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  1. That was the beginning of a quick end to competitive football in scotland.
  2. Nothing wrong with calling plastic paddies declan. Or posting the cairnryan ferry timetable either.
  3. Some interesting places he fought in too.
  4. For sure. If you were an amateur for 10 years, say, That is one a week, every week. Without headgear and with proper sized gloves its no wonder guys got punchy. For folks that don't know, you generally spar and train without heavier gloves than you fight with. I remember the first time I used competition gloves, a week or so before my first fight. Arms felt lighter and quicker but then you get hit and it's like " me, what was that". Guys like Dick McTaggert and Jack Dormer would do little sparring and lots of fighting.
  5. Having looked at the photos it would be too easy to pull the hajib over her eyes, blow a raspberry and run like if she tried to arrest you. Unless she self-detonated.
  6. I like this idea but think they should go further. Think of how easy it would be for polis to go full burqa undercover.
  7. sometimes when sparring, he'd hit you a tap if your defence wasn't on point. Used to nearly put your lights out. hard as nails.
  8. you should drop an email address in so folk can contact you.
  9. I actually wonder how many of those waving the Palestinian flag actually understand wtf it is all about and how many are ambulance chasers/ always the victim.
  10. Over 600 amateur fights is unbelievable. Especially in those times when it was much, much harder. An old coach of mine, Jack Dormer, had over 500 and once told me he fought at 3 different weights in the same night. He would have had his scheduled bout, had a couple of beers after it then got the call that he was needed again as someone was a no show. Even in his 60's he could hit like a mule. Poor Jack got a bit punchy though. http://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/13068751.Jack_Dormer/
  11. http://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/36691347 "I'm now officially the most accomplished amateur boxer Great Britain has ever had. I can't believe it." Think she is getting a wee bit carried away.
  12. if you are interested in doing water plumbing you would be as well doing a gas technicians training. Surely better money than piping water. Much easier than becoming a sparkie too.
  13. Interesting read. Not surprising though.