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  1. You could post a link to the proof. Just saying.
  2. Scots are always waiting eagerly to hear about the english cricket teams latest demise at the end of the day's news. Why should that change?
  3. It was never going to happen anyway.
  4. I get complete arseholes phoning me at work, asking the most banal questions and general pishness. I've taken to saving their mobile numbers so I can just reject their call when it comes through as i have no interest in talking to them.
  5. Did you see the size of the monk haired lincoln centre forward? He was massive. And shite. I thought he was going to belt barton at one point.
  6. I'm sure there were loads doing that to obama cut outs too. Look at other whackos, like Scotty CTA, it doesn't take much.
  7. Trump is mental but you can see the appeal he has to the various plebs who voted for him. He's not one to hide behind a white house spokesman, giving it ambiguous pish-speak that sends everyone to sleep or doing Obama style short empty rhetoric. He's a loose cannon for sure and he doesn't follow any sort of script or procedure. Conducting POTUS shite on twitter is almost surreal. It will all unravel soon enough.
  8. is it right that in the bible its stated that satan killed about 12 people and god killed millions?
  9. no, there was a good competition in the 87 league.–87_in_Scottish_football After that I don't know, i don't follow follow rangers as much as celtic fans do.
  10. It's not a fact at all. the league has been competitive for short spells, early to mid 60's and early to mid 80's but other than that its been old firm all the way. after about 1988 there was only ever going to be one of two teams winning the league and thats why no one really cares about it.
  11. it was actually lawrence marlborough who started it. Edit: and more likely David Holmes.
  12. I empathise with those with special needs who folk might think are celtic supporters. Just remember, next time its cold, don't lick windows.
  13. Certainly. See when the special bus passes you in the morning, taking to IQ devoid to their skools, you'll see they are all proudly sporting RA (see what i did there) hoops.
  14. it means celtic supporters are window lickers. On the special bus.