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  1. I've always wanted to contact them on that "Are you in...?" link they give out and tell them that yes I'm here and I'm pinned down by a sniper or some other shite.
  2. I find I get more heat intolerant the older I get.
  3. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    Some of you people are pathetic Juan Kerrs. It's a t -shirt getting it up the english.
  4. I had just about every Lou Reed album and when I bought this one it didn't quite do it for me. So it got stored in between Metal Machine Music and and The Blue Mask. It wasn't until a bit later I started giving it a listen, possibly after being on acid. It is a great album that has stood the test of time for sure.
  5. Gazza

    Celtic fans threw bananas onto the pitch when Mark Walters made his Rangers debut at Celtic Park.
  6. TITP 2016

    Used to enjoy titp in the '90s. Seems like a total ned fest. https://twitter.com/OotYerNutatT
  7. Have you tried squinting your eyes.
  8. It is murder but the shooting of the cops would have happened eventually by the nutter.
  9. The whole thing is a mess. You can almost see why the polis are trigger happy when they get shot when attending a report of a house breakin by the person who phoned it in.