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  1. What the hell are you slavering about? Watching the video it clearly comes from the Rangers end and continues in that direction past the guy. Also the seat was yellow. Is it not the yellow seats that are just over the segregation fence?
  2. No one is accepting anything. I'm sure you condem the bigotry that comes from the Rangers fans every week... The Scumbag
  3. Who said it was hard to say that or that it was ok? Of course there are scumbags that support Aberdeen. There are more scumbags that support Rangers though and that section of their support is particularly vile.
  4. I'm sure the the Rangers fans are singing nursery rhymes in different pubs.
  5. Anyone know today's scores? The coverage given to this is awful. No scores on the bbc page or the sfa page.
  6. Think some people are forgetting how it works. Taxes- new club Trophies- same club
  7. Hearts are out of this competition
  8. Is that not what a few of the Aberdeen fans on here do constantly? Anyway..what happened to this list and boycott? I thought there were a list of teams that they wouldn't go to. Has it been misplaced?
  9. Draper fell forward. The Celtic player was behind him. Draper falling into his is impossible. It was a clear foul. Do you not see that you are the only person saying it was a fouls to Celtic. Is everyone else wrong and you right?
  10. Some skill being able to fall forward into a player who is behind you. Breaking all sorts of science rules there. You are allowed to sheild the ball when it is in front of you. What you aren't allowed to do is attempt to get a piggy back from another player and knock him over.
  11. Hi mate.

    Just checking if you know of a TA bus leaving Inverness for the Lithuania game.  My cousin is travelling down from Forres for the match and is looking for transport down on the Saturday morning.



  12. That's restricted view. £200 unrestricted
  13. Just noticed we are playing Rangers on a Friday night after the Scotland game. That will be fun. The circus will be in town filled with Buckfast...