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  1. What a surprise. A million coupons are back on.
  2. Sometimes happens, ref lets several fouls go, then the cards start to come out for identical offences. Fyvie booked now.
  3. Yet more chances either end. Incredible game!
  4. How this is only 1-1 is beyond me.
  5. Well...good game for the neutral!
  6. Likewise. Plus a sizeable single on them.
  7. Great goal, and literally the first piece of quality they've showed in half-an-hour.
  8. I've a horrible feeling they've missed that chance, as Liverpool did on Wednesday....
  9. Has Januzaj actually played a competitive game for Belgium yet? When he was hot property a couple of seasons ago, rumour was he was holding on for as long as possible in the hope of playing for Kosovo, before he eventually declared for Belgium. Given how he's not exactly progressed much recently, I think he might fancy switching to Kosovo, as I can't see him getting close to the Belgium first XI.
  10. I saw Ritchie play week in week out for Swindon 4 years ago (in the 3rd and 4th tiers of the English league!), and he struck me as good, but nothing special. That said, he's clearly come on, and deserves his place in our starting XI. The goal against Poland was magnificent, but he more or less cancelled it out by giving away that needless free-kick that led to the equaliser. Agree that West Ham would be a better move than Man U/Chelsea. Like all players, he'd be better off somewhere where he gets regular games. Oh, and no, he's not in any way Scottish. But, he plays for Scotland, so he's clearly of interest to us. I don't think he should be playing for us, but that's another debate.
  11. Where are you getting that price from, the cheapest I can find is E.120! Maybe it gets a lot more expensive in the summer?
  12. Haven't been to an away game for over two years, so am back to zero from a previous high of six. Hoping that Malta will at least put me back on the board, after that it's probably going to be an as yet unscheduled obscure friendly that gets me back to two points. Unfortunately, can't see that happening before the England game.
  13. That's an incredible result for them! Theme of the night looking like SNP vote is holding firm, but they aren't picking up many Labour deserters, who are virtually all going Tory!