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  1. Surley you don't have to post up any names to show an example of a post. Just the main text. Mr A said: I love the Catholics and hate the Jews because I'm Catholic hail hail
  2. Thanks. If Im worried in future what a fanny on the internet thinks I'll be in touch.
  3. I have a Yes flag on mine
  4. Those who don't have a flag pole in their garden need to be watched...
  5. You waited a whole year to post that? When I posted the above Christie didn't even play for Celtic.
  6. Ryan Gauld not in squad for the team he's on loan to. Is he injured?
  7. I'll be touching myself to pictures of Nigel Farage instead of watching silly soccer ball
  8. Think Caley will struggle this season so we probably need a poor Hamilton team to help chances of survival.
  9. The new rule is that it is a yellow if the player attempted to win the ball. Doesn't matter if it's a goal scoring chance. It is a red if it was a deliberate foul to stop them scoring. Never seen the penalty incident but sounded bad.
  10. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hearts 5-9 Any of the rest 10. Partick 11. Kilmarnock 12. Hamilton
  11. Was it played this year, haven't seen anything about it.
  12. Challenge Cup starts tonight. Will be interesting with the u20's being involved. The rules are strictly under 20 players and no overage ones like in the development league. Reckon the bookies have over estimated the strength of the youth teams as they have pretty much every u20's team as favourite. Maybe some money to be made tonight?
  13. I tried but keep getting an error message...
  14. Think I'm missing something here but what are yous on about?
  15. Yugoslavia was only one I missed!