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  1. It's more about mood and suspense for me than blood and gore with an exception to Un Chien Andalou. Psychological thrillers such as The Devil's Backbone and The Orphanage are more chilling.
  2. Stayed in East Didsbury rather than the city centre a few years ago to see Leonard Cohen at the Arena. http://www.waterside-hotel.co.uk/ Didsbury village has no shortage of bars and restaurants although most of the time was spent wandering around Manchester's Northern Quarter checking out the street art and the varied choice of restaurants. As I remember this was a particular favouite http://www.tnq.co.uk/ The Metrolink is excellent taking less than 30 mins directly to the venue. http://www.metrolink.co.uk/East-Didsbury/default.aspx
  3. Mikkelsen won't start, too early for his clearance. At least Andreu has made it,
  4. Last one for now, love this for all reasons
  5. Difficult choice to pick only one Parov Stelar production, here's one I found recently.
  6. When I first played this to a few friends neither could identify the singer but were adamant it was far superior to the original. I agree.
  7. I could have liked it on its on merit had I never heard the original or Jasmine Thompson's excellent cover. The dance mix tends to reduce the intensity of emotion the song deserves. Still a lot better than Rick Ghastly posted way back
  8. By this time I've usually had my fill of Christmas Carols, This however is a lovely emotional version from Kenny. Love that Fife accent coming through not to mention the strings. Wishing everyone a very happy winter solstice, good health and kindness in your lives.
  9. Can't let Christmas go without a few tunes. First from Elbow's soon to be released album in February.
  10. Electrifying! Have you seen or heard the birds in EK I like Falkirk's simplicity and Dunfermline, both instantly recognizable, if you know the towns.
  11. Over two days I'm stuck on 83 but only giving up until tomorrow. I'm avoiding all posts having suspicions the thread is riddled with clues and answers.
  12. Black Prairie includes I think four members of the Decemberists.
  13. Catch up time for me, meanwhile here's a few for maybe a few
  14. Too young to die. A truly unique beautiful man with so many different elements to his artistry. Last saw him in Manchester 2013 when he closed the first half of his remarkable 3 hour performance with this fitting song.