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  1. I got a leaflet about this place through the door this morning - http://www.soccerstartsfootballacademy.co.uk/. Looks quite interesting and at least shows that somebody, somewhere cares enough to try to do something. I don't know how it compares with what the SFA are doing at these age levels (assuming they do something and aren't just having another series of think tanks about it). Then again if you're just going to end up handing these players to Alex Rae when they're old enough then WTF's the point? What an utterly depressing time to be a Scotland fan.
  2. No cos Strachan will be gone long before then. He'll be gone on Nov 12th IMO.
  3. Someone who can tell the players that it's not the best idea to leave strikers standing in the box with nobody near them would be a good start. Maybe the new man can also relay the message to our captain that he doesn't have to stand and watch a player in light years of space right in front of goal, but that he can do something radical like track back and cover, maybe even put a challenge in.
  4. In putting that cracking pass through to set up Griffiths, McGinn contributed more creatively than both Fletchers, Bannan, Snodgrass and Ritchie combined.
  5. What in the name of fck was Darren Fletcher doing at that 2nd goal??? Fck me what a fkin disgraceful shambles.
  6. Correct. They've got their cash cow that replaces the money they're not getting via qualification for tournaments. £37 to get that fkin swill served up to us last night?
  7. Given us a bit more mobility up front, made runs to create space, that sort of thing. Forgot to add one of those dummies they use in the wall for practising free kicks to the list. He wasn't the only failure last night though, not by a long way. The sad fact is we're fkin rank. The rest of the world haven't overtaken us - they've gone whizzing past in the fast lane while we've been broken down on the hard shoulder. So fkin depressing.
  8. Either that or he's got some pretty interesting photos. In the pecking order he should be behind: Fletcher Griffiths McCormack Rhodes Empty Space The worst I've seen, ever.
  9. That was because of the realisation that we were about to suffer one of the most humiliating results in our history and suddenly started looking like we actually gave a fk.
  10. Chris Martin was outstanding??? Aye - out standing around on the park. He certainly wasn't running about on it. The guy is utterly fkin turgid. He wasn't the worst tonight though. That was Ritchie - about as slow as a week in the jail. A truly fkin disgraceful performance. £37 for a ticket to watch that p1sh?
  11. It should've worked. A guy with a World Cup winners medal going into a dressing-room full of eager youngsters - "Right, here's what I've won, now let's see what you've got." Instant respect in theory. However, I seem to remember serious disciplinary problems - curfew breaking, that sort of thing. Maybe just our psyche? Feck knows how we change it though.
  12. He didn't, he was an absolute muppet. The equivalent of Vogts at U21 level. Actually our worst ever according to http://www.fitbastats.com/scotlandu21/manager_records_filtered.php. I remember us going something like 14 games without a win under him. Couldn't wait to see the back of him.
  13. Martin over one of these dummies used in training when practising free kicks would be phukin ridiculous.
  14. Celtic will win the league by at least 15 points though. That's the scariest thing. FFS Scottish fitba's rank kin awful right now.
  15. They're not too noticeable at this time because they're out there looking for protein and chomping up caterpillars and other garden pests. Later on they'll be after sugar which is when they become a pain in the arse, especially when they home in on my strawberry patch. Anyone wondering where the bees are - well they're probably on my raspberry canes. Tons of them. Got a wild hive under a big boulder at the top of the garden. Lazy wee sods don't even have to fly far.