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  1. Pffft! Watch your tongue! I hold Calmac Mans opinion in high regard when it comes to the SNP, be it criticism, or dare I even say it... Praise.
  2. I was thinking that when I saw their statement, then I remembered that time that Celtic managed to get the refs to go on strike.
  3. A The Rangers supporting friend of mine is utterly convinced that Barton is trolling them and will sign for Celtic :lol:.
  4. Not read the thread so not sure if SquirrelHumper has posted, he'll know better than me but I'm hearing Killie have had a massive clear out with only 6 first team squad players remaining, and also that Lee Novak will be our first signing.
  5. That was quite good for you. I'll give you that.
  6. Your lack of self awareness is astonishing...
  7. Solidarity with the poor bästard sitting just in front of me who got lifted for the crime of being fat and ginger. The wee polis fella was absolutely desperate to huckle someone and since he couldn't catch anyone running past him onto the pitch he cuffed a poor boy who laughed at him
  8. 1. Killiemarnock 2. 2/10 3. Playoff Final 2nd Leg 4. Being in a Playoff final. 5. I'm happy to give him time. Football is a notable improvement over the previous. 6. *whispers* Rogan 7. Rogan 8. MJ oot! 9. A comfortable midtable finish and a decent cup run.
  9. I thought for a second you'd blocked me!
  10. How many fugly Hibees with ridiculously stupid hair can there be?