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  1. Neither did I, couldn't believe he was kept on after the last campaign
  2. Yeah I was at east end for that semi, saints were more than a little unlucky that day.
  3. Yeah she has waived her interest so far putting it down as her personal contribution of £300k toward the new stand.
  4. think the minimum is a tenner and the average is around £16
  5. Maybe on the second point I would agree with, the amount of 6 month contracts being handed out has not helped. Without the Foundation of Hearts my club would not be here, Ann Budge stumped up the £2.5million and the 8000 pledgers through the foundation will take over the ownership of the club within the agreed timescales. Due to the amount of pledgers which donate over £1.5million a year and the increases in attendances in the three years since she took charge we are in a positon to build a new stand as well so it has proved to be very successful.
  6. Walker is not consistent enough to be in the Scotland squad. Flap Jack isn't good enough to be in the hearts team never mind in the Scotland squad The only Hearts player who deserves to be in the squad is currently out injured.
  7. Shambles from Hearts, outfought all over the pitch, lucky it wasn't more Ah well roll on next season
  8. We stayed in Corralejo a few years ago and it was good, water park was decent and the oasis park is worth a visit.
  9. yeah that would be about right He was also manager of Errol Rovers around that time with Ian Redfords dad. In the team were Ian and Gavin Redford, Ray Stewart and a few others who ended up playing for Arbroath, Montrose and the like. Unfortunately the pub burned down around 10 years ago and nothing has been done with it.
  10. I would be a PHM if the ticket office could add up, missed off my 30 points for shares which left me just short of the 120 points needed. You get 20 points a season for being a ST holder, 10 points a season for being a shareholder, 1 points for a home game and 2-6 points for away games depending on the distance. They don't sell tickets and allocate points for all away games though so despite having gone to McDiarmid twice, Dens, Dingwall and Hamilton this season i have yet to register a point for an away game. The problem with the Hearts points system is that it only really comes into play for Cup Finals and games at Easter Road and as they manually add the points on they don't always get it right either no i didn't
  11. Tommy Gemmell ran the Commercial Hotel in my village in the 80's http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/tommy-gemmell-reduced-scotland-boss-3542138
  12. Another Jamie Walker penalty miss, time for someone else to take them. And as for Jack Hamilton, how he gets in the Scotland squad is beyond me!!! An accident waiting to happen. We really need a new keeper in the summer.
  13. Hearts have fecked up my loyalty points so i can't get a ticket and now cant even watch it on TV ST holder, shareholder, go to Hamilton away on a baltic Monday night and up to Dingwall in December. If anyone has a spare for the Hearts end i would gladly take it off your hands
  14. yeah no problem, done it with my kids loads of times taking hat and gloves as well as snacks and capri suns, they might look inside for bottles/cans at the turnstyle