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  1. The old Wembley was a special place. Winning there in '99 was an incredible, bitter-sweet experience. Wembley Way, the twin towers, the royal box, the 39 steps - all historic features of a stadium known the world over.
  2. Scotland 2-1 Poland Ireland 2-2 Germany Gibraltar 0-4 Scotland Poland 1-2 Ireland
  3. I like what they have done on the outer wall of the stadium at Arsenal, with players represented from different generations - could possibly work at Hampden, too?
  4. 'DAILY Record Editor MURRAY FOOTE lifts the lid on how The Vow - the historic front page which played a major part role in the resolution of last year's independence referendum, was inspired and created.' Interesting read..
  5. If we do make the Play Offs, is it likely that we will play the Hampden Leg first? (I read that the order of games may be based on seedings).
  6. I still think we will finish third. Provided we beat Poland and Ireland fail to beat Germany, a win against Gibraltar secures third spot regardless of the Poland v Ireland result.
  8. Three wee jobbies sitting on the pavement. Which one's a Musketeer? The dark tan yin.
  9. SSC email: "The Scottish Government has been asked, via the Public Petitions Committee, to officially recognise Flower of Scotland as the country’s national anthem. We believe the answer should come from our supporters and, primarily, our most loyal fans - you, the members of the Scotland Supporters Club. Please take just a couple of minutes to let us know what you think. Click here ( before 5pm on Wednesday 11 February to have your say." Anyone want to join me in doing a mass response of 'A Man's A Man for A' That'?
  10. I had the same problem shortly after I moved south...and the bus driver was a Scot!
  12. Good man!
  13. Thanks to everyone for sharing their memories and thoughts. He seems like a player who divided opinion - the two common themes in the above responses being great ability and questionable work ethic. The Spain game has been mentioned a lot so I'm going to look for some footage of that (I'm sure I've seen Kenny's goal at some point - it was a peach, right?). Thanks again!
  14. I vividly remember when Davie Cooper tragically passed away. He came to mind the other night so I started watching some old videos/tributes online which included glowing praise from Ruud Gullit. I was only 11 at the time of Cooper's passing and don't remember much about his career, except from what I have seen on videos/online highlights. Can any older members of the board share their thoughts/memories on just how good he was (specifically in his Scotland appearances, but also for club sides)? I've heard ex-pros say he was the most gifted player of his generation - is he up there with Baxter for natural ability (another great I was born too late to fully appreciate)? For those interested, this is one of the videos I watched the other night - quite moving in parts. Good to hear he was a decent man and funny to hear that he hated leaving Hamilton...even to train in Motherwell!
  15. Nicola Sturgeon has been absolutely superb thus far.