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  1. I like to architecture of the likes of bochum hbf.
  2. Used to enjoy standing with my pal in splendid isolation on the empty terracing watching dundee united away in the hope of getting a kick of the ball when bannon hit a shot. Never happened and I must have been to loads of games. Always enjoyed fir park and rugby park.
  3. why should they work when they don't need to as they every benefit going? 14 years this week ive been in australia and I've seen one working. She was a cleaner in a power station and was sacked after a day for thieving. They will never be a part of australian society because it benefits them not to be but to play the victim. Kinda like celtic fans with stronger BO.If it wasn't for everyone else, us immigrants, they would be wallowing in their own piss every day. The best thing they ever done was take their kids off them to give them half a chance.
  4. Still waiting for my phone call.
  5. You and your straw men again, again. You don't have a point, you never have had in almost all your arguments. Its usually all pish. You cannot compare the two and I have to wonder why you would. One the one hand you have a civilisation,whom came as fishermen and never really progressed any further than throwing boomerangs, throwing spears at invaders, and on the other is a modern progressive society. Very few have time for the indigenous in Australia. But you wouldn't know that, sitting in linlithgow with your 16 button mouse.
  6. You and your straw men. Australia was always going to get colonised by someone and as bad as the treatment of the indigenious population was it could have been worse, the dutch could have stayed and taught them dutch.
  7. You don't have a clue what you are on about. Fortunately Australia doesn't just accept anyone who turns up in a shitey wee boat on Christmas island. They can right off. Australia has an integrated society and most immigrants support the immigration policy of the government, so much so that both sides of the divide have similar policies. The shops in the area next to me has turned into a right shithole since the housing of sundry afghans, iranians, iraqis, africans and other brew form filling experts. They'd managed to keep the aborignals housed away from the area but this lot are as bad, even the bottle shop has security on the door during the day. Most folk do get on with each other and I have no problem with anyone who has ended up here through the right channels and without the demands on the social security system, which i would rather be spent on australians and residents, not some pretend war victim from somalia. There is also something quite hilarious seeing an aboriginal, high on petrol fumes, calling an african a black .
  8. Why do folk think the teuchter league teams would want to join any expanded league.
  9. I wouldn't bother wasting your breath on these ####wits
  10. maybe more folk will go to an individual game if there are less overall games. Who knows.
  11. fans whinge about too many games and going to see shit games against a team four times a season. This way you onlyget two shit games and the poor petals won't whinge so much. Win win.
  12. australia has the right policy in dealing asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.
  13. What is going on now? Are you agreeing it was a complete disaster letting hundreds of thousands of people of unknown character into europe. or are you still saying 'let them come'.
  14. amitriptyline as an anti-depresent is 200mg doses or a sleeping tablet at 10mg, I never knew it could be used as painkillers in lower back herniations. what size dose was it?