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  1. Maybe Gillespie giving a talk on restraining orders to Lennon?
  2. We did manage to con Ipswich out of £1m for Garner though!
  3. Away fans usually get North Stand. North Stand holds approx 7k but Celtic would probably only be allocated the top tier due to segregation issues. Maybe changed now since the redevelopment but was always the easiest to keep supporters apart.
  4. If they were worried about 4500 tickets why not take a reduced allocation and bus the fans in from the areas of the city I said earlier. The media blow all this crap up out of all proportion when in reality the amount of bother would be minimal and easily contained.
  5. If the Celtic fans enter the stadium from the West and North of the city and enter via Boucher Road ( like the way the police bring in Cliftonville and Glentoran fans) then the only time they should see each other is inside the stadium. Celtic would have the North Stand to themselves and although I've no idea how many tickets Celtic would be allocated the decision not to take any seems a bit over the top.
  6. one of my mates texted today that he was on around £1800 a week at Ross county and was now getting £8000 a week at Burton Albion. I'd be astonished if either of those figures were correct though.
  7. £500k fee and a massive wage rise probably the reason.
  8. No idea. Only going on what my mates texted last night. He said it was common knowledge he was going to be sacked weeks ago.
  9. My mate goes home and away to watch saints. He said the 8th place is a red herring as they were 6 points of 17th and 23 away from 6th. 17 goals in 19 home league games and none in the last 6 league games at home. Two teams who scored fewer were relegated and they also didn't score a goal in away from home in the europa league disaster. Negative football and humiliated 5-0 at home to Arsenal in the cup. My mate would still have given him until Xmas though!
  10. I don't buy into this nonsense that the manager was only informed two days ago about his intentions. An Aberdeen fan at work seems to think that Jack told the club a couple of months ago about what was going on and he's now been sidelined because of it.
  11. I thought it was common knowledge he was away at the end of the season.
  12. Is there any difference between him and say Niall McGinn or is it because one might be moving to Rangers?
  13. The only shock is that he didnt pick Roberts
  14. Plenty of rugby to be played between now and end of the season so fully expect half a dozen or so not to make the plane due to injury. The kiwi guy Payne is as brittle as a cadburys flake.