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  1. I'd presume if it's a used car under 3 years old, it would come with warranty until it reaches 3 years?
  2. The first half of IT was terrifying. I remember being about nine or ten, just finished watching it when the MCB downstairs light tripped out. Whilst my Old man was trying to reset the breaker my brother and his mate were at the front and back of the house banging the windows chanting "ITs at the window, IT's at the window. Still scarred to this day.
  3. Brace yourself for a woman coming forward with "Trump paid me to have an abortion in the 90s"... you heard it here first!
  4. That montage is a wee bit inaccurate, as well as several DJs on the radio .... Lemmy died in 2015!
  5. They should just do away with Glasgow and Edinburgh airports and build a truly modern international hub at Stirling with Rail Links to both cities and stop them holding eachother back. Hindsight and all that😐
  6. Possibly includes children, EU nationals and people who didn't bother to register on the voters roll?
  7. Ha, you can already see Regan thinking..... Limited Poppy Edition Scotland Shirts.
  8. Agreed, the service certainly has got worse since Abelio took over. The amount of times, trains are cancelled or skip stops due to backlog is ridiculous and sending a 3 carriage train for the rush hour Queen Street to Balloch is terrible. I do have a certain amount of sympathy for Network Rail / Scotrail as they get punished for things out of their hands ie. train delays due to tresspassers on the line. As one of my colleagues says "You can't legislate for idiots".
  9. Not taking sides, but the Stephen Lawrence murder was heavily publicised due to race.
  10. To become an Electrician, you require an NC, so am sure the Degree will cover that! You also need the Vocational side, which would likely be an Adult Apprenticeship as there is a work/log book you have to work through and cover certain criteria. My 1st year was full time at college and then remaining two were at my employer's site. Doubt you would be able to become qualified in spare time / part time.
  11. Cavendish taking out the competition - nasty! Commentators keep on saying it was accidental? Might have been, but he definitely knew the Korean lad was there.
  12. Those who voted no in the Independence Referendum due to the economic reasons have just had their fears realised.
  13. Does anyone remember a similar thing to this around 10 years ago in Sweden when they were having a Referendum with regards to adopting the Euro, where Anna Lindh - a politician, was stabbed to death? Still voted to keep the Krona though.
  14. Would this not allow people to gauge people's salaries? Don't know if I'd be happy with people knowing how much I earn, though it would solve the greater issue if tax avoidance.
  15. Dougray Scott in Mission Impossible 2.