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  1. I think in the not too distant he would listen to calls for indy 2; I do not think he is doctrinally opposed to indy.
  2. Glad folk on here starting to warm to Corbyn. Please don't equate ScotLab branch office with the real thing. Look at the size of JC's rallies; when was the last time you saw people of that number show up for political rallies? How many does the supposedly popular May turn out?
  3. One poll in England (exc. Scotland & Wales and NI)shows Lab on 39% - 4% ahead of Miliband. Scotland is way behind thanks to Kezia' slack of support for JC and Murphy before her. If ScotLab were only remoulded in the image of southron Labour we could avoid a Tory govt. Then I think you would find JC more amenable to indy.
  4. I keep hearing this but it's not his fault that's he's got people like Mandelson working to undermine his authority at every twist and turn. I'd like him to be more Dennis Skinner-ish but you can't chcnge personality that easily.
  5. Aaah! - you may well be right. If that's the case I humbly apologise to aaid.
  6. I know many people who have met him and he is always described as polite and respectful, nothing of the Jeremy Hunt about him at all. Corbyn's policies are going down well; no one ever explains just what his lack of charisma actually amounts to.
  7. That's an extraordinary thing to say. Do you have the slightest evidence for saying that?
  8. Serious question: will those MPs be allowed to stand if they have pending prosecutions?
  9. Six foot 4" .Hooray i think must be a centre half. Then I hear he is a midfield playmaker. I despair.
  10. Serious question: will those MPs be allowed to stand if they have pending prosecutions?
  11. Scotty: Thanks for posting that. Much as I like Johnny Cash I have never heard that song before! It's truly magnificent.
  12. Conversely, Grant Hanley after his first couple of games was described by sir Alex as a terrific prospect.
  13. Salmond actually got the biggest cheer of the night.