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  1. But McGrain had experience of playing left back at club level.
  2. Can you please translate that in to the Doric?
  3. NHS

    We need a government with the balls to tackle the industrial scale tax evasion which is starving services like the NHS of cash. Tories and UKIP will not go for the super rich. A GP in Dorset is already charging £45 just to have an appointment.
  4. Right at the top of your cretinous list should be John Mann; how could you leave him out?
  5. Agree with all that with the exception of Forrest; he is no longer a raw youngster. He runs with the ball at lightning pace till he is tackled, runs it out of play, trips over the ball, mis-places his pass or fails to spot a colleague in a good position. No good having pace if you can't apply it.
  6. Yeah, watched and thought pretty much the same as most on here thought. Is stretching it a bit to blame us for the KKK, though Oliver didn't seem to be approving slavery.
  7. And there's a few I've left out, they just escape me at the moment.
  8. Robertson, Tierney, Kingsley, Wallace, Douglas, Shinnie and now: Falkirk have slapped a £750,000 price tag on highly-rated young left-back Tony Gallacher. (Scottish Daily Mail, newspaper edition))
  9. BBC claims Crystal and Middlesborough are in for Olly Burke who has made only one start for Red Bull. Thought he had made more than that? Anyway would be a bad move - lower EPL/championship: we've enough of those.
  10. Care to justify that? Anything wrong with calling for a cap on salaries? Or being willing to join a picket line? FFS that's what Labour leaders should be doing. Immigration? Most of the net immigration came from outside the EU. So where has he 'lost the plot? By calling for the NHS to be saved from privatisation? By calling for rail to be nationalised? Stop repeating Daily Express cliches.
  11. That 'average at best' Berra was described as the best cnetre half in the Championship by Mick Mc McCarthy, himself no mean CB.
  12. You know what, he could do a job for us...Shame there's no vacancy.
  13. Hang on..He's played for our U15's as well. Was that Turkey game a competitive professional international? How is that 'choice made'?
  14. For a minute I though he was still alive..what a legend, combination of Dave Mackay and Jim Baxter.
  15. Pedants' corner: should it not be 'Scotch' whisky?