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  1. Bratislava Transport

    my friend jim from pisley looking for 7 sets he drop u email is there seats left
  2. Bratislava Transport

    andy that me paid for My self Ian kelly ,Tommy burgess and alan marshall
  3. Bratislava Transport

    Hi i had reguested 4 places when its three place need pay for myself ian kelly ,tommy burgess,Alan marshall
  4. Paris to Metz Train Friday 21:40

    Hey mate know not october whats happened about bus in slovkia i pm loads and wall think let us know whats happening we update please .
  5. Coach Travel On Match Day

    can tel me sent u message ages ago what happen with bus when u taking money etc can let everyone fair enough u not been well if going orginise buses u keep everyone posted i know october i like get siorted as away to france in june . like get sorted before then thanks so do my friends who travelling with me .
  6. Coach Travel On Match Day

    when can we make payment for bus thanks
  7. Coach Travel On Match Day

    Hey when youn taking the money for bus please what date etc for how much


  9. Coach Travel On Match Day

    pleaselet knowhow much when to pay thankyou. as thre of us need pay for .
  10. Coach Travel On Match Day

    The guy orgasing this bus can confirmm all names please ian kelly alan marshell and tommy burgess can put on same as big bill.
  11. Coach Travel On Match Day

    i need three places
  12. Coach Travel On Match Day

    pm on 5th ja to add one tommy burgess and now add alan marshell
  13. Coach Travel On Match Day

    bill i have already booked place for tommy so only need one place
  14. "They Could Have Played For Us"

    Scott mcdonald scottish parents tim cahill could played for scotland scottish gran parents the irish tried get for 2002 world cup went on score crakers for everton and oz