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  1. The Dunning Kruger effect sums up a lot of people mentioned on this thread , and a lot of people I work with/for . Add to that the ones` who are counting down to retirement and only get off their chairs to either eat or piss .
  2. First time we went to Skopje we flew with austrian airlines via Vienna and we dropped off and picked passengers at Ohrid en route , don`t think we`d have been down for more than half an hour .
  3. Anyone that`s flying into Riga , you can fly from Riga to Vilnius , it`s 45 minutes and coming at 29 euros on the 31st August /1st September with Air Baltic . Better than 4 hours on a bus and probably not much more expensive .
  4. Doesn`t help you as such with your case but fair play to Ryanair with regards the Manchester flight , got paid for our claim within two weeks of putting it in . I put a claim in last year with Easyjet for a cancelled flight to Belfast which they weren`t going to pay up on , I went through Resolver and escalated it to the CAA and they paid out in the end , so I`d keep at it if you believe your facts are right . Easyjet had claimed it was cancelled due to thunderstorms , which was a load of bull and I was able to prove it due to aircrew being out of time , which was what they told us initially at the gate . Good luck
  5. Put a claim in for this flight via Resolver website ( re MSE ) on friday , just had confirmation that they are paying compenssation and asking for bank details today , so if you haven`t claimed go for it !
  6. Same flights but with Air Baltic flight Riga to Vilnius for 30 euro
  7. Booked our journey back yesterday , available now til at least Sunday . We are on on the 12.08 out of Carlisle on Thursday
  8. Ninja hailstorm yesterday morning in our village , with hail pellets the size of gobstoppers, caused an estimated £3000 of damage to my sister-in-laws` car , with several more people on FB reporting various degrees of damage and a lot of phone calls to insurance companies .
  9. £3 @ 25/1 on Iceland 2-1 netted £78 and I`ve still got my £5 e/w on Italy to win the tournament . Off to Krakow tomorrow so hoping for a 2-1 Poland victory on Thursday to keep the profits up
  10. Read in the Brexit supporting Sun today (English version ) that our holidays` will get more expensive , but that cheap deals are available to places such Sharm El Sheikh (which you can only fly to via another European country ) or with no trace of irony , Turkey .
  11. Me too ; ) Although there are actually 51 games in total , so your outlay is more but your potential profit will be higher .
  12. Hi,

    The booking is with a small firm who only have the 1 vehicle. Hence why it is a good deal.

    See below additional companies who offered a similar rate...

    info@glasgowcoachdrivers.com, robert@gibsondirectltd.co.uk, dalgleishandrew51@gmail.com, adam@smccoachhire.com, lrexecutive@yahoo.co.uk

    try bouncing them off one another and see what you can get the rate down too.





    1. popkean1314foreva


      Cheers for that Clarky , didn`t ask you on MB but is that one way only or  return  ??

    2. clarky1606


      That's just one way mate. We fly back into ABZ.

  13. Hi there , daft question but which bus company have you booked ? There are ten of us travelling from Annan on same flights as you , but we are being quoted more than you even though we're a hundred mile closer to Manchester !!
  14. Everton team stayed at a hotel in Penrith , where I was for a company function . Didn`t see any of the players` myself just some of the backroom staff , but one of my colleagues and his wife met Big Dunc and he was happy to pose for pics and chat . They also saw James McCarthy but he was a miserable looking git apparently and didn`t speak .
  15. I appreciate the need for security etc, but I`ve only transferred £900 to it in the last 9 months for football trips and holidays , it`s hardly likely to register with the fraud squad or HMRC