was a battle what would be the effect on the troops if a leading commander said I'm not sure about this, hang on a minute while we discuss...? It would spread disillusion and alarm - that's what Jones has done. All his points can be debated behind closed doors, no need to give the Blairites ammo. And leadership: leadership for whom exactly? The right wing would accept no leader who doesn't espouse their anti-socialist agenda.Nowt to do with charisma or any of that guff. What leadership quality has Smith?
  8. You make some good points but it's not surprising that the polls are not promising since parties which are disunited usually are not seen as attractive. It doesn't help also when people like Owen Jones are questioning the Corbyn campaign in public, handing ammo to the beleaguered right wing. In the coming period the Tories will be the party in crisis, when the Brexiteers start to feel betrayed over immigration etc. and UKIP start turning on them. That's when a Labour Party, purged of careerist dissenters, can start to make inroads. As for JC not standing up for Brexit, well he would have been savaged even more by the Smithites; anyone who knows about him is aware that he was always critical of Brussels, but just at the moment, leaving the EU was not the official party policy and he could hardly be seen to be going against it.
  9. I'm not angry, just frustrated. Well, the answer to your second point is never, but that doesn't mean that will be true for all time; there is a first time for everything. Since JC was made leader, Labour has won all by-elections, increased council elections and share of the vote and elected 4 mayors. The right would have been havering if there had been any slip ups. And that's real elections not small sample polling. Just as SNP increased membership after indy1, so Labour has done the same thing since Corbyn.
  10. Don't come out with shit like that unless you can provide evidence. I can get enough of that from the Daily Mail. 183,000 new Labour members signed up since the shenanigans of the right wing - what does that show?
  11. Thought Linfield were the 'Rangers' team?
  12. High time folk on here stopped reading the Daily Mail and , yes, the Daily Mirror views and believing all their lies. The Labour Party is slowly but surely getting back to its roots and will soon purge all the right wing traitors with deselection. It's not 'Labour is fecked' but the right wing is 'fecked'. Big difference. Over half a million new members can't be wrong.
  13. One has to ask: what is your idea of 'not pathetic'? Adopting the Bliar position of Tory Party 'B' team?