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  1. It should've worked. A guy with a World Cup winners medal going into a dressing-room full of eager youngsters - "Right, here's what I've won, now let's see what you've got." Instant respect in theory. However, I seem to remember serious disciplinary problems - curfew breaking, that sort of thing. Maybe just our psyche? Feck knows how we change it though.
  2. He didn't, he was an absolute muppet. The equivalent of Vogts at U21 level. Actually our worst ever according to http://www.fitbastats.com/scotlandu21/manager_records_filtered.php. I remember us going something like 14 games without a win under him. Couldn't wait to see the back of him.
  3. Martin over one of these dummies used in training when practising free kicks would be phukin ridiculous.
  4. Celtic will win the league by at least 15 points though. That's the scariest thing. FFS Scottish fitba's rank kin awful right now.
  5. They're not too noticeable at this time because they're out there looking for protein and chomping up caterpillars and other garden pests. Later on they'll be after sugar which is when they become a pain in the arse, especially when they home in on my strawberry patch. Anyone wondering where the bees are - well they're probably on my raspberry canes. Tons of them. Got a wild hive under a big boulder at the top of the garden. Lazy wee sods don't even have to fly far.
  6. Poland 0-0 Portugal, no shots on target, everyone falls asleep and misses Portugal going through on penalties Wales 0-3 Belgium France 2-1 Iceland Germany 0-2 Italy SEMIS France 0-1 Italy Belgium 2-0 Portugal FINAL Italy 2-0 Belgium, can't see past Italy for the tournament. They've been brilliant and great to watch which you can't always say about them.
  7. I need to raise an action against a household. Having gone to the land registry I see from the title deeds that the property is jointly owned by an unmarried couple. The claim form doesn't appear to allow for putting more than one name on it and I'm worried that the court might be over-fussy and throw it out for being filled in incorrectly if I put both in. Supposing I submit it with both names, what's the story for when the claim is upheld (as it 100% will be), i.e. do they both get a judgment against their names or what? Does the court apportion the sum due equally to them? To complicate things a bit I don't think they live together any more! All a bit messy and unfortunate but has to be done. Meant to add - can you claim all the fees - court, sheriff officers - at the same time or would they get awarded later?
  8. I absolutely fkin hate it. Get a critical error message when I click on the Start button. Windows offers to fix it next time I logon but doesn't. Going on to their forums shows thousands of folk with the same issue but for some reason the useless feckers can't fix it. VERY occasionally I get access to the Start button but it invariably disappears again next time. I've had to make shortcuts of all my apps and stick them on the desktop which I was trying to keep tidy. Best avoided IMO until you've no choice unless you're running 8 which is even worse. Got a backup machine that still runs 7 with not the slightest issue. Windows wants to upgrade it as well. Not a fkin chance.
  9. Cheers. Will check it out.
  10. Me and the missus got hooked on this Walking Dead show quite recently. We're into Season 3 after some intensive watching. Got to say I absolutely p*ss myself laughing at the zombies. Question: noticed something on the telly about this other show Fear The Walking Dead. What's the story with it? Can it be watched with the main one concurrently without spoiling things or should you watch it after a particular season to fill you in on details or what?
  11. And when we did finally get such a player he turned out to be a fkin ringpiece.
  12. Ray Stephen?
  13. My mrs does haggis fajitas. Chop up onions, chillis, and peppers and cook them with the haggis. Add some hot sauce as well if you want and serve them in warmed-up tortilla wraps. Absolutely magic.
  14. Hang on until page 63 when the guy itoldallthelies makes an appearance with a lengthy post. Doesn't explain everything but gives a few insights. Read the whole thing yesterday as once I'd started... Truly fascinating and weird/ingenious. The Hibby jumping out of the plane was the best bit. That could've ended sooo badly! http://taboard.com/archive/index.php?showtopic=56912&page=63