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  1. Agreed. The fact he doesn't make the squad let alone the team behind the likes of Fletcher and Martin is a fücking disgrace. Only Scotland could have a guy that if playing every week will easily score 20+ goals a season and not play him.
  2. After a Jordan Rhodes assist no less.
  3. Really? Would love to see a clip of that.
  4. It could be more interesting to see how Strachan justifies picking Fletcher, when he's been benched in favour of Rhodes.
  5. John Collins makes a lot of good points about youth development in this country in a podcast he did recently with Graham Hunter.
  6. Not bad. Maybe McArthur for Armstrong (who should definitely be in the squad at least) and basically anyone else but Hanley.
  7. Berti Vogts got Scotland to a play offs, something all these ex old firm managers with their ability to cope with pressure and expectations failed to do. But don't let your logic get in the way if your old firm/Rangers bias. Thanks for the chat. 👍
  8. Who cares. They were successful at the big clubs in a two horse second rate league. If you cant win the league as an old firm manager in Scotland you really should take up another line of work
  9. Realistically we're done. Under the current management team we have no chance of second. In saying that, we have played our 2 hardest games, everyone has been taking points off of each other and even though we have been pure pish, we're only 4 points off second. If we had a competent manager that played our best players in their best position with more than just a plan a, then we'd have an outside chance of second, but no more than that.
  10. Most of Neil's win ratio will be in the Championship though, Moyes's 42% is mainly in Premiership. Each to their own I suppose.
  11. He might not have won silverware, but I'd say he achieved things at Everton. He took a team who had been lower end of the table and made them hard to beat and arguably punched above their weight compared to the money he had to spend against the other sides. He made them a top 7-8 side and qualified for the champions league qualifiers. Actually sounds similar to what he'd inherit as Scotland manager. IMO any manager we get, the only success they will have had is if the previously managed the old firm. We're unlikely to be bringing in a Champion league winner. Incidentally I'm all for a foreign manager, in fact think it's almost certain. But if Moyes or Steve Clarke wanted the job I wouldn't complain.
  12. What have any of our managers since Berti Vogts really won? A few trophies with the old firm hardly count when they played in a two horse league. Moyes may have been out his depth an Man Utd, but Van Gaal didn't do any better and Mourinho isn't exactly setting the world in fire, and they both spent a shit load compared to Moyes. Anyone thinking Moyes wouldn't be a step up is kidding themselves on.
  13. Why not? Are we that well off for choice that we can reject a manager that just a few seasons ago was hand picked by one of the greatest managers of all time to take on the biggest job in English football? Id take him in a minute.
  14. The caveat of success at the old firm. Ronnie Deila has old firm success would you take him as next manager? You actually think managing Scotland five times a year, generally against teams of a similar level and managing Sunderland week in, week out in the highest spending league in the world, (especially with very little pre season and only 4 weeks of the transfer window left) is the same thing. You are actually clueless.
  15. Aye, Hiddink would be great, but would be amazed if we could get him.