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  1. The BBC updates said the ref took out the yellow card but thought better of it and put it away and Griffiths wasn't actually booked. It doesn't look like he actually showed Griffiths the yellow card. So was he booked or not?
  2. There is no slump in education. It's a heap of nonsense.
  3. We are having a by election in our ward. Jamie Stone was elected as a councillor in May and then stood for Westminster in June. Didn't have the guts to not stand for council and only for Westminster. Giving himself a fall back option of a council job if he had lost and will instead cost the taxpayer a load of money for a by election for a job he barely did.
  4. That is a bit of a Daily Mail view of Paul Monaghan. I know him and have campaigned with him. He is a very well spoken, polite, well mannered and intellegent guy. He doesn't display any of the characteristics that you mention above. Certaintly not a mad brainless, flag waving nationalist type. I've never heard him say anything remotely like that or anything overly nationalistic at all, even when in the private company of SNP/Independence friends. He doesn't shout about the Butchers Apron. He made one comment mentioning the Butchers Apron years before he was even selected as an MP. You can't be serious about encouraging cyber nats?? Your opinion for that surely must have come from the Daily Mail telling you so?? What happened is that the woman in question had an old twitter account where she said some questionable things. She started a new twitter page and replied to some stuff on Paul's page with normal supportive posts that you wouldn't bat an eye at. Paul followed her on this page and replied to her to 'keep it up.' Now the Daily Mail took that as meaning 'keep it up' to racist posts that he never seen and were on an old account and were not what he was replying to!!
  5. In what way was Monaghan a moron??
  6. As opposed to what? Giving it all to someone else?? Right you are...
  7. It is about social justice for some. For most it is about being able to govern your own country and choose your own destiny. For some it is about Scottish Nationalism. Many of the unionist parties supporters will vote against it due their British nationalism and some misconception that they will and have to stay British. (They would still be British after a Yes vote).
  8. It looks like it was a poll across the UK so Scotland sample small. Not very reliable.
  9. Don't vote for a unionist party. There you go.
  10. They aren't empty in the Celtic end though
  11. Lol what a load of sh1te. Did he had a sachet of ketchup hidden in his mouth the whole time lol
  12. How come there are 5 or 6 rows empty behind the goal at Aberdeen end?
  13. Dundee 0-2 ICT
  14. Is sleeping with a drunk girl who the courts have decided wanted to sleep with them worse than beating up your wife?
  15. Not quite a 4,000 majority as claimed.