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  1. They aren't empty in the Celtic end though
  2. Lol what a load of sh1te. Did he had a sachet of ketchup hidden in his mouth the whole time lol
  3. How come there are 5 or 6 rows empty behind the goal at Aberdeen end?
  4. Dundee 0-2 ICT
  5. Is sleeping with a drunk girl who the courts have decided wanted to sleep with them worse than beating up your wife?
  6. Not quite a 4,000 majority as claimed.
  7. Are they not modern enough already?
  8. And the opposite of what happened against Dundee just a few weeks ago against Caley. Ball maybe a yard in play but goal given 😞
  9. Buckie Thistle currently beating East Kilbride 2-0
  10. First time I've ever left a game early. Left with about 25 mins to go, was painful to watch.
  11. Can you rank 1 and 6 only and leave out 2-5?
  12. Messed up that post. Super, obvious, clear and UKIP should all be followed by w@nk
  13. Have done some digging into our 6 candidates. We have one SNP candidate- good guy preference 1. We have a Tory.- w@nk We have a Lib dem who called The SNP xenophobic and did the better together stuff up here by himself. Locally he wants the new super school in a horrendous pace that would leave the kids with no playing field. Pushed through by the lib dem and independent council.- super Independent number one is a well known closet Tory, unionist and also messed up the school- obvious The other two independents we have are one who is a card carrying memeber of The Tories and part of the cliché pushing through the horrendous site- clear The last independent we have recently found out previously stood as a UKIP candidate in Aberdeen- UKIP Voting all preferences doesn't work here as two wanks get in regardless.
  14. I would say this is a weak definition of Scotland. Sometimes unionists try to pretend Scotland is a proper country but they are kidding themselves. The UK is our country, some people chose to define themselves as Scottish but that is their choice. Our nationality is British, we are British citizens and hold a British passport. We are represented in the UN as The UK etc etc. We are only Scottish if we chose to define ourselves as Scottish which not everyone does. In all intents and purposes we are British. Scotland is not recognised as a country by anyone other than ourselves. This nation of countries or countries of nations thing is a load of pish. A few other countries describe themselves in the same way. One is Canada which will be due to Qubec. How many people in the world view Qubec as a country outside of Qubec? The other ones who define themselves in the same way as the UK are South Africa, Russia and India. Now I have no idea what these countries are that make up these other countries. I'd imagine most people wouldn't!
  15. International football and politics are closely linked. The overwhelming majority of fans at Hampden support independence so why can't we show this at one of the few places where we are represented as Scotland. Barcelona are not shy in waving the Catalan independence flag or Athleic Bilbao the Basque flag etc. Wonder if their fans are told to keep politics and football apart? Load of pish, show your support. I will have my Yes Flag at the game as I have had at every game I've been to since the referendum.