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  1. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    May have between 1 and 3 category 3 tickets for Bordeaux quarter final on Saturday 2nd July. Was hoping to get another game in (preferably Paris QF on 3rd) but still likely to have ticket(s) spare for Bordeaux.
  2. Spare Tickets for sale

    Might have between 1 and 3 category 3 tickets for Bordeaux quarter final on Saturday 2nd July.
  3. Edinburgh City

    Who will Shire be playing next season? Whichever league they`re in, they`ll have to win it then beat Highland champions and last in Division 2 to get back. Not easy.
  4. Rome

    Can anyone recommend a bar in Rome which will show Scottish football?
  5. Fair score would have been 0v0 since Aberdeen looked like they wanted to score but couldn`t while Hearts scored while looking like they`d be delighted with a draw. Lets hope for good of league that promoted team(s) and others that don`t go down see chance to challenge Celtic but playing decent football.
  6. If these are 2 of our best 3 teams even more evidence of terrible state our game`s in. Presumably both teams will improve in second half.
  7. Dubrovnik / Montenegro

    Have also been thinking of going to Croatia this year. Seen and heard great things about Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park. Without a car so would be organised trip. Anyone know if best from Zagreb or Split? Have also seen possibility of trip from Zagreb to Split with park trip on way which sounds good as I`m thinking of visiting Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik (day trips from there to Montenegro and Bosnia etc) but was an expensive option.
  8. El Clasico

    Is this price for 1 or 2 people? 2 presumably.
  9. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    Tickets for almost every match coming up but most for only a few seconds Last week has only had same 3 matches as being available but when you log in other matches come up too. Looking for Paris QF-could swap for Bordeaux group matches (Wales v Slovaquia and Austria v Hungary) if anyone`s interested (hadn`t realised till yesterday that venue tickets can`t be resold as individual matches). Resale finishes at 6pm on Thursday but I suppose tickets will sold be sold from April (returned by sponsors etc).
  10. What`s a "fail"in Australia? Less than 7.0?
  11. Is the bottling bit statistically true in recent years? Any more than other teams? Won their last League Cup final, two oflast threeScottish Cup semis and knocked out Hearts in both SC ties since 2012 final so not done too badly in their big games.
  12. 4 interesting quarters. 3 possible Derbies in final-Glasgow, Dundee and Highland. Of 3 I reckon Highland is most likely.
  13. When visiting places north of Aberdeen (between Aberdeen and Wick) in the 80s and 90s always got the impression Aberdeen were a strong second with Rangers having most fans. Presumably both clubs have lost support to ICT and Ross County as well as Celtic. With less support in the north and central belt than then, it`s hard for Aberdeen to match Hearts` support even though Hearts have little to show for their good years this century compared with Aberdeen of the 80s and have very little support north of Forth. On more general point, cup final crowds (both cups or 3 with Petrofac one) must include a very high % of neutrals. I remember a friend who supports Falkirk going to 1997 final with 7 friends, none of whom were Bairns. That was a long time ago but recent finals will have had an even higher number of neutrals (or folk who almost never watch football even on TV) than in last century. Hibs v Ross County will probably get about 40,000 fans with about 30,000 tickets sold by Hibs but I`d guess that at least 20% of total crowd would not be supporters of either side. If Hibs or Hearts play Ross County in Scottish Cup final the same but with a capacity crowd.