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  1. Voting

    I'm not reading that. But is he pure raging that independence supporters had the audacity to vote for someone other than the SNP?
  2. Voting

    Turns out young Kirsty was right to be surprised... She meant the Tories in Aberdeen were applauding at the Baillie result, not the ones present at the Baillie count.
  3. Voting

    I've never met her, I'd need to give her an hour long intensive interview on Marxist ideology before deciding whether she deserves my ding-a-ling. Except when it's fascists like the NF, they should be shunned, which again Cove said the Aberdonians did so at the count.
  4. Voting

    Young Kirsty is either beingNaive there, or deliberitely stirring up shite, Cove tells me she's alright so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Every single count I've ever been at there has always been an applause for the winner. Allan Wilson (Lab) applauded Kenny Gibson (SNP), Patrcia Gibson (SNP) applauded Katy Clark (LAB), Katy Clark (LAB) applauded Patricia Gibson (SNP).
  5. Voting

    Looks like we could be the perfect couple!
  6. Voting

    If you move the border up past Aberdeen there won't be much left.
  7. Voting

    Impossible! I'm half gay!
  8. Voting

    She will. Her support depends on it.
  9. Voting

    I disagree. Eventually people will start to ask what the SNP really stand for, and when the time comes Labour need to be prepared with a radical left programme that defines the differences between Socialism and Nationalism.
  10. Voting

    No. New Labour were Conservative.
  11. Voting

    Yep, I wouldn't disagree with any of that. All I'm saying is that an SNP government opposed by Conservatives is not something I would celebrate. Picture the scene: Swinney: "We will freeze council tax, transfer more powers from local authorities and allow schools to opt out" Ruth: "Mrs. Presiding officer! This is a government who will not go far enough" *shudder*
  12. Voting

    The constant questioning of second referendum plans put the fear into the hardcore Unionist vote. It has suddenly become acceptable to vote Conservative in Scotland again and Labour holds more of the blame for that than the SNP or even the Conservatives themselves. Biggest plus for me may surprise you Jeane Freeman being elected to the SNP. I have a lot of time for her and she told me that she will not be held as easily to party whip as her colleagues... And I believe her. I actually have high hopes that she will stick the nut on Swinney during the course of this parliament.
  13. Voting

    It was actually his sister who was interfering. The council had appointed her as a counter which isn't allowed.