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  1. Because the season has barely started. Other countries at our level play through the summer. Penalty to the dons! C'mon number 3...
  2. Bit of debate for that goal! McGinn. Seemingly chopped off, then allowed.
  3. Yeti

    As much as the teenage me loved reading about the paranormal and supernatural, the complete lack of video or photographic evidence for any of it since the rise of the smartphone and digital camera has been telling. Personally I've consigned belief in ghosts, yeti, nessie, alien abductions / sightings, telepathy, clairvoyance to the same place I hold religion and homeopathy. I'd still be delighted if anything was ever found tho.
  4. Aye this week has been hell, but I think it will get better once the actual football starts tonight. I can't take any more reports from the Home Nations training camps. At least we're past all that WAG shite from a couple of World Cups ago.
  5. Strathclyde's finest having trouble starting their horse:
  6. I went for the same pair, but for the slightly chicken 'to lift the cup' rather than after 90 mins - only got 8/1
  7. Was going to say to the hibs fans to enjoy their night tonight, but looks as if things are turning ugly on the pitch. Sevco fans should just go home and have nothing to do with it. You'll win your first trophy in the coming years i'm sure.
  8. No, we'd just say that Sevco Hibs'd it.
  9. Ah, I saw that one a couple of months ago while flicking through the Kids channels with the boy, I was hooked!
  10. This is one of those situations where you'll be kicking yourself if it finished 1-1 and you didn't stick a tenner on that score...
  11. Game Of Thrones

    That just looks like a CGI teaser to me - I don't think any of that will be in the actual episodes. Well, considering the final shot was pretty much entirely composed of alive characters - Tyrion, Arya, Dany, Jaime, were the ones I spotted. Pretty bad CGI too looking at some of those faces. EDIT:Cersei andSansa are there too it seems...
  13. Hmmm, I dunno, that doesn't seem to affect the popularity of the same 32 NFL teams each year. I think it would be a marketing behemoth with insane amounts of money throw at it. And kids would grow up supporting a soul-less franchise at the European level, and maybe a local team in the domestic kiddy-on level. Sounds horrible, but inevitable.
  14. I liked it too, just as a nostalgia trip if nothing else. I don't think it would win many new viewers who previously didn't like it but it was good seeing Mulder & Scully back in action. Mulder's still at the crazy monologues about how they've been duped all along. I swear this speech was used at least once a year in the old series. I've seen the first 3 episodes, the next one is a bit average but the 3rd one is hilarious. Only 3 to go after that, one of which is said to include the Lone Gunmen so that should be good!
  15. Aberdeen V Celtic

    Usually this is exactly what happens to us! Can't believe we're 2 up, but then celtic have only had 2 shots on target compared to our 3. Yeah, they've got possession, but if you can't do anything with the ball you won't win games.