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  1. Getting to a Scottish Cup semi-final with that team is something of an achievement and worthy of a point out of seven.
  2. I've long said that if Dundee United never won the Scottish Cup Final they played in I'd want a team that's never won it , like St Johnstone (against Dundee United) to win, then Hibs (as Dundee are next worst) then couldn't care. As part of my wind up of Rangers supporting friends at our SC Final party on Saturday I said this but would make an exception this year and hoped Hibs would win over a team that's never won it. Shortly after the final whistle, I ventured for everyone whose team has won a Scottish Cup to put their hand up. I got an apple chucked at my nads when I think I told one of them to get his hand down. Off Topic. What the hell is wrong with trying to post on here from a Phone or Tablet? Brutal navigation and random jumps to different places.
  3. and can you also tell us who you think is going to win the US Presidential Election.
  4. He is going to get a few pastings in the near future for sure.
  5. Mark Warburton

    Having said that I thought 'the famine song' was the best GIRFUY song eva. I don't know if there were verses but the general jist of it, "the famine's over, why don't you go home?' was hilarious.
  6. Mark Warburton

    That's quite funny. I like wee dittys like that.
  7. 1. Your team ? Dundee United 2. Rating for the season ? 1/7. Relegated, beaten by hibs twice in the cups. two awful managers and a chairman despised by the fans. 3. High point(s) ? Not having to endure the rangers circus next season 4. Low points(s) ? Not having to endure the rangers circus next season. 5. Your manager.....Sir Alex or Jackie Mac ? Surely the only man to relegate two teams in one season. 6. Top man....sell the family silver to keep him ? no one, all selt to celtic. 7. Useless haddie....where's the list of taxi companies ? 8. What/who do we need ? Complete cleanout 9. Hopes for next season ? Some one to come up with 10 questions at the end of the season. Seriously, nine!!!
  8. Muirfield

    I'm sure i read somewhere that at one time some of the members thought hosting the open was a nuisance as they couldn't play.
  9. Muirfield

    Well I believe women should treated the same as men, including retirement age, but as they are a private club I think they shouldn't be made to do something their members don't want and have obviously said so by the vote.
  10. I was reading that herald piece earlier. He was an SNP c ouncillor from 1995 to 1999 i think it was. me scotland were still qualifying for tournaments it was that long ago.
  11. Muirfield

    Nicola Sturgeon has said it is simply indefensible. I would have thought that with them being a private members club they could do more or less as they seen fit as regards who became a member and have obviously quite rightly telt the R & A to do one. I might apply.
  12. Muirfield has been thrown off the Open circuit as they have voted not to accept membership applications from women. I'm not sure I can see what all the fuss is about, if they are a private club then they can admit who they want and if that means barring women members and not making their course eligible for the Open then so be it.
  13. Scargill

    The witch is dead so it should all come out now. Lots of stories of government agency agitators and the tories using everything, legal or otherwise,to break the miners. Magoo was close to scargill I believe.
  14. Speaking of perth, a pub that had a massive fall from grace is john moirs. I was first in there 25 years ago and it was agreat pub. Went in again a couple of years sgo and it was tragic.