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  1. I don't know. Is there much evidence that Aberdeen would've brought much more to Edinburgh other than what the Aberdeen fans are saying? Tynecastle would've been just about sold out anyway with the crowd that went to Hampden, and the last semi final you had in Edinburgh against St. Johnstone was a 3pm kick off and wasn't live on the telly. There might have been more at Easter Road, there might not have been. There would certainly have been less Morton fans though. Morton did what they felt was best for them by demanding it was played at Hampden, it was up to the SPFL to decide otherwise.
  2. Perhaps so, but there was no way of estimating Morton's support, as there wasn't a similar fixture to use as a precedent, although it would undoubtedly have been smaller at Easter Road or Tynecastle. Then you also run the risk of turning it into a glorified Aberdeen home game. About 16,000 seems about right for a game between Morton and Aberdeen at a neutral venue, and is actually more than in the 1979 semi final when both teams were enjoying much more successful eras. But if there was a chance of a higher gate, we were correct in taking that risk, speculate to accumulate and all that. And it's the SPFL paying the rent, not us. It probably didn't pay off, but that's life. I don't dispute that it's probably a pretty selfish approach, but I'm interested in what's best for Morton, not Aberdeen.
  3. I don't recall Morton publicly saying anything about how many tickets they could sell, but we did exactly the correct thing in the interests of our club by insisting the game was at Hampden. The club's £2 million in debt to Rae's company, has been losing £300-400k a year for God know's how long and never get to the latter stages of cup competitions. Why would they allow even the possibility of not cashing in as much as possible when the chance arises? I can understand why the Aberdeen fans weren't happy but we had to look after our own interests first and foremost by demanding it was at the bigger venue in case there was a risk of it selling out somewhere smaller. It's then up to the SPFL to decide if those demands are merited, but as a Morton fan, I'm more concerned about the money we owe our parent company than I am about how a lot of empty seats look like at a game which most neutrals will have forgotten about in a fortnight anyway.
  4. Swapping the hapless Andy Barrowman for Ross Forbes with Dunfermline in the January window; Coming back from 0-1 down against Ayr in injury time to beat them 2-1, the afore mentioned Forbes scoring the winner; Going to Dunfermline and completing a clean sweep over them with a 4-0 rout the following week; Another late comeback, this time from 0-2 down with 12 minutes to go and 1-2 down with 3 minutes to go to beat Stenhousemuir; The Declan McManus show in the penultimate game of the season at Stranraer when only a win would do; Winning La Decima the following week; Handing it to Motherwell in the League Cup and watching their fans lose the plot; Alex Samuel's last minute equaliser at St. Mirren; Taking the lead at Ibrox and becoming the only team so far to take any points from that bin; McManus re-signing on Hogmanny. One of the better years to support Morton, especially after the absolute disaster that 2014 was- hopefully 2016 starts with smashing the derby hoodoo.
  5. It's not. Peterhead's Balmoor is 32 miles from the nearest station (Aberdeen) whilst Forfar is 14 miles from Dundee station.
  6. Declan McManus last season. Top scorer, player's player of the year and a league winner's medal. Paul McGowan did well in 2006-07 too but blotted his copybook by signing for St. Mirren amongst other more high profile crimes.