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  1. Yep. That's what I heard.
  2. I've heard this mentioned before but never actually seen any detail on it. What is the actual law around this?
  3. Seems that Labour are just going for a cash grab now that the coup has failed. The 129,000+ members that have joined since January (mainly to support Corbyn I would guess) aren't being permitted to vote unless they pay an additional £25. Making it up as they go along! It's laughable. No doubt this will put off some of the £3 members who were enticed in by the low membership fee but it will also cash in on some of the fervent support Corbyn has for those willing to pay £25 to back their man. It'll swell the coffers at least but to what end. Corbyn is bound to get back in with even more support now and the Blairites will continue to refuse to support him.
  4. When does the leadership election / challenge or whatever labour are calling it take place?
  5. An absolute sham indeed. Just watching Eagle on the news talking about her smashes window and 'threats' and getting away concluding that the 'bullying has to stop - Jeremy has to go'. How the feck does someone get to attribute bullying to him in such a way and get away with it completely unchallenged and then have it as headline news. It bloody stinks.
  6. Secret ballot at NEC. Looking like more and more possible that Corbyn will be removed from his position.
  7. I think Sturgeon has a chance to work on Kez. She's younger and potentially impressionable and had already shown a chink in the armour when it comes to Indy. If Corbyn were to be toppled it could be the final straw.
  8. I think that fishing equated to about 1% of UK GDP? What would it be for Scotland?
  9. Not really high enough tbh. People are still in the knee-jerk reaction from Brexit. Tbe 59% from Sunday post is more interesting but do we know if it's actually from a polling company yet?
  10. I'm sure that in previous tournaments over the years that some of the Welsh firms 'lads' travel with England to get their international hoolie fix. Euro 2000 in Belgium/Holland specifically springs to mind.
  11. The polls are certainly showing the the wider-UK public have more baws for change than we saw from the Scottish public during the indy referendum. Where in 2014 we thought that people would see through the threats and we had the concept that people wouldn't like being preached to by the establishment/Westminster elite - the idea was that the proud Scottish people would have tipped to 'Yes' with being on the receiving end of such treatment. It simply didn't happen (in enough numbers anyway). Looking back though, the scare stories worked a treat on us. The NHS, pensions, big business, jobs.... Scotland cowered down where the UK now seems to be standing up against the same tactics in the Brexit campaign. There's no doubt more to come though. It'll go in to overdrive in this next 10 days. Ever more pressure from corporations and I'll be amazed if there is not some form of VOW for reformed relations with the UK/EU. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out. One thing I find quite interesting is what I've heard from older voter / pensioners. Many have looked at the failed attempt to win over pensioners in Indyref and pointed the finger of blame regarding a reluctance to change and selfishness around their pension fears, etc. I think this vote is going to blow that concept out of the water. I suspect that most of that demographic will vote for Brexit (change), despite the threats (pensions). IMO this will expose that the pensioner demographic are simply more pro-UK Union, having grown up in post-war Britain, with more of a sense of unity and Great Britain imperialism firmly in their mind. The combination of all of those factors will almost certainly create a hostility to immigration and all of that will lead them towards a Brexit vote.
  12. I think this idea that Brexit will tip Scotland towards Indy is flawed. Although there is certainly higher support for Remain in Scotland I think the attitude to the Brexit issue is softer in general. I simply don't think people will be bothered enough for it to become the definitive issue in the case for Scottish independence - especially when we would then have more realistic issue of border/immigration to deal with and the fact that we would be in the position of leaving our largest trading partner (rUK). We'd find ourselves in much the same position and people wouldn't have the baws for making the leap. The one good thing for the Indy argument is that in terms of the trading partner aspect - the UKGov's work to establish trading relationship with the EU block post-Brexit would certainly lay the foundations for an Indy Scotland to say that we'd know exactly what terms we'd be trading under with the rUK - assuming that ScotGov were in a position to get more favourable support/confirmation from the EU that we would be granted membership.
  13. I think last night highlighted the importance of our mentality and tempo in our approaches to games. We are sadly lacking in ability, touch, class, vision, composure and generally all the things you look for in any side of any sort of quality. I think what last night exposed is that when we're in a slower-game, then the lack of all of those desirable attributes exposes us even more than usual. The other thing that looks to be a big part of it is mentality where similarly, if we're not 100% up for it, switched on enough, or recognising of the challenge in front of us then we will never compete as we should. It explains why we were so sadly lacking last night as well as why we're always prone to dreadful games like Georgia and why we never spank the wee teams in the way that many other nations do. Pretty depressing!
  14. Why exactly are Labour and Westminster getting brought into this discussion about the ScotGov balls-up on this new system?
  15. Can't say I've been at all impressed with what I've seen from Constance. I thought she was brought in to make up the numbers of the 50/50 male/female cabinet by Salmond and would've hoped that there were more capable MSP's judging by some of her performance since her introduction.