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  1. Ninja hailstorm yesterday morning in our village , with hail pellets the size of gobstoppers, caused an estimated £3000 of damage to my sister-in-laws` car , with several more people on FB reporting various degrees of damage and a lot of phone calls to insurance companies .
  2. Euros Betting

    £3 @ 25/1 on Iceland 2-1 netted £78 and I`ve still got my £5 e/w on Italy to win the tournament . Off to Krakow tomorrow so hoping for a 2-1 Poland victory on Thursday to keep the profits up
  3. EU Referendum

    Read in the Brexit supporting Sun today (English version ) that our holidays` will get more expensive , but that cheap deals are available to places such Sharm El Sheikh (which you can only fly to via another European country ) or with no trace of irony , Turkey .
  4. Euros Betting

    Me too ; ) Although there are actually 51 games in total , so your outlay is more but your potential profit will be higher .
  5. Hi,

    The booking is with a small firm who only have the 1 vehicle. Hence why it is a good deal.

    See below additional companies who offered a similar rate...

    info@glasgowcoachdrivers.com, robert@gibsondirectltd.co.uk, dalgleishandrew51@gmail.com, adam@smccoachhire.com, lrexecutive@yahoo.co.uk

    try bouncing them off one another and see what you can get the rate down too.





    1. popkean1314foreva


      Cheers for that Clarky , didn`t ask you on MB but is that one way only or  return  ??

    2. clarky1606


      That's just one way mate. We fly back into ABZ.

  6. Minibus from Hampden to Manchester Apt

    Hi there , daft question but which bus company have you booked ? There are ten of us travelling from Annan on same flights as you , but we are being quoted more than you even though we're a hundred mile closer to Manchester !!
  7. Duncan Ferguson

    Everton team stayed at a hotel in Penrith , where I was for a company function . Didn`t see any of the players` myself just some of the backroom staff , but one of my colleagues and his wife met Big Dunc and he was happy to pose for pics and chat . They also saw James McCarthy but he was a miserable looking git apparently and didn`t speak .
  8. € Euro

    I appreciate the need for security etc, but I`ve only transferred £900 to it in the last 9 months for football trips and holidays , it`s hardly likely to register with the fraud squad or HMRC
  9. € Euro

    Has anyone had problems when trying to top up their Revolut card ? I tried to loads some cash on it as I`m heading to Iceland next week and was asked to provide additional security (i.e.a scan of my passport / driver licence ) due to goverment regulations if you top up more than £1000 in a year . Sounds a bit Big Brother to me !
  10. Cape Town

    Cheers for all the info Euan , seal snorkelling looks good , think that`s something else added to the to do list .
  11. That`s pretty much the gist of the review in todays` Times
  12. Night In Vienna?

    Easyjet flights from manchester to Vienna from under £60 flying Sunday back Thursday
  13. Flight Cancelled

    Easyjet return flights now available from Manchester/Newcastle currently about £200 from Manchester and £230 from Newcastle .
  14. Weird feeling seeing all the stuff on the news and all the devastation ( I was on Warwick Road yesterday and it was pretty surreal seeing it close up ). Yet where I work (Kingstown Ind. Estate ) is less than 2 miles away and you wouldn`t know anything had happened .
  15. Flight Cancelled

    Flights out of Newcastle with Easyjet available one way for £87 on date you were flying , return flights are meant to be going on sale tomorrow morning , if that helps ?