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  1. Hibs v Hearts

    Hearts have been told that hearts TV can't broadcast the game even to international viewers as it breaks UEFA rules  what a farce 
  2. alrite bud, if you find a IP Proxy number on the internet for somewhere abroad, it basically fools the link to thinking you are abroad.  I do it so I can watch US netflix.  plenty ways to do it on the internet, I'm not that tech savvy to tell you exactly myself though!  

    1. hannibal smith

      hannibal smith

      yeah I am not that tech savvy either and the thought of listening to such and important game on the radio isn't great.

      Hopefully get my ticket on saturday

  3. Hibs v Hearts

    yeah so have Hearts TV, is there a way around it so I can watch it? still waiting to see if I get a ticket or not
  4. The ?!

    I am interested in the Wales game above and who is touting the tickets