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  1. Anyone actually staying in Trnava on match night ?

    Yep, two of us.
  2. Flights From Scotland

    Going via Sicily, having a wee holiday there, ferry over and straight home to Glasgow via Stansted. Around £180, but that's our summer holiday. Think all the short stay deals are gone.
  3. Turkey

    Was in Istanbul on way to Georgia for a couple of days. Some of the folk were lovely, some of them were arseholes. Much like here really. The terrorist thing is a concern, but by not going to these places you let the barstewards win. Might think differently if I had kids though.
  4. Bit of advice from a malteser

    Bit too late with the advice re Sicily. I'm booked. 9 days in Sicily 4 in Malta. Looking forward to both islands. Bumpy ferry ride......ever been to Arran,. FFS we're Scottish, well used to bad rides.
  5. Could I reserve 2 seats for Torino TA.


    1. Zander_14


      Yes no problem

    2. malky24


      Torino TA no longer require these transfers. We've decided to stay the night and travel back to Bratislave. All credit to you for organising these buses. It will make the trip a lot easier for a lot of people. Good luck



  6. Sicily

    Nope, we would overnight in Valletta,and discipline is my middle name. looks like it could be cheaper to fly from Sicily to Malta
  7. Thank You To Wanderer

    Great trip as well. Thanx
  8. Sicily

    The price for the two hour ferry trip from Southern Sicily to Valletta appears to be around 50 return
  9. Polish Fans

    Appears to be a smoke bomb rather than a flare. Not that I'm saying that's any better, but flares are infinetly more dangerous
  10. Sicily

    It's only a 2 hour ferry ride away and flights are much cheaper. Plus I fancy Sicily a bit more tha Malta. Anyone done this route before?
  11. Disciplinary Proceedings Opened Up

    Mox. Yo asked me if there was any evidence of people dying from misuse of flares, on another thread. A man was killed as long ago as 1993 At Wales v Romania. Av young buy was killed by a flare at Corinthians game. Also see the link below. Nobody dead there so tats ok. Being an old duffer I don't know how to do the link thing, Fans left seriously injured after flares thrown during Turin derby as Juventus fail to wrap up Serie A title http://www.sport.net/fans-left-seriously-injured-after-flares-thrown-during-turin-derby-as-juventus-fail-to-wrap-up-serie-a-title_347920 Send from http://www.sport.net
  12. Jordan Rhodes

    Championship player of the month as well
  13. Flares?

    Don't have a problem with flares or fireworks. Just the arseholes that think it's a good idea to bring them to a football match
  14. Video Replays

    But surely when the stakes are so high, it shouldn't come down to luck. I had a feeling that decisions had been going against us, but not that many.
  15. Video Replays

    Please discuss. The rugby World Cup is on and the referee has the option of speaking to a 4th official to check if an offence has been committed,using video replay. If the team Captain could challenge the referee's decision up to three times during a match, the outcome of games would be much fairer. I thought the 1st Polish goal was offside last night and Walters goal in Dublin was definetly offside. If these decisions had been challenged, Scotland would be 4 points better off, Poland 2 points worse off, and Ireland would be 2 points worse off.