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  1. Withstand the first 20 mins and the game is there for the taking. Having that horror start at pittodrie, along with the league cup final should stand us in good stead. If the players can't learn from either of those games then fuuck it. #COYR
  2. As a highlander I can say there's definitely a higher proportion of mediums up here. The central belt's chock full of large, X-large, XX-large, etc.
  3. You could, but you'd be wrong. 3 domestic games left this season. 2 league games, 1 cup final.
  4. 6 hours until Rogue One... can't wait!
  5. Aye just saw that banner on twitter. Sickening, no place for that. These boys would be better of supporting the zombies with 'banter' like that. Idiots faces are all over the internet too, they really didn't think that through.
  6. The belief has been building all week. Convinced we'll do it in ET today. As a mate said outside wembley, it's the hope that always gets you.
  7. Ah jesus, has the pink shirt been confirmed? Haven't been following this. FFS if it has - this fixture, when competitive, should always be blue vs white. Simple as that.
  8. Yeah, last campaign was enough for me. Didn't renew my SSC membership this time around (due to the SFA as well, of course), had it since '99. Still, the fever got to me after the Malta result and I almost booked up flights for last night's game a few weeks back without a match ticket. Glad I decided against it in the end. I'm not going to bother with Wembley now either. The first time I had thoughts of quitting was after that 4-6-0 czech republic game, where a team worse than us beat us due to pish tactics and negative play. It's only built since then, the Wales games in particular hurting. They way we are now I don't even think we're close to matching the glorious failure of the Euro 2008 campaign.
  9. Old man is raging - 1 pt off the MOTM! Edit: Even older man 3pts off!
  10. The 'managing leads' thing really annoys me. Once we're 1 up we seem to sit back and expect to sit it out to FT.
  11. We were shite today, and we still won. Brilliant goals from the Dons, usual penalty for the hundead. Most surprising thing post-match is the amount of celtic fans on facebook bragging about our win. 2 cheeks of the same symbiotic arse indeed.
  12. Correct, it's confined to two particular sets of fans.
  13. Not much chance of a 2-pointer getting a ticket then?
  14. Which browser do you know, Internet Explorer? Give it another try now to see if it's working.