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  1. As reserves, we will be hanging about the bar, like a bad smell
  2. Garnisongasse 3, Vienna
  3. Just checked, via the highlander bar Facebook page. They will be showing Lithuania game
  4. Us too, just round the corner from our hotel.
  5. In buggiba on the coast road, keep the square on you're left and go up the hill. About 100yards on the left hand side, there a wee shop selling lots of Maltese football tops.
  6. Bit nervous too. Macedonia(1st time) and Tiblisi. Team never got started.
  7. Got it done a couple of years ago in Mar Hall. The kit man is the best guy, as he has access to most of the players. I left it with him, played a round of golf, and picked it up from the golf pro at the end. Was able to buy the guy a drink in Luxembourg as we were staying in same hotel. Be damned if I can remember his name though.
  8. Two of us, Torino TA, would like to join you're cruise, if spaces become available.
  9. 24th August, 11:45 Glasgow sleeper to Watford,0700 taxi from Watford to Luton. However, west coast power lines went down and we were woken at Edinburgh. Told Conducter that we had a 10am flight from Luton to catch and the 9:40 arrival time was no use to us. A Hackney taxi was summoned and £850 hire later, we arrived at Luton at 8;50 for the 10am flight to Turin. 1900 Turin to Catania, car hired the onward to Piazza Armerina in the Sicilian Mountains. 3rd September 07:25 Catania to Malta. Wednesday 7th September 07:25 Malta to Gatwick, 13:30 London Euston to Johnstone. Obviously, this is a bit of a Holiday for us, but hats off to Scotrail, for paying for a Edinburgh Taxi to Luton Airport,p.
  10. Got a lift......hopefully, so count us out.
  11. We're in qwara, which is not too far away, so count us in, if there's space. Just me and the good lady.


  12. Us too. If need be, share a taxi?
  13. Yep, two of us.