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  1. That doesn't surprise me
  2. Having watched him all season i am amazed at his inclusion, there must be better options than FlapJack
  3. would be a massive upgrade on FlapJack anyway, would be delighted to get him.
  4. Where did you read that? Have heard a few rumours
  5. Berra signs a 3 year deal at Hearts
  6. going to Cardiff apparently
  7. And is coming to Hearts apparently
  8. stop fecking following me poll of over 1000 on JKB says otherwise. if you look at the team its Neilson and Leveins signings that are the brutal ones, cathro will, and rightly so, be given more time. bet your pals are the ones that hate Budge as well and probably paid for the plane to try and get rid of Neilson
  9. STFU you and stick to rounders
  10. its not even funny anymore losing 4 times in Perth this season. Our record since we won in the cup in 2012 there is 3 draws and 6 loses
  11. Jury is still out on him, the majority of Hearts fans want him to stay or at least give him the start of next season to turn it around. Hearts have been awful for around 18 months now, need a good clearout in the summer.
  12. I see Rangers are after Tziolis If you want to take Hamilton, Noring, Oshaniwa, Djoum, Sammon, Nowak, Kitchen, Buaben, Sammon, Johnsen and Martin as well that would be great
  13. and if Hamilton keeps chucking them in
  14. yeah its on sale
  15. that's what I said about a marathon so West Highland Way next year John?