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  1. After Rhodes left Boro, I read on a sky sports feed on Facebook where Boro fans were unhappy he'd been let go believe it or not. Apparently he wasn't signed by Karanka (I assume must have been chairman) and that's why he never got a game. Fans had said the only chance he got was pre season where he scored a few goals and also admired his professionalism for just working hard, keeping his mouth shut and trying to force himself into the squad. I think Rhodes offers more than a few people think.
  2. No, I couldn't answer your question cause I was at work and yes, I know the truth, the truth is that you know very little about football. 🙋
  3. You just do it get it do. Jesus, this must be what it's like working in a nursery.
  4. What, like Forrest But, but, but, there's a difference, as long as it's suits his argument See. So is Forrest. 17 caps, no MOM awards, no goals Exactly
  5. I didn't think so either. Was just showing Caledonian Craig his flawed logic.
  6. You don't see what the difference is? Oh, ok then. Snodgrass featured against Slovenia, but was crap against the same team, should he have played? Cairney looked good against Canada, plays week in week out for his club. Shouldn't be have played against Slovenia? A chance for Burke would have been giving him the last 25mins in his proper position to attack a tiring and booked left back.
  7. It's not much of a chance though. Why didn't Strachan do like he said in an interview, use him as an impact player. Instead, he starts him in a makeshift team and out of position, on a terrible pitch then subs him after 45 mins. Yet game after game we've still got to watch Forrest do nothing for 65-70 mins.
  8. Would take that except Anya on the right and Snodgrass only if his form picks up, otherwise Fraser instead.
  9. Totally agree. I don't think it's coincidence that our best performance in the group came in the first "must win" game. If we'd had the same attitude from the first match we could easily be sitting second, but now because the coaching staff thought previous games weren't "must win" we're left in a very difficult position.
  10. It should be whoever is playing week in week out and ideally scoring for their club at the time of the game.
  11. I'm totally convinced Forrest isn't good enough.
  12. So Griffiths has 400 odd mins, a large chunk of which came against England, Belgium, Croatia and Denmark. Not exactly the same quality of opposition Martin has had his chances against Yeah, but Martin get 50-60 mins against the easier teams, Griffiths get 15-20. Your bottom line is correct, neither should be leading our line, but you way of justifying Griffiths isn't capable is weak at best. And I wasnt comparing Griffiths to Miller, pointing out that Miller misser plenty of easy chances, something Griffiths hasnt even had a chance to do. Exactly 👍
  13. Who thinks he's a goal machine? As with Jordan Rhodes, people are saying these guys score goals, Fletcher and Martin not so much. Give them a run un the team since the other 2 have proven not up to it. Maybe you can tell me from his "international stats" how many minutes he's played in his 12 games, what that averages per game and how many chances he's had, since stats are telling. Cause as anyone knows Scotland dont create many chances per game and to expect him just to appear here and there for 10-15 mins and score goals isnt even close to realistic. Just look at the sitters Kenny "5th highest scorer ever for Scotland" Miller missed.
  14. Not sure Moyes deserves to be in the same bracket. I feel he's been treated harshly since he left Everton. He didn't do himself an favours though taking over Sunderland when he did.
  15. That's what has held us back the most during the Strachan years. We seem more concerned about not losing than winning. It's an attitude you only really see in the supposed "lesser nations" these days.