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  1. 'Kidd..........there it is for Hearts, the trap has been broken'
  2. We were also in Thessaloniki before Macedonia, think we got the train up the day before matchday, there were a few locals who were only interested in talking to me about Karapidis who was at Hearts at the time as he was born in Thessaloniki and had played for PAOK
  3. to be fair De Vries did score two of those goals after the commentator had Valois the MOTM on 87 or 88 minutes that probably should have changed his mind though
  4. What currency do they use down there?
  5. Oi Fyssas was a European Championship winner ha ha Yeah he was a bit of a thug, he was very good for hearts and was a good experienced head for Hearts playing alongside youngsters like Naysmith and Ritchie at the time.
  6. you talking about Jean Louis Valois although he was a few years before Burley came in. I would agree with Fysass being the best I have seen playing for Hearts
  7. I suppose a lot more of the season ticket holders will take up their option of two extra tickets for this one than they did for Lithuania, 28k members of which 10k are season ticket holders. I imagine there should be some left over for a public sale
  8. I know and its really fecking annoying, especially living in the Perth area and knowing so many saints fans!!!!
  9. fancy a bet on that? you were slightly fortunate to beat us at the weekend, the saints fans after the game in the pub admitted that.
  10. If anyone wants to donate their Slovakia v Lithuania ticket to the sunshine appeals chosen charity in Slovakia please contact one of the steering group or email us at info@tasunshineappeal.co.uk and we will arrange getting these sent over ahead of the visit to the charity on match day.
  11. ok cheers, fingers crossed for a high % collection then
  12. any idea how many are on the list before they closed it? I have seen on facebook figures of both 80 and 100
  13. apparently the waiting list is now full and has been closed
  14. how does the waiting list work, is it based on points or the quicker you phone up the higher up the list you are and the more chance of a ticket when folk call off?
  15. see they have tweeted its sold out