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  1. 4034 tickets

    will we take 4K to Malta? At £9 a ticket we will certainly sell them all
  2. Till summer of 2018 😫
  3. Shambles from Hearts against what was a pretty poor team. Lots of fans calling for Neilsons head after what has been a very poor 6 months for him. Had more than enough chances to win several games but too many players trying to walk the ball into the net. If anyone wants to take Buaben and Juanma off our hands it would be much appreciated.
  4. Holiday reading to help TASA

    just ordered 5 for the bus raffles for the next campaign
  5. K.O. time

    http://www.uefa.com/worldcup/news/newsid=2267367.html Fifa set the dates and times not the FA's
  6. K.O. time

    its 20.45 local time
  7. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Barry Anderson ‏@BarryAnderson_ 59s60 seconds ago Tony Watt has passed a medical and agreed terms with Hearts. Season-long loan deal to be confirmed shortly. #HMFC #Live should be in the squad for tomorrow night now
  8. Ryan Gauld

    it is
  9. https://twitter.com/jonnot/status/755436867055673344 brilliant
  10. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    having a medical at the moment, would be a great signing for Hearts
  11. Season ticket sales

    Are you seriously trying to say that the extra 10k season tickets or so sold are mainly as a result of Rodgers being appointed manager and not that fact your old firm pals are back in the top flight ?
  12. Hearts are trying to bring Tony Watt in on Loan
  13. New kit thread 16/17

    http://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/5279 not a fan to be honest, this years tops compared with the previous two years are a dissapointment.
  14. Season tickets

    Doesn't seem to show up an option to buy on my mobile phone, just saying no home games available. Any ideas?
  15. Croatia

    I was there last Friday and it was obvious the police knew it was going to happen. There were 200-300 armed riot police who appeared in a line behind the goal 5 minutes before it happened. They were all very friendly in the fanpark before the game. I did get shown a yellow card by a steward for vaping inside the ground though, the same steward wasn't brave enough to give the 6 foot 5 Russian in front of me one for doing the same.