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  1. That could be a tough league to get out of, and stay in, if it eventuates.
  2. Ii think the difference between the dross in the premier league and the top of the first division has closed this season. Hibs, although being Hibs, will beat dundee united by a couple of goals next week and I can see two existingteams dropping out the premier this season, united and one A.N. other FC.
  3. This 0.1 % doesn't seem to be dwindling. The number of atrocities carried out daily by brainwashedmuslims is horrendous and the mask of outrage by their Imam has the odd slip or two as well. I'm not religious sso won't answer for Christianitybut Islam easily has the most primitive followers but the West are too soft on them to act. Let's face it, if there was no oil in North Africa, Middle East and Iran, they'd have been annihilated years ago and barely anyone would have gave a . Their attitudes towards women, animals and non-muslims, amongst other things, is appalling. 99.9% of them hate us, some will tolerate us.
  4. Scotland should run out to the benny hill theme.
  5. Behead those who do not follow the religion of peace. Once again islam is shown up for what it is. But nut, it will be our fault again.
  6. cheeky coagie. No myfault folk give me stupid money. Still always skint.
  7. I left school with 2 Ogrades and was unemployed and completely aimlessfor 6 years.I then had a job in a pub ( which I only got because I had a black eye)for 2 years then went to college to do an access course then took on 4 years of Student Loans atStrathclyde University to do an honours in Electrical Engineering. Graduated 20 years ago. Didn't really enjoy it, found the course near impossible to understandand was only really doing it to prove someone wrong who said I was too thick to do it. I had help from guys who drank in the pub including Math Professors and Engineers. Safe to say though I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now if I hadn't done it and would probably be back in the Raploch, unemployable, a labourer or dead. It can be done, doesn't matter what the background of the person is.
  8. I bet you log In to In to Internet banking every day to check how much you have.
  9. Derby day

    United were dire on sunday and killie must be really shite if united end up a place higher than them.
  10. Derby day

    Yeah, only the two goals.
  11. Derby day

    United barely deserve to be back in this.
  12. Derby day

    as clear cut a red as you'll ever see.
  13. Derby day

    read the papers tomorrow.