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  1. Definitely worth trips both Mostar and Montenegro. Superb scenery. A photo of the view down from the windy road above Kotor is still my wallpaper on my computer at work (pic too big in size to post though)
  2. Stay in Mestre, cheaper and closer to the airport. You'll be able to get the train from there in the morning too.
  3. Fine. Normal 4 star business hotel. Walking distance (10 mins) to the river, the goulash at breakfast was particularly good. Was a small boozer up an alley just round the corner so drank there as it was cheaper. Never went to the casino.
  4. A lot of the offices shut early and they all go down as a group for a bit of team building. It's all very sociable. 30 secs walk from the triple bridges.
  5. I know a lot have been before but as I'm just back from another trip (9th visit) I thought I'd leave some tips before I forget. Flew with Air France. CDG is always a pain but at least the timings are good. 35 euro between 4 for a pre-booked taxi from the airport to Ljubljana. You can get shuttle buses for ~7.50. Car takes about half an hour. Stayed at Hotel Cubo as it was the wife's 40th probably a bit expensive for a football trip but still nice and very central. There's plenty Hostels around the city center. Also stayed in the Lev and the Union before and they were fine. On a Friday all the local restaurants put up a stall and cook their food in front of you: Friday Food Market It's brilliant. Loads of great food, craft beer stall, normal beer stalls, gin, wine stalls. I had cevipici (sp?) from the Balkan grill wife had a Zimbabwean curry. The Thai Pub (5 mins walk from Hotel Cubo) stall was probably the busiest but there was probably too much to choose from. Zmauc further along the same road is maybe worth a visit if you're fancying a roll up at the same time as a pint. Ate at Julija's a couple of times as it's a favourite. It was actually due to a recommendation from Bruce on here when we went the first time about 8 years ago. Pops Burgers was also great. The owner was also very clued up on Scotland. There was a pub hidden inside/behind the Geonavtik shop on the corner of Kongresni Trg where the Stigl lager was 2 euro for half a litre. Also sold Honey Dew which is a favourite of mine. Generally pints were between 2.50 & 3.20. Day trips to Lake Bled are easy enough. Take the bus as the train only goes to Lesce Bled which is a taxi ride away and no quicker. Bus is 12 euro return leaves every hour from Stance 5 and takes 1hr & 15 mins. They do combined tickets for the church & castle. We did it separately and the costs were 12 euro-bus, 11 euro motor launch to the island, castle entry is 10 euro or free if you have a reservation at the restaurant . It was excellent, I had the Schnitzel. It is walkable to the castle with the bonus of the George Best Bar being on the way. We took a taxi between 4 which was 13 euro. Probably a bit much but it's a steep hill. Walked back and stopped in the pub. Return buses to Ljubljana are every hour on the half hour but the 3:30pm is a different company I think so you can't use your return ticket. Buy singles if that's the time you want to come back. Plenty other pubs and restaurants about the place too as you'd expect. If you want to stay we've stayed at Pension Berc before which was cheap and only a short walk from the Lakeside. Loads of Hostels too. If I remember anything else I'll put it up. Any questions please ask and I'll try and answer.
  6. Taken the train from Venice (Mestre) and it was brand new but slow. At least 5 hours. We're booked Aberdeen-Zagreb via Schiphol on the way out Paris on the way back. Was £200 cheaper and better times than to Ljubljana.
  7. Thanks big man. Bit chilly on the top deck. Best Monday ever. Still an hour to go too Bratislava:) viva Scotland.
  8. Two envelopes just arrived due to two orders. £15 in special delivery fees
  9. At 8:45 last night it was quite pleasant. The pitch is going to be rock hard and bumpy but they should have trained on it by now. Close game but we should edge it
  10. Can you not just do a screen grab?
  11. Do like it, was across the road at 8848 last night. Was good, becoming a favourite. Josephines is still very much open. BYOB too so the boy in the shop next door does a roaring trade. Good selection of beers too.
  12. Someone will be organising a hovercraft
  13. Paid, cheers for the update.
  14. Bosphorus cruise will take a day. The mosques, the spice market, the bazaar, the cisterns? Which opposite the hadj Sofia. You'll struggle to see all you want. Enjoy.
  15. Paul Can I have 2 seats please. Cheers