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  1. The only party with any money is the Tories. The alliance of Better Together was needed due to the lack of money from the other parties combined with the unpopularity of the Tories meaning it would be toxic for them to be a leading voice (despite being the only ones with big donor money to fund the fight). The parties will find themselves in that exact position again and it'll remain to see if Labour are once bitten, twice shy - given their absolute collapse after their Better Together clanger. Individual party led campaigns will suit Yes because only the Tories have the money for the fight and only the Tories can deliver anything at UK-level as neither Lab/Libs are anywhere close to power - thereby rendering any of their campaigning arguments or promises absolutely futile.
  2. If there was no substance to it or it was hacked then you'd expect them to have a statement out pronto to correct the situation. They'll surely say something shortly.
  3. I'm sure that is the correct grammar if they present 'Rangers' as a singular entity as opposed to a collection of people (which would be 'Rangers have'). Not 100% sure so I may be corrected.
  4. Derby on the verge of spending £200k or thereabouts on Kyle McAllister from St. Mirren. Just turned 18 years old on Saturday and has been a rare positive for the club this season. Can't imagine he'll be likely to get a game from the outset but it's a drop in the ocean to an English Championship club in the hope that he will continue to develop into something special. Capped at U17 level.
  5. She's just been put back in her box by her leader as well. Her new strategy just seems to be making up plans that can only be implemented by Westminster - without having consulted with her superiors. If I thought she was smart enough you could argue that she's trying to influence wider-UK Labour policy but I don't think she's that intelligent. Maybe she's trying to convince people that it's not a branch office but as a result she is in fact proving exactly that it is.
  6. She is so thick and clutching at straws it's unbelievable. This latest shift of position to suggest even more powers to what was supposed to be (according to them) one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world ((c) G. Brown 2014) - Firstly ... why are they suggesting we need more powers and/or federalism? What is it that they are suggesting is broken in Scotland as a result of the current constitution? Given that they defend it to the hilt. If they genuinely say what the problem is then they are forced to expose the cracks and that puts them on the back foot big time now and opens a can of worms as let's face it - they won't be in power to deliver but will have stated the UK constitution doesn't work for Scotland. Of course - we all realise that the only thing that Labour actually think isn't working is their vote share and number of seats. This is the real desperation as opposed to unchallenged sound bites of more local responsibility, blah, blah. Secondly... she doesn't realise what a contradiction she's making in this suggestion. Talking about 'safeguarding redistribution of wealth across the U.K.' (new soundbite replacement - see 'pooling and sharing resources). Well... a federal U.K. would surely be the exact opposite of that! With only defence and foreign policy being left as reserved to Westminster, the federalism solution for local responsibility means just that - responsibility! = income tax, vat, corporate tax - basically the lot!! Responsible for the above and reaping the rewards or suffering the failures of your local country/region's new found accountability. But if the UKGov are to safeguard the redistribution of wealth across the U.K. (as oor Kez had suggested) then that's just more of what we have just now. So theoretically Scotland could implement effective policies which improve public sector revenue and cut expenditure but the improved balance sheet could/would be for nothing if Westminster choose/need to redistribute to other federal regions that are underperforming. That's not federalism. It's lunacy! And such a contradiction. I imagine the other hidden part of this strategy which hasn't been divulged is that Labour would want Scotland to be more than one federal region. This will be part of the medium term strategy to attempt to diminish the notion of Scottish nationhood.
  7. Couple of the flights suggestions that the other guys have said may be the most straightforward options. As Wanderer said - the train between St.Petersburg and Helsinki is also easily done but I'm not sure if there's direct flights back from Helsinki to GLA or EDI. We went a step further from Helsinki to Tallinn and then back from there.
  8. I didn't say he was - but thanks for speaking on his behalf when I'm very reasonably asking a question.
  9. What would your answers be Alan? Not being argumentative - just wondering. It is clearly not a great situation to be in.
  10. Yep. Have had 2 of these this morning.
  11. Regardless of whether it was or was not kosha - am I not right in remembering that it was produced during 'purdah' meaning that there should have been no political shifts/promises/commitments in alteration to what had been said/offered prior to the commencement of the purdah period?
  12. It's clear that the relationship between the SFA and the fans is only a one-way relationship. We pay, the SFA take. It's at breaking point. A large percentage of fans will be disappointed/angry with Strachan staying and at the SFA hierarchy for their decision making. The talk of a boycott is perfectly understandable. The SFA need to do something to resolve the situation. Ultimately I'd want to see those at the top go. That's more of a priority than the manager for me. In the short term - we have 2 home games to have any sort of glimmer of hope of reviving this campaign. How about a show of loyalty and common sense from the SFA. Get Hampden sold out - the way it should have been for the Lithuania game and countless other qualifiers in recent years where their appalling pricing strategy has failed and undoubtedly hampered the atmosphere and thereby, the team. £10 for adults and £5 for kids for the rest of the campaign. Either refund season ticket holders a large chunk or give them 50-75% off the next campaign season tickets as a written promise now. How about some thinking outside of the box for once to revive some sort of respect and relationship?
  13. Strachan started out well and it has all seemed to go to pieces since the victory at home to Ireland. Having started that campaign with a high-tempo and expansive game, he seemed to start trying to play in a very contained and measured, stand-offish way that totally highlighted our weaknesses and limitations. The selection and approach on Friday night was back to what I would want and expect. Both from a starting lineup and from the approach to the game. Granted we lost cheap goals and missed chances but that's the difference in quality of the players - not the manager if you ask me. It was a world apart in comparison the Lithuania and Slovakia games just a month earlier. I probably thought it was time for him to go as well but I don't doubt that he has the belief that we can still get 2nd in the group. It'll take a miraculous run of results but he'll need to go back to the way he started his tenure and hope that it all clicks in to place. He knows that support for him has never been lower so I have a bit of admiration that he has the balls to risk even more brutal criticism from all quarters in an attempt to put things right. At the end of the day - the guy wants us to win and succeed. Whether he can make that happen is a different matter. We have Slovenia at home next. If he comes out on the Monday morning press conference before that and says that it's not must-win then i think someone will chuck him in the Clyde. It's time for him to change his tune, tactics and selections to adapt to the reality of the environment. Win that one and it's England next at home...
  14. I note your response has no mention regarding science / r&d and funding for infrastructure. The As you appear settled in Brexit or EEA camp - do you happen to know what happens to these? Or are you happy to sacrifice jobs in those areas at the expense of fishing industry. You seem vocal and well versed on the topic so I wonder to what extent you have given these areas consideration? I think most would consider these as important pillars for advancing a progressive modern country.