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  1. Weather

    3 under the waterproof. It's more which waterproof that's the concern Might pack 2
  2. Weather

    Waterproofs being packed 😞
  3. French air traffic controllers

    Excellent news!
  4. French air traffic controllers

    Guessing all the emails will start coming out tonight. By that time the Eurostar prices will be sky high.
  5. 2 Spare Tickets

  6. 2 Spare Tickets

    I'll take them cheers 2 of our 4 haven't got any
  7. Vienna Sunday Night?

    Someone will be organising a hovercraft
  8. Paid, cheers for the update.
  9. French air traffic controllers

    Lufthansa flights as a side bet are £320
  10. Istanbul

    Bosphorus cruise will take a day. The mosques, the spice market, the bazaar, the cisterns? Which opposite the hadj Sofia. You'll struggle to see all you want. Enjoy.
  11. Sliema To Stadium Return

    Paul Can I have 2 seats please. Cheers
  12. Paris Friday night

    I've been a few times when over with work. Last time there was even a book launch on the go
  13. Paris Friday night

    That's the one Kev. Tbf it's only 5 stops on the metro.
  14. grand national

    Was this a faller last year? Sure I backed it.
  15. Paris Friday night

    We're staying near Nord to. Probably Hideout for a few beers if we can't be bothered heading down to the Scottish Pub whose name escapes me. Depends on Andy at the tennis I suppose as it's semi-final day.