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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Not taking sides, but the Stephen Lawrence murder was heavily publicised due to race.
  2. To become an Electrician, you require an NC, so am sure the Degree will cover that! You also need the Vocational side, which would likely be an Adult Apprenticeship as there is a work/log book you have to work through and cover certain criteria. My 1st year was full time at college and then remaining two were at my employer's site. Doubt you would be able to become qualified in spare time / part time.
  3. Cavendish taking out the competition - nasty! Commentators keep on saying it was accidental? Might have been, but he definitely knew the Korean lad was there.
  4. Those who voted no in the Independence Referendum due to the economic reasons have just had their fears realised.
  5. Does anyone remember a similar thing to this around 10 years ago in Sweden when they were having a Referendum with regards to adopting the Euro, where Anna Lindh - a politician, was stabbed to death? Still voted to keep the Krona though.
  6. Would this not allow people to gauge people's salaries? Don't know if I'd be happy with people knowing how much I earn, though it would solve the greater issue if tax avoidance.
  7. Dougray Scott in Mission Impossible 2.
  8. Wonder how long it will be before some civil servant steps in and calls it "Queen Elizabeth" just like everything else.
  9. Makes sense now with the name and all that ... was hoping someone would dive in and help me!
  10. Slovakia in October per chance?
  11. I have a Ford Focus EcoBoost. Love it. 1 litre Turbo, surprisingly quick, £30 a year road tax, 42mpg and comes with all the Bluetooth gubbins. Only thing I'd say is this passenger footwell space is limited for myself when a child seat is fitted behind.... but I am 6ft6, wife is okay though.
  12. When I was an apprentice spark we got our tools provided to us albeit they weren't the best. For mechanic tools such as socket set, spanners etc. The Halfords Professional range gear is great quality with a lifetime (I think) guarantee and are a good but cheaper than Snap On.
  13. Shares have dropped from £16 at my place to half that in 6 months. Still got a couple of hundred shares left. Trying to stay brave and not flinch!
  14. Played some of the best movie villians of all time! RIP