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  1. The first bid was less than the development fee we would get for him if he leaves when his contact is up at the end of the season apparently the second bid is £700k
  2. around the £500-£700 mark?
  3. Any dates for the season ticket holders getting to purchase more and a general sale?
  4. Must have been last summer, she brought he medals along to the Gorgie kids club at the start of last season and had a chat with my wee one for a bit about being from Perthshire
  5. She has left the Grammar now, sure she lives down south
  6. it was a 6 figure sum rejected. They can only have him for a 6 figure sum if they take Juanma, Buaben and OMGoshinwa as well
  7. first time in 30 odd away game i have been selected for pick up other than the times in Ukraine, Moldova and Ireland where everyone had to pick up. Spoke to the SSC today and likely to be a pick up on matchday in St Julians and at the stadium but still to be confirmed with the venue.
  8. The SSC will probably put them on sale on the 11th October
  9. i remember the Conga and laughing at the Pieman's lack of knowledge of the Rules. Bruno deserved to go, he got booked early on and was a matter of time before he picked up a second. There wasn't much in the David Weir one, i seem to remember Durie making a meal of it, the Pointon and Ritchie ones were a bit ridiculous but the game was well and truly over by then. I seem to remember Rangers taking their foot well and truly off the gas given the farce it had descended into, well except McCoist who was getting frustrated at the rest of his team fannying around against 7 players and he duly scored a goal late on
  10. yeah that was Neil Pointon OFF HIS NUT; Jambos walk as ref Evans loses it. Bungling ref Gerry Evans lost the plot as he sent off FOUR Hearts players at Ibrox yesterday. Gorgie stars Pasquale Bruno, Davie Weir, Neil Pointon and Paul Ritchie were dismissed in a crazy 20-minute spell. Gers strolled to a 3-0 win but the result was overshadowed by Evans and his assistant ref Graeme Allison who was responsible for the red cards of Pointon and Ritchie after they used foul and abusive language towards him. And now the game is certain to be probed by the SFA with Hearts set to receive a HAMMERING. But that would be unfair and it's Evans and Allison who should be hauled before the beaks where demotion back to the amateur ranks would be too good for them. I feel only Weir's red cardwas merited. He seemed to elbow Gordon Durie off the ball. As for the other three, well they were baffling and harsh. If just one more Hearts player had been red carded the game would have had to be abandoned under FIFA rules as a team can't play on with less than seven players. Hearts officials refused to comment after the game but I understand chairman Chris Robinson asked manager Jim Jefferies to take his players OFF the park in protest. Things got way out of hand after Pointon's dismissal and Gers skipper Richard Gough appealed to Evans for a bit of common sense. But seconds later Ritchie was sent packing. Hearts will now be missing the four players in Tuesday night's live TV Coca- Cola Cup quarter-final against Celtic at Tynecastle. Assistant ref Allison is no stranger to controversy. He was responsible for Rangers reserve coach John McGregor's five-year dug-out ban after he reported the Ibrox official for foul and abusive language during a match against Dundee in December 1993.
  11. i remember being at that game, our entire back 4 was sent off by a ref and linesman who lost the plot. all 4 were suspended for the League Cup Quarter Final against Celtic the following Wednesday which resulted in Gary Naysmith making his debut and Andy Thorn signing the day of the game from Wimbledon before being transferred a week later!!! Yet we won 1-0 after extra time. We had a players sent off in that game as well of course!!
  12. i don't usually get uppity about it, only when these fans have players like Lennon, McCulloch, Lasley, Craig, Goodwin and the like playing for their team.
  13. nothing wrong with being a bit cynical sometimes if it gets you a result at the end of the day. As AberdeenAngus mentioned we have been this way for as long as i can remember. Its nothing new, we have had 79 red cards in the last 10 seasons which is a pretty ridiculous stat.
  14. not what i am reading, people happy enough with a draw away to the side that finished second last season. there wasn't much in it yesterday, neither side did enough to win the game. i have no problem with my team being physically strong, its a mans game after all, it does my head in when they pick up bookings for dissent and kicking the ball away which is what a lot of the bookings are for. The most physically strong team i saw Hearts play was when they played Spurs at Tynecastle, seeing the Scottish boys line up against Bale, Kaboul, Huddlestone and the like was frightening. lets not forget Aberdeen were doing their fair share of sticking the boot in as well yesterday, Shinnie should have been booked before he was and Stockley somehow escaped a booking as well. Hopefully a new manager soon can sort out the shambles at Tynecastle.
  15. Just got the pick up email as well