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  1. My past experience of British Gas is that their quote will be significantly higher than any others
  2. This is how the next referendum will be won. By talking to folks now and for however long it takes till the next referendum. The next referendum should already be won before it is officially called. Hopefully. C'mon Scotland!
  3. Is that the hoax from earlier this week?
  4. Is that not what already happens on the Jubilee line?
  5. Any bother at the work - just tell them it is a darth vader seat!
  6. Couple of games across the Irish Sea and one against Aberdeen.
  7. The only ones I can remember are: 61F = 16C 82F = 28C The digits reverse. Then some guessing roughly between them.
  8. Perth coouncil will be near the top of the list!
  9. Well, more experienced punters, what are your thoughts on the Derby? Is it as clean cut for Golden Horn as the odds suggest?
  10. About half way through the book now and it brings back many memories of similar nonsense at school
  11. I might be slightly biased towards ICT - nothing to do with Saints getting into Europe if ICT win
  12. £41k raised now. Getting worried yet Carmichael?
  13. Still need ICT to win the cup.