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  1. Celtic linked with Lorraine Kelly
  2. FIFA, making the Rangers look like a well oiled machine!!
  3. SNP Labour Scottish Labour The Tories The stupid ungrateful Scottish electorate The unions All of the above Himself
  4. So you'd put out the same side with the same setup and tactics etc if you knew you had to either; win by 3 goals not lose by more than 3 goals only needed a point If the answer is yes......you could have a look at helping Ally in his garden.
  5. Trends picks for me are; Al co Moon beg dude Portrait king
  6. A long game of double or quits?
  7. Speak to your employer see if they would fund/part fund your training or exams. Anything you could help with targeting your ideal role with the free time you have in your current role? On linkedin? Set up accurate skills for your target role, some decent roles shown, although geography of roles not always great. Connect with agency people, you see ads quickly then when they post them. Any mentors at your work or groups in your local area! Often who rather than what you know. Tried popping in past one or two of the agencies you think are any good.
  8. Unbelievable to make the change with such a short amount of notice.
  9. Flying to Oz via Singapore on the ya and Kuala Lumpur on the way back. I'll spend a night in Singapore on the way and maybe 1 or 2 in KL on the way back. Will have about 5/6 nights and was looking at Vietnam and Angora Watt s potential destinations. Just wondering if there was anyone that has been or any other suggestions before I book up. Cheers
  10. From what i've seen of a few tv games, Hutton appears to be one of the few who cares.
  11. Ditch the dairylea for cheddar, chuck it in a pitta and under the grill for a wee bit