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  1. you'd think so, wouldn't you?
  2. From everything i have read about it, I'm under the impression that there will be a draw to fill the individual groups in each league.
  3. I'm sure the Loch Inn will have it on.
  4. Hear, hear!
  5. BoIIocks! They can stab you with their heid!
  6. Aye. Utter pish.
  7. Hated it at first, but I quite like it now. Still won't buy it though.
  8. Ffs can we close this thread? It's not going to be behind closed doors!
  9. Did not know that, and you are quite right. Although she should be some one all humans are proud of.
  10. Dariya Derkach isnt bad either...
  11. is that not Gadaffi?
  12. Quality is pish, but the range we have this year is shocking. Norn Ireland abd Wales had a bigger selection of stuff.
  13. Thank that I have changed my phone number. All their emails, Hotmail sends straight to my junk folder, for some unknown (yet highly accurate) reason.
  14. Caught one!