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  1. New Strip Launch

    Both pish. Personally, I think Adidas have been a disaster, apart from the 2nd home kit.
  2. Just To Clarify.....

    Exactly, but I'm sure Caledonian Craig will be along with the alternatives any time now. I don't have an issue with people having an opinion, but at least have an alternative to debate instead of blaming another part of the team which isn't exactly setting the world on fire. Remember, if you take away the Gibraltar games, Fletcher has scored 2 goals for Scotland, and in my lowly opinion not brought a great deal more to the table. Surely using Caledonian Craigs logic, it's actually the strikers fault we didn't manage the play offs since it was the strikers that not only didn't score in Georgia, but didn't even manage a shot on target.
  3. Jordan Rhodes

    Think you'll find there was a bit more to my quote. Yes, I could have worded it better but didn't think I'd need to spell out my point. Lambert scored 28 goals in 75 games with an average Southampton side in the EPL, not sure where the risk is.
  4. Jordan Rhodes

    So, one transfer and four almosts is risk taking? How many foreign strikers were brought in in the same windows? And WBA didn't take any risk with Lambert, he had already proven he could score in the EPL. A risk would have been buying him three years ago when he had "only" been scoring in the Championship, similar to Rhodes.
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    Not necessarily. Nobody took a risk on Richie Lambert or Charlie Austin, both of whom scored goals plenty of goals in the lower leagues and continued to do reasonably well in the EPL when they got there. Maybe its just not cool to have British strikers at clubs in the Premiership.
  6. Just To Clarify.....

    You are deluded. Not only did they not "find the net", they didn't even have a shot at it. Also, if you take Gibraltar out of the equation, we scored 10 goals in 8 games, an average of just over 1 goal a game. Not exactly $hit hot eh.
  7. Just To Clarify.....

    This great attack you speak of scored only 1 goal against Georgia and couldn't even manage a shot on goal in Tblisi. Ireland beat them home and away. Goals for and against are irrelevant, only the results matter.
  8. Euro 2016 Qualifying - The Post Mortem

    You are correct, but who expected us to take three points in Dublin, but not Georgia? Losing in Tblisi when all our rivals won there cost us a play off spot.
  9. Press Conference - Gordon Strachan -18:30

    Personally not too fussed if Strachan walks (incidentally I way desperate for him to get the gig). On the other hand do I trust the SFA to bring in a suitable replacement? Maybe Strachan will stay and learn from his errors, might be our best hope.
  10. Jordan Rhodes

    Why is this guy not our no 1 striker? Was listening to the radio going into work on Thursday night and the discussion was whether Fletcher of Griffiths should start. Really? Fletcher, I can sort of go with, being the Premiership striker, but has only scored 20 goals in the last 3 seasons and isn't exactly an automatic pick for a $hit Sunderland side. Griffiths has scored 52 goals in the last 4 seasons, including this season in a dominant team. And in the same time, Rhodes has scored 82 goals at a better level. And yes, the Championship is a better level than the Scottish Premiership. We should be building our side around this type of talent rather than playing him down cause he supposedly can't play a a link up striker. That system hasn't done us much good in the last 20 years.
  11. Can't go due to work shifts changing. Tickets in the main stand, paid £42 will accept £30 due to time constraints. PM me if interested.