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  1. Away tickets go on sale next Monday, assuming those are the sales you're referring to.
  2. England got an allocation of 850 for that stadium in 2015. https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2015/08/14/lithuania-ticket-update-amp-ballot-details
  3. That'd be extremely dangerous to overload a stand just because away fans have tickets for the home end. Keep in mind that England fans caused bother in the home ends there in 2015 so expect better policing.
  4. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2986&newsID=17006&newsCategoryID=1
  5. 4,735 away fans in section A
  6. so we just need to be better? good research. when we beat France at home last time we accomplished that by sitting deep to prevent their wide players running on to balls and getting in behind. the offside trap is both risky and over rated - barely anyone plays that at the top level of football these days.
  7. both my lots of additional tickets arrived yesterday. first batch was when tickets were released to season ticket holders on 5 May. second lot were from the ones that were released last Monday. I'd bought another two on 5 May as a separate order and they arrived a week later on 12 May. seems totally random way of issuing them. three lots of postage costs as well.
  8. you're a month and 21 days too late with that attempt. admirable try though.
  9. Nope. He's a good guy and genuine.
  10. Look at their home venues over the past 3 or 4 years. All roads point Ljubljana. Especially considering they only have one game to play between now and announcing the venue for our match and that's Malta at home. That match is in Ljubljana and they'll still consider themselves to be in contention afterwards. All this leads to our match taking place there too.
  11. Only trouble I've seen at the matches there was the wee skinhead in the UJ vest in '98. He wanted to take us all on and duly got a few smacks before the police lifted him.
  12. England got 900 when they were there in 2015 and the attendance was just over 5000 (5500 capacity). And that was with a lot of away fans in the home sections which led to bother. There's not a lot of Lithuanian interest in football so there's a good chance we'll get more than whatever they deem the minimum.
  13. Return match v Canada will be our pre June friendly.
  14. I was thinking that last night. If we paid him well he hopefully wouldn't jump ship when a championship team comes calling. Any time I've heard McLeish getting interviewed recently he sounds like he's been on the bevvy.
  15. Do they look like they'll trouble us in June? Or will it be another easy home win for us? Oops my phone just went back in time to the 70s.......