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  1. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    Just ignore him mate. The guy is clueless. We played well enough and got the desired result.
  2. Transfer gossip

    Parklife in not understanding nationality shocker
  3. Transfer gossip

    As if here are some people on here who don't believe Ritchie has improved our team! We really do have some Muppets as supporters. He clearly has improved our team. Anyone who thinks otherwise really knows nothing about football
  4. Squad Announced Tomorrow

    Jordan Larsson is to be called up
  5. Scotland Players In Action

    Kingsley having a stormer for Swansea. Fantastic assist
  6. Scotland Players In Action

    Apologies admin. I'll do my best to ignore his snide remarks and insults going forward. If if he makes anymore racist /offensive posts I'll report them via the report button rather than call him out
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    You are absolutely obsessed with me
  8. Scotland Players In Action

    Just as well idiots like you aren't in charge of the team. 4-4-2 with Bannan. I assume you are joking?
  9. Scotland Players In Action

    Never played fifa in my life. It's hardly trying to display a superior knowledge?? 8 of the 13 players have been in the scotland first team squad. 3 others have been involved in the under 21s/19s etc. Only 2 players on the list have never had any sort of cap for Scotland I believe - Douglas and MacEachen. Given how much Douglas has been spoken about on here, I assume you have heard of him. That leaves 1 player that you may not have heard of?? How is that trying to display superior knowledge.
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    Can I ask who you haven't heard of on that list? I'm guessing you don't follow the national team or general football that much? That's not meant as a jab, just surprised
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    Given 12 out of the 13 names have been capped at main or youth level then no. It's hardly like the players mentioned are unknowns
  12. Scotland Players In Action

    You are obsessed with me. You think everything revolves around you ya walloper. Anyway to the question; 1. Andy Robertson 2. Keiran Tierney 3. Steve Whittaker 4. Lee Wallace 5. Phil Bardsley 6. Barry Douglas 7. Stephen Kingsley 8. Liam Palmer 9. Emilio MacEachen 10. Charlie Mulgrew 11. Graeme Shinnie 12. Craig Forsyth 13. Stephen Hendrie There you go. The above list is not in order and is off top of my head so there is probably others missed but just shows the strength of left backs currently, and coming through. Shinnie is at best somewhere in the middle of that list currently. Apology please knob head?
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    Shinnieis a miles away from being an international footballer. Could name 8 other players at least I would rather start ahead of him.
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    John Fleck - 35 yard screamer
  15. Andy Robertson

    Thanks. You are trying to make out your precious wee Aberdeen are playing at a high quality standard. Whilst that is true domestically compared to other teams, as soon as you look outwith scotland, you realise how poor they actually are.