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  1. Thought Caley would struggle tonight. Not sure where that score came from. Holders Ross County are out with a game to go.
  2. Why is someone from Northern Ireland posting on a Scottish fans website about a foreign player signing for some team in another country no one gives a shite about.
  3. How are you feeling?

    Questions conflicted a bit. Watch games on tv- highly likely. Go to Hampden in person- highly likely. I can make 2/3 of the games in person.
  4. Nicola Sturgeon is giving a speech tomorrow on Scotland and Europe. Could be interesting on the details or if anything important will be announced. I am warmed by stories of people moving from No to Yes but I only know 1 person who would do this. I do known some total numpties who have switched from Yes to No due to wanting to leave the EU. It is all based on immigration and you just can't get through to them that immigration will continue and that all foreigners won't be shoved onto a big boat and deported. Their hatred of immigrants trumps their desire for Independence. I have noticed other people in Facebook discussions say the same thing. Far outweighing any move from No to Yes. It worries me as the areas that voted to leave the EU were predominantly working class and poorer areas who were previously quite strong Yes voting areas. So many of these leave voters would have been Yes voters. It depends what issue is more important to them. I just hope the number that we lose aren't too great. There was also an independence meeting in Inverness recently and it defended into a big arguing match over the EU and some people stormed out. Some people can't focus on the goal of independence as the EU issue is so strong an issue for them.
  5. Wembley 2016

    Yeah hotels and beer are expensive and I'm a cheap skate. Proper palpitations
  6. How is it not putting in a shift. Does a job have to be physically demanding for that to apply? I go home some days from work totally wiped out and drained and just need to crash. Plenty of times I've felt like that and cancelled doing sports in the evening.
  7. I don't see what this has to do with Scotland becoming independent. These are local issues that may exist in any scenario. At the moment they are happening with Scotland as part of the UK
  8. Wimbledon 2016

    Where's her flag?
  9. Want to see the wankest thing ever. Some sack has decided to change the Caley Thistle badge. Looks awful, like something you would get on a fake fans scarf outside grounds. It also doesn't say the actual club name now! No one is impressed.
  10. Maybe not on this occasion. Brondby won 10-1!
  11. Wee Willie Rennie says he backs EU negotiation but not independence. Not sure what he wants exactly.
  12. The Sunday Mail are running with a story about Scotland not being allowed to retain EU membership and that we would have to re-apply etc etc. This is the senario that would harm a possible Yes vote.
  13. Supposedly there is another poll out tonight that isn't great. Hope that is wrong!
  14. I have no idea. Not able to read the actual story. Will have a look tomorrow morning