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  1. Something a genuinely don't understand. Scotty you say that only Christians can go to heaven? And that Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims etc are already doomed. The overwhelming majority of the population therfore have no chance and are dammed and they are all wrong and you are right. Is that any Christians or a particular sect. Do Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Jahova's etc all get in? Also when was the cut off? What about people who died before Christianity even spread to their countries and had no idea about Jesus. Also undiscovered tribes in the Amazon etc, doesn't seem fair on them. Why hasn't God told these people about him?
  2. 0/10 for spelling. It's s-a-n-t-a. You have the n in the wrong place.
  3. So children who get cancer are sinners? I know a few people who have lost babies days/weeks after their birth. Were these babies sinners?
  4. Don't be daft, the fans aren't given a thought. Last round tv games included Celtic v ICT 12.15pm kick off and Rangers v Morton 3pm kick off...
  5. Pretty sure the last few years 3 out of 4 games have been live on tv. 2 on sky and 1 on the bbc. Once replays are out of the way they games will be known.
  6. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/snp-cant-answer-crucial-questions-9806957 I wouldn't trust the record at all. Here's today's offering.
  7. Well you seem to only be focusing on decisions against Celtic so I think every one else shold focus on the ones they do get. The ref booked plenty Caley players for this kicking you are refereing to. He didn't book a player for diving about 4 meters away from him. There you go, now I've focused on both.
  8. What about Sinclair taking a blatant dive at 5-0 up and the ref seeing it but deciding not to book him? Who the fuk dives at 5-0 up anyway to try and win a pen. Screw this...I'm away to write a letter seeking clarification.
  9. Might just be me but I'm going to do my best to make sure my boy supports the same team as me! I want to take him to games and having us travel to support the same team. Supporting his local team, while a nice idea, fills me with dred as our local team is Ross County. There isn't a massive difference getting to Dingwall or Inverness though from here, 15 mins more to Inverness, so not like I'd be making him support a team in Glasgow 200 miles away. Only thing is that most of the kids here support Ross County, which is nice to see. In the school I work at in Invergordon there is maybe 1 or 2 Old Firm fans out of the 200 odd kids. The rest pretty much all support Ross County. I'd imagine this is the same in Tain, where my kids will go to school.
  10. I had thought about trying a game at the end of the season when the weather is better and maybe thought about just going for the second half to see how things go.
  11. I suggest you write a letter
  12. How old is he out of interest? Been thinking about taking mine to his first game but think he's too young at 2 and a half.
  13. Oh aye so it was! I was at it as well 🤐
  14. If they scrapped the group stages and just did a knockout competition they wouldn't have to start so early. Everyone in the pot, no seeding, 2 legged knockout competition. Perhaps with one preliminary round of the lowest ranked nations to get the numbers to sync.
  15. Can't all be blamed on the week of football. Our last home game was a Saturday at 5pm and the crowd was awful. This was following a 5-1 opening game win.