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  1. I wonder if any robertson transfer and add-on clause is the trigger for Thompson leaving.
  2. I'm not sure anymore how thick you are. i thought maybe 1 o grade level but you might actually be fully retarded.
  3. Was driving the boy about yesterday but eventually got to a whisky bar to meet three friends at 10pm. they were completely hammered and were gone within an hour. done a solo mission until 5am. its now 11.30 am and I'm still a bit rekt. Annual scottish cup final party next weekend at a sheeps house.
  4. You're going to reap the ire of the king of snowflakes for that comment.
  5. oh aye, her. she came across as being thick as shit.
  6. wtf are you on about? Do they still have lead in the paint over there? St johnstone deserved to win the cup as united didn't change their game plan from the other games they had played against them earlier in the season. It was more than obvious after st johnstone scored. That was down to the manager not having a clue.
  7. There has been a whole cavalcade of dimwits its hard to remember the order of them.
  8. I can see why many dislike him but I like the cut of his jib. Has something to say and doesn't give two ####s what people think about it. More people should be like him and then something might get done. Instead you have complete soft cocks who start greeting whenever someone upsets their pathetically weak sensibilities.
  9. She got telt for sure. It was a completely stupid line of attack.
  10. I think Dugdale is heading for a mental breakdown. She is completely out her depth.
  11. Gravity won't be kind to her in a few years time.
  12. Celtic going unbeaten for so long is quite an achievement but you have to put it into context of who their opposition are. I'll bet they weren't pushed in half a dozen games all season and strolled through most. Not their fault but it is what it is.
  13. 17 for me, although a few were lucky guesses. Some brought back memories from old pictures too.
  14. how can you find out if you are not good enough to play for a foreign team until you go and try when you get the chance?