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  1. Clapton took his pick from two CDs of J.J. Cale's unreleased material to cover his Somebody's Knockin' on his new album.
  2. No don't skip the intro it's brilliant and should be heard. Watch Fat Freddy go and not give a damn how he looks I can listen to this driving from EK to Glasgow and arrive before another tune comes on.
  3. Good to see the board is alive with the sound of tunes. Got some catching up to do, meanwhile for starters..
  4. Haven't been on since the board changed....where is thumbs up Drinking it neat is even better.
  5. Without a doubt luxurious and delectable like no other gin. Bought my first bottle in the Bruichladdich distillery 3 years ago and find it unbeatable. If ever I'm askedfor a 'wish list' it's usually firstfollowedbyJura Origin.
  6. January Transfer News

    Midnight on Monday.
  7. John Byrne's 'Your Cheatin' Heart' and Tutti Frutti. Hope Danny, Vincent, Bomba and Fud, Suzy Kettles, Mr Clockerty and Ms Toner stand the test of time. Another nod for 'Takin' Over the Asylum' and Muriel Gray's 'The Munro Show.' Still enjoy watching repeats of 'Still Game.'
  8. ...this accoustic version is Bowie sublime.
  9. Can't let this thread be bereft of Bowie's passing who meant a lot to me during my student years and beyond. Too many to choose but here for starters...