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  1. Thats not how it works. When some muslim blows every up and folk holler 'deport all muslims' they are decried as racists etc. But somehow because a brotha has lost a brotha we should cut him some slack.
  2. I can't reconcile that no voters like alan and deecie can support a so called national football team when they don't believe in that nation. Same with all those finlay farqhaur rugby juan kerrs. To them scotland should be nothing less than a region of the united kingdom.
  3. As an arab I'd say oloffson. After that skacel, he was a fine player at hearts.
  4. I think the port glasgow one doth try too hard.
  5. To be a centre half you need to heid the baw a few times. Soapy souttar doesn't fit into that category. Fine player on the deck but timid in the air.
  6. If he had his say he would still have played his favourites. It's always the same for Scotland managers, whether it is Brown with hendry or WGC with any Celtic player.
  7. That game Scotland had to win in Brussels under brown (Not a shot on target and World Cup 2002 goodbye) still gives me shudders, the home game nearly as much. another useless .
  8. Facebook him. i'm sure he'll oblige you . Or He is on here as wolfcraig.
  9. I just watched a clip from the SNP propaganda department, showing her on QT last night. The twat immediately to her left tried to interrupt her but she didn't even break stride. Calling folk liars and a'thing.
  10. Tell them, I couldn't give a shit. For business, really what that site is aimed at and most of what matters, not any cultural or political nonsense, places like Mumbai are more important than the beta cities. My point is that Munich and Frankfurt are more important cities at this time than Berlin as shown in the link. Any fool knows that Bavaria, as the biggest and richest state in Germany and Hessen with Frankfurt at its helm, are more significant than anywhere else in Germany. And there could also be an argument for NRW to be third by area/ state then hamburg then berlin.
  11. me, you're going on like there is something wrong with that.
  12. Probably lied to cover his arse. He was way out of order at the time but couldn't let it go.
  13. According to the Globalisation and World Rankings Research Institute Frankfurt is an Alpha city, Munich Alpha- and Hamburg and Berlin are Beta+ cities. http://www.spottedbylocals.com/blog/alpha-beta-and-gamma-cities/ Bold statement it is but I think these guys know more about it than you do.
  14. Germany. Munich is the major city in germany, IMO. Frankfurt 2nd, Hamburg 3rd, then berlin.