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  1. The ?!

    We discussed your beautiful eyes
  2. The ?!

    I was projecting my screen to a group of 15-16 people showing them how incompetent they are...  Then a wee floaty pop up window appeared saying "Dandy Dunn replied to ?!".  The TAMB wasn't even open, but my browser was. I can still hear the laughs
  3. The ?!

    Don't let the bastards win!   No post numbers is a bit strange.  How am I meant to keep notes in my "Times s were hypocritic wanks on the TAMB" dossier?
  4. The ?!

    It appears to be responsive...  But not very well optimised.  Looks ok on my personal mobile, but work mobile it looks horrendous.
  5. The ?!

    And believe me...  It's been hard fuckin' work!
  6. Do you have any idea how much work I've had to do in the last hour?!  And for this shite?!