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  1. The David Bowie prom

    What a night to have been at Bowie's final UK live performance 10 years ago, the only time he played the Albert Hall. Here's his impromptu guest appearance doing two Floyd songs at David Gilmour's gig.
  2. It's more about the video and Tilda Swinton.
  3. Like the Cure but big sop I like this version.
  4. Good song and fascinating video. Had to check out if there was a making of the VFX concept....
  5. I need to give this more thought although the very mention of Joni Mitchell is a fine example. I loved Dylan, why did Joni not do it for me. Perseverance took years until a friend recommended her clever arrangement of Unchained Melody and Chinese Cafe combined as one - only then did I properly listen.
  6. ...and then there is Hollywood Rome at its funniest....
  7. Lengthy track from his album Astronaut Meets Appleman released in September.
  8. Ersatz Thistle's post of the sad tale Scots of the Riverina was new to me and prompted my memory of this beautiful song accompanied by some great musicians.
  9. I knew the Anna von Hausswolff track but have no recollection of posting it - hope it wasn't that recent I make a habit repeating tunes as you probably found out while browsing the entire thread. On another bleary-eyed night take a look back into the archived TBNT there's a lot of great posts in there. Hundreds of pages