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  1. Aye, exactly. Is Strachan no one of those managers that love zonal marking?
  2. This is something that maybe a lot of the people on here backing Strachan overlook. They're too busy blaming poor players (and we know they're not world beaters), but is the prep work from the coaching staff maybe a bit crap? Do the players know and understand their roles? Do they know their opponents strengths and weaknesses? Bad coaching and instructions can make even top players look bollox.
  3. In theory a 4-5-1 should make us harder to beat, but for some reason no matter what formation we play, our midfield seems to be useless. It was only on SundayI read on here people going on about the strength in midfield. Really? After McArthur and Morrison, I'm struggling. Just to clarify I'm talking about in the centre only.
  4. I might be wrong, but he probably did a better job at Villa than what he got credit for, considering the conditions he had to work with. His time in Germany, might also give him a different view of the game tactically. Didn't he do his coaching badges over there?
  5. I agree with what you are saying, but it doesn't help when you have the likes of Rhodes and McCormack not even making the squad and as you say Griffiths, who is the only goalscorer in the current squad, not getting much game time. All three have never been given a chance under Strachan, which considering they are arguably or most prolific strikers is baffling.
  6. I could swear I saw Jordan Rhodes on MOTD just the other week.
  7. FFS, on Sunday morning, he was the answer to all our problems for many on here, clearly people who are unaware that he's not that good.
  8. If he's man marked, I'd expect it to be Fletcher. Formation to me looks like a 4-5-1, without the ball and a 4-3-3 with it, with (hopefully) the full backs pushing on.
  9. Like the look of that line up.
  10. 👍
  11. Is that the same Slovakia that beat Spain and Ukraine in qualifying for Euro 2016?
  12. Got to disagree mate. Think that type of football has no place in the game anymore, and I think our recent lack of anything remotely close to success shows this
  13. Spot on, I've said the same before many a time. We haven't got worse, everyone else got better. As I said on another thread, our main tactic is to hit a target man, a tactic from the history books that is useless in this day and age. And when that failed and had to score what did we do? 4-4-2! Hardly the move of a tactical genius. Our play is negative, slow and predictable, which is why we struggle to get anyone these days.
  14. Can't be that bad, he keeps two £12 million pound strikers out the team.
  15. Can't disagree, however, the fact that our main tactic is to hit a target man and hope for the best is a disgrace. It clearly doesn't work and is about 20 yrs out of date.