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  1. When I was an apprentice spark we got our tools provided to us albeit they weren't the best. For mechanic tools such as socket set, spanners etc. The Halfords Professional range gear is great quality with a lifetime (I think) guarantee and are a good but cheaper than Snap On.
  2. Shares have dropped from £16 at my place to half that in 6 months. Still got a couple of hundred shares left. Trying to stay brave and not flinch!
  3. Played some of the best movie villians of all time! RIP
  4. My first thought when I left the pictures was "I wonder how much Mark Hamilton got paid?".
  5. Why don't the empire ever provide any safety/hand rails in their facilities?
  6. That'll be why he sold out 16 nights at the Hydro then?
  7. Jungle strike was the best of that series, mind the last mission where you had to stop VW Camper vans from ramming the Whitehouse
  8. I honestly detest that statement and pity the people who believe in it. They need to read 1984.
  9. Complicated situation and terribly sad that this happened at all never mind school, and don't won't to lob in the hand grenade, but doubt a peep would be made of it though if the bullied victim committed suicide rather than lashed out. Bullying can put people in a dark place and act irrationally.
  10. Terribly sad, imagining your child going to school and this happening. Should hold judgement though until we know the full story. Likelihood is th suspect did brmy the weapon, but we don't know that for certain yet.
  11. Chase, pointless is too slow and when Armstrong reads out the answers on the board and there are blanks and then repeats them... does my head in!
  12. The guy on the now is like a Harry Enfield sketch character.
  13. According to Tim, by closing corporate tax loopholes, you are increasing the tax on corporations?
  14. The walloper on the now is shaking with anger... Brit Nat extremist!