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  1. Factually true but probably not what the guy meant. This was a branch of maths I absolutely hated but I'm thinking the probability of the outcome that happened was: 4/8 x 4/7 x 3/6 x 3/5 x 2/4 x 2/3 x 1/2 = 0.0143, i.e. next to feck all and this is the exact one you're trying to predict. Could be wrong here as I'm very rusty with stats and probability.
  2. That's absolute fkin genius! They say only 7 steps separate you from everyone else on the planet and we're already up at 5 in the above which I still can't work out for the life of me. FFS I'M more closely connected to the FM than this guy!
  3. Where I used to work there was a complete ringpiece of a supervisor, a good software engineer but just one of these guys who shouldn't be near other people never mind placed in charge of them. He'd start every sentence, and I mean EVERY fkin sentence with "Ummmmmmm..." He'd appear at your desk like the background noise from a fridge. Even worse was the fact he'd never simply use the word "the". It was always "theeaaaaa..." or "theeummm..." On a really hellish day you'd get the 3 of them together - "Ummmm, theeaaaaaaa, theeummmm report for the project is due..." Used to drive into work wondering if that'd be the day I finally levelled the tw*t.
  4. That reminds me of another abduction type one. Set in Alaska or Canada I think and supposedly based on a true story. Can't remember the name but do remember Googling the main character in a frantic attempt to convince myself none of it happened for real! I think the aliens took some bones out her back and she was in a wheelchair at the end. Scary as fck.
  5. No matter who he picks for the Canada game you can be sure he'll insist we need the "tried and tested", i.e. the proven failures, for Slovenia.
  6. Crossing over from the 2017 thread, what's the scariest film? Seen Event Horizon mentioned there but I didn't think it was all that bad. Now Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female... That was fkin scary! Gave me the right creeps. However, by far the worst was The Ring. Never seen it all mind you. Lasted about 20 minutes before thinking "fk this for a laugh!"
  7. I think a great player OF any era would most likely be a great player IN any era. For example the cash swilling around nowadays would likely be enough of a motivator to get anyone off the fags and get their fitness levels up. Billy Bremner smoked as well and not many would say he wouldn't make it as a player in today's game. Even if Robbo was lacking pace to play on the wing in the modern game he could've fitted in anywhere else. Clough would likely be a different case. I doubt if any of the spoilt pansies nowadays would put up with the way he treated some players. I'm sure he decked Roy Keane at the end of one game. He'd likely spend most of his time in front of employment tribunals! Showing my age a bit but I remember John Robertson was actually picked for an England squad before he was called up by us! Nobody bothered to check, they just assumed.
  8. I remember he was absolutely rank fkin awful in his debut v N Ireland in 78. What a player he became though. Set up the winner for Forest in 79 with his left peg and scored the winner in 80 with his right. He'd be worth gazillions at today's prices.
  9. McLaren was a massive loss. I often wondered how Euro 96 would've turned out for us if he'd been available. Broon tended to overdo it with his man-marking skills all the same, having him shadow Litmanen when we played Finland. Finland FFS!
  10. A brother was born along with them so the 2 of them and him are triplets?
  11. Absolutely. One of the best performances I've ever seen by a Scotsman was McInally for Dundee Utd v Barcelona in the UEFA Cup. Bowman did very well in the Scotland matches I saw him play in. Nothing spectacular, just solid, reliable midfield play - win the ball, give it to a teammate, be available.
  12. Oh well... who needs invaluable international experience for their youngsters anyway... Looks like we had a bunch of diddies in charge then as well!
  13. Except for the goalie I'd take every one of that team for our side now. I was no great fan of Brian Irvine but he's light years ahead of the 'kin haddies we've got now. Interesting wee pub quiz question: looking at the line-up, what's quite unusual? When was the last time we fielded a team of 11 "Anglos"? I think the first time was against East Germany sometime in the 70's. No idea if it's happened since.
  14. Anyone know why we stopped going? Did they just stop inviting us? I remember the team getting lots of praise one year, compared to Brazil in fact. I also remember them getting leathered 5-0 by the USA!
  15. Maybe this could be the long-awaited replacement for doh-a-deer? Next time Strachan does something incomprehensibly daft like have James Forrest on the park the fans could give it: Oh no, no no Gordo No no Gordo You're a FKIN DIMWIT... Assuming there'll be enough to form a choir of course.