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  1. I don't buy into this nonsense that the manager was only informed two days ago about his intentions. An Aberdeen fan at work seems to think that Jack told the club a couple of months ago about what was going on and he's now been sidelined because of it.
  2. I thought it was common knowledge he was away at the end of the season.
  3. Is there any difference between him and say Niall McGinn or is it because one might be moving to Rangers?
  4. The only shock is that he didnt pick Roberts
  5. Plenty of rugby to be played between now and end of the season so fully expect half a dozen or so not to make the plane due to injury. The kiwi guy Payne is as brittle as a cadburys flake.
  6. I am not sure that Gatland is the man for the job to be honest. He's very one dimensional and tends to go for brute force. That won't work against NZ and can see them getting spanked in a lot of the games. Hogg should start the test matches but it looks like he's going for tried and tested partnerships with previous lions experience. Probably only two Ulstermen in the squad, Best and Henderson. Jackson played well during the 6 nations but his ongoing personal issues would probably prevent him from going. If Bobo Kearney gets selected at full back Gatland clearly has lost the plot.
  7. did Hartley go on the same coaching course as Warburton?
  8. Why bring incest into it? A new low Gaz.
  9. Apprentice boy? Never been in it or the Orange Order. You support terrorist death squads on the other hand.
  10. Why would I support murder? Anyone convicted should be in prison for the rest of their lives. Anyone supporting terrorism really needs their head examined.
  11. Reevesey talks about ligitamate targets. Maybe he could explain to my cousin who never got to see his father, as he was shot in the head in Derry by an IRA death squad in 1971 a month before he was born. His crime was being a prod going out to do a days work. Nobody has ever been convicted of the murder.
  12. The coke at work is obviously preventing you from forming sentences correctly. Do keep up.
  13. You support IRA death squads who murdered innocent men woman and children. What part of that doesn't make you a terrorist lover?
  14. A junkie who supports IRA death squads who have murdered innocent children must be a good guy though. Aye ok.
  15. You've obviously been on the coke again. Your kids must be very proud to have a terrorist loving junkie as a father.