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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Thanks. Seen meals on river cruises too but looking for something a bit less sophisticated and less expensive! I was in London on Christmas Day last year . Spent most of day waiting for lost luggage to be delivered from airport but had an excellent evening meal in pub which was part of a hotel (from outside looked like a pub rather than a hotel bar) in street between Westminster and Buckingham Palace so will try to find place again and see if they take bookings for midday.
  2. Can anyone here recommend a pub/restaurant/hotel in London for a Christmas meal on Christmas Day? Realise that most places are closed but I know a fair number of pubs open at midday and hotel restaurants may be open too. Not looking for anywhere expensive (though reading earlier comments about 100pp on a normal day make me think Christmas Day will mean sandwiches and wait till Boxing Day) so turkey,crackers and a bit of wine and beer would be fine. Anywhere central but especially Kings Cross/Euston area would be great.
  3. I`ve lived in various European countries in last 30 odd years and main change has been that now almost nothing is known about Scottish clubs. People still know names Celtic and Rangers but not nearly as much as before and other clubs are virtually unknown. In 80s and 90s when Scottish clubs regularly played in Europe in September or even later whichever clubs were in Europe were known-I remember people in France and Spain knowing about St Mirren for example. Success of Aberdeen and Dundee United in 80s got some recognition but a lot was having name of a city and DU were reported as "Dundee" for many years even at time of beating Barcelona etc. Before our clubs were knocked out by German or Spanish clubs, now it`s by Slovenian or Maltese so it`s normal that we don`t get so much recognition. On positive side, Scottish clubs now have fans in Poland, Spain etc who have become genuine fans while living in Scotland and kept an interest after going home. Incidentally, how well are Scottish clubs known in England?
  4. Think Don Revie had a bit of Scottish blood too. When he was playing, not eligible for us I suppose just as Joe Baker wasn`t and Alex Cropley and Bob Wilson wouldn`t have been if a bit older.
  5. 2 out (Hearts result tonight one of most humiliating ever for a Scottish club and may have cost them a lot of money though they`d probably have lost in Russia and lost money on trip, Hibs pride intact but Hertha Berlin would have generated massive gate and especially TV revenue) and 2 through (Celtic after himiliation in Gibraltar and Aberdeen after being lucky to get to second round). Reality is there are no easy games and sadly clubs and countries probably consider Scottish opposition as a good draw. Anyway, not sure how ranking system works but presume wins by Hearts in last round and Hibs tonight (counts as victory I suppose) will help for future years.
  6. I was at Hungary game. Was it not Marshall`s debut?
  7. Seem to remember us getting to playoffs and several full Hampdens during Vogts era. Lots of defeats in friendlies but new players got experience in full and B team which following managers benefitted from.
  8. May have between 1 and 3 category 3 tickets for Bordeaux quarter final on Saturday 2nd July. Was hoping to get another game in (preferably Paris QF on 3rd) but still likely to have ticket(s) spare for Bordeaux.
  9. Might have between 1 and 3 category 3 tickets for Bordeaux quarter final on Saturday 2nd July.
  10. Who will Shire be playing next season? Whichever league they`re in, they`ll have to win it then beat Highland champions and last in Division 2 to get back. Not easy.
  11. Can anyone recommend a bar in Rome which will show Scottish football?
  12. Fair score would have been 0v0 since Aberdeen looked like they wanted to score but couldn`t while Hearts scored while looking like they`d be delighted with a draw. Lets hope for good of league that promoted team(s) and others that don`t go down see chance to challenge Celtic but playing decent football.
  13. If these are 2 of our best 3 teams even more evidence of terrible state our game`s in. Presumably both teams will improve in second half.
  14. Have also been thinking of going to Croatia this year. Seen and heard great things about Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park. Without a car so would be organised trip. Anyone know if best from Zagreb or Split? Have also seen possibility of trip from Zagreb to Split with park trip on way which sounds good as I`m thinking of visiting Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik (day trips from there to Montenegro and Bosnia etc) but was an expensive option.
  15. Is this price for 1 or 2 people? 2 presumably.