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  1. At 8:45 last night it was quite pleasant. The pitch is going to be rock hard and bumpy but they should have trained on it by now. Close game but we should edge it
  2. Can you not just do a screen grab?
  3. Do like it, was across the road at 8848 last night. Was good, becoming a favourite. Josephines is still very much open. BYOB too so the boy in the shop next door does a roaring trade. Good selection of beers too.
  4. Someone will be organising a hovercraft
  5. Paid, cheers for the update.
  6. Bosphorus cruise will take a day. The mosques, the spice market, the bazaar, the cisterns? Which opposite the hadj Sofia. You'll struggle to see all you want. Enjoy.
  7. Paul Can I have 2 seats please. Cheers
  8. Was this a faller last year? Sure I backed it.
  9. Back up now as the dollar is taking a beating
  10. Gordon was stuck between a rock and a hard place as the wind was really swirling. If he'd came it could have landed on the penalty and he'd have been in no mans land anyway.
  11. There's an official taxi office in the airport after customs.
  12. Saves a lot of time rather than flying south and re-tracing your route too. Will be using it for both Iceland and the US
  13. Good, less grief off the Mrs for not being home for half five.
  14. Are we talking another hour yet?