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  1. Duncan Ferguson

    Everton team stayed at a hotel in Penrith , where I was for a company function . Didn`t see any of the players` myself just some of the backroom staff , but one of my colleagues and his wife met Big Dunc and he was happy to pose for pics and chat . They also saw James McCarthy but he was a miserable looking git apparently and didn`t speak .
  2. € Euro

    I appreciate the need for security etc, but I`ve only transferred £900 to it in the last 9 months for football trips and holidays , it`s hardly likely to register with the fraud squad or HMRC
  3. € Euro

    Has anyone had problems when trying to top up their Revolut card ? I tried to loads some cash on it as I`m heading to Iceland next week and was asked to provide additional security (i.e.a scan of my passport / driver licence ) due to goverment regulations if you top up more than £1000 in a year . Sounds a bit Big Brother to me !
  4. Cape Town

    Cheers for all the info Euan , seal snorkelling looks good , think that`s something else added to the to do list .
  5. That`s pretty much the gist of the review in todays` Times
  6. Night In Vienna?

    Easyjet flights from manchester to Vienna from under £60 flying Sunday back Thursday
  7. Flight Cancelled

    Easyjet return flights now available from Manchester/Newcastle currently about £200 from Manchester and £230 from Newcastle .
  8. Weird feeling seeing all the stuff on the news and all the devastation ( I was on Warwick Road yesterday and it was pretty surreal seeing it close up ). Yet where I work (Kingstown Ind. Estate ) is less than 2 miles away and you wouldn`t know anything had happened .
  9. Flight Cancelled

    Flights out of Newcastle with Easyjet available one way for £87 on date you were flying , return flights are meant to be going on sale tomorrow morning , if that helps ?
  10. Will have to catch it on iplayer as my cousin is in it , she`s one of the ward sisters` or whatever they are called nowadays .
  11. Night In Vienna?

    Keeping Vienna as an option , but has anyone booked Bratislava from Manchester with Ryanair ?? They announced last week on their facebook page they were launching new routes beginning the 28th , but it wasn`t shown on the website until Saturday or on the app as a destination until friday and it immediately came up as being sold out ! It must have sold faster than a 1D Concert or the Manchester based TA have bought all the seats for themselves .
  12. Malta

    Easyjet now have flights out for Summer 2016 ( up to the 4th of September , so you can get there but not get back yet ! ) . Booked from Newcastle on Saturday 3rd September for £70 this morning .
  13. Cape Town

    Cheers for that we are staying at Protea Sea point hotel so must be fairly close to this . We`ve looked at booking some stuff in advance but also want to go with the flow a bit as well and have a day or two of chilling out , thanks for all the recommendations
  14. € Euro

    Used it at Tbilisi airport as we arrived and again at bank near hotel , no problems at all . Got text message alerts fairly soon after withdrawal to say how much had gone out (in sterling ) . Will use it again in Portugal rather order loads of euros, as our hotel has a bit of a reputation for pilfering !
  15. Cape Town

    Cheers for that Euan That isn`t a website I can visit on a works` server though ! Not sure the wife would be interested in visiting it either ( although I might ask her later just for clarification ) . We have talked about taking the Helicopter trip already as neither of us have been in one Going whale watching in Iceland in January and snorkelling , but definitely up for doing that again , think she might take a bit of persuading for the shark cage diving though !!