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  1. McLeish did well in his time in charge but don't think it would be right decision to bring him back. Very few managers do as well second time round and he's been out off management too long - having not done that well in most recent roles. No idea who'd be right man at this time - no obvious candidates.
  2. Another good team performance today & lot of talent on show. Gemmill does a great job encouraging / organising from the sidelines. Poor referee - some atrocious decisions & fell for all Serbia's play acting. Hopefully do business on Wednesday to qualify for Croatia.
  3. Excellent performance & lot of promising talent on display. Hope can keep it going in their next two games.
  4. Was there last year & would recommend just wandering about to find places as so much choice. Lots of friendly bars in la Latina area.
  5. Kingsley a good option
  6. Has to be Kingsley before Mulgrew who's played very little this season due to injury. Kingsley is an excellent player and was called in to squad for France / Italy friendlies and did make his debut as a sub.
  7. Just wanted to say well done mate - buses were really well organised and my party were well pleased by transport - cheers
  8. The turnstile issue on exit could have easily caused problems. Guy in front of me got separated from his young son due to folk pushing to get out because those further back weren't aware of fact people were having to exit via 2 turnstiles. Can't see this as meeting FIFA stadium safety regulations.
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  10. Hope you have recovered. Looking for two seats if any become available. Thanks
  11. Be aware there are several terminals so will also have to bear that in mind if you have to change terminals, which will add a wee bit more time. But should still be ok.
  12. Been a couple of times and it's a great place - although not overly big. Lots of bars & clubs with music as big student population. People are vey friendly and have to say never found it to be over priced / expensive. Castle been done up too so worth a walk up if hour or so to waste. There's (or at least was) a really nice Slovenian restaurant over the bridge & up near tourist info (had a great big wooden chef outside) and really nice Italian (but can't remember its name). Lake Bled is worth a visit (if you get a nice day) or other place we went in car was Postojna Caves. Had to go on toll road and was no bother - although they do tend to drive right up your bumper before pulling out to overtake. This guide is useful www.visitljubljana.com/en ENJOY
  13. Cheers - agree that its a far better Chinese
  14. Yip - Cold Beer Company / Morrison's one in same place. Not been to Green Gate but have heard from few people that its really good. Fusion place was pretty good - really enjoyed food and reasonable prices. We were in early evening & was very quiet - only other people in were Chinese so I take that as a good sign! Regent down Craigs also a good Chinese restaurant but I always think better value at lunch than evening.
  15. Hope you enjoy. If you go down Friar Street (side of No 2 Baker Street) at bottom, on opposite side of road, there's the Cold Beer Company. Bit like a Wotherspoons and has good selection of beers. If you like Irish pubs Molly Malones is off to left of Cold Beer Co as you look at it - may have some live music on.