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  1. When I lived in Dundee in the early 80's our landlady and her cleaner went to see some old wifie who had "the gift". They'd had no prior contact other than arranging the appointment but as soon as they were in the door she said to them, "Your boyfriend's a painter and decorator and so's yours." Completely true. She then told the landlady she had a brother in Australia and then added, "But he's not your real brother cos you're adopted." None of us that lived in the flats even knew that and we were all pretty good pals with her. The other weird one was, "You'll be separated in November from a small black animal that'll misbehave." She was getting married in November and not taking her wee black dug Kada on the honeymoon. Kada used to hate it when her mistress left her behind and always acted up. There's some charlatans out there no doubt but I well remember those two telling me the above. Seriously weird stuff.
  2. No problem. There's a good up-and-coming manager at St Mirren. That's worked out not too bad for you lot before.
  3. Tempted to draw a Jack Harper comparison here... I think he'd have more chance of first team action up here though. Mind you it's not as if Celtic need defenders.
  4. A central defender! Let's hope this one makes it. Not sure he wouldn't have been better staying where he was though as Rodgers does seem willing to give youngsters a chance. Fingers crossed.
  5. If it's true I bet Andy Robertson has contacted Ryan Gauld about Sporting Lisbon!
  6. Ok, dropping out of form or non-playing players I get. In fact it's long overdue. However, not picking in-form ones like Shinnie and ESPECIALLY Callum McGregor is utterly beyond me, especially when a never-in-form teammate of McGregor is in there. A total disgrace that a bang in form player from the team that's light years ahead of the rest of the country isn't included, even just to give him the experience. Truly baffling.
  7. Well my mrs is American and I have to say she doesn't really give a fk what the thing in the loft is called!
  8. I've had mice before - twice. I sort of expect that considering where we live. You hear scratching in the attic, put poison down, noises stop, job done. You never even see the wee furry bastirts - they just crawl away somewhere and die. However, my mrs woke me the other night cos there was this almighty racket in the attic. I keep a tub of poison up there so went up to put some out only to find it lying on its side with a big feck off hole in the lid and the contents scattered over the insulation. I suppose the good news is that it's obviously gorged itself silly on the poison but the bad news is that things are way different from when we had mice - no droppings lying about randomly like you'd expect. Also, the mice waited for you to poison them whereas this thing has gone searching for the stuff itself. This makes me think I've got something much worse than mice. Anyone experienced this? There's no evidence at all of anything in the house living area. When we had mice before it was in the winter so I'm amazed something's came in during the warmer weather. Is it likely to be a rogue or some female looking to have a wee litter of ratlets? I'm not really sure what to do - give it a few days since it's obviously eaten poison or get pest control in? (Getting a cat is not an option. My mrs is allergic and I fkin hate the things.)
  9. Sorry, but the Methil Magyars were nearly 60 years ahead of you when winning that trophy in season 47/48. Also the first team to win the League Cup 3 times and are therefore Fife's Finest as far as major trophies go.
  10. Woke my Mrs up PMSL at that one last night. Sniggered like a 13yo with his first Sherman mag. That must've been fkin mortifying! Good one from my biz partner Debbie a year or so ago: we were finalising a website design for a client. Massive job, lots of work offline before we had to upload hundreds of files to the web server. She then levelled me with, "I can't believe the size of it and it's not even up yet!" It's great when you work for yersel and don't have an HR dept to worry about.
  11. Hampdenomium Seriously though - hope the mods have got a grip of these 2.
  12. After recent threads moaning about the state of the TAMB I thought I'd post this. Might die a death but here goes anyway. Best I've heard: Probably a clerical lassie way back telling everyone in the office that she'd never seen a 3 1/2 inch floppy before but had used plenty 5 1/4 inch ones! Can remember us all turning purple trying not to p1ss ourselves. Might be lost on TAMBers who haven't reached a certain vintage of course. I used to have this gorgeous sexy blonde babe of a dentist as well who once asked me, "Is it stiffening up yet?" after she gave me a jag for a filling. Often wondered if she did that to all the guys that were in for fillings or if she was just so professional that it wouldn't even register. Worst I've blurted out: Back in my electronic design engineer days one of the maintainability engineers came to inspect the unit I was working on. Quite unusual at that time to have a lassie in that role. Really fancied her as well which made what followed even worse. She'd forgotten her ruler and asked if anyone had one she could borrow. Heard this voice horribly like mine say, "I've got a 12-inch one!" Ran like fk oot the lab and only went back about an hour later once my face had died down. As p1ss-taking was a way of life in the place it really p1ssed me off that I'd just given everyone about 6 months of material. Never got to forget that one either. Prediction: a couple of replies before it descends into Celtic v Aberdeen v Rangers with some "You're a feckin loonie, Scotty" thrown in.
  13. Maybe, but then we'll find it a damned lot easier removing a Government that's acting against the people of Scotland's interests than we do at present.
  14. You sure they didn't switch channels? Best player on the park by the length and breadth of Hampden.
  15. Or Fraser/Burke for Forrest with either as a sub option to run at a tiring defence. Still waiting for Forrest drifting IN to a game though. He's had far too many chances IMO.