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  1. Hibs v Hearts

    Got my ticket sorted    row RR of the upper tier, take it that's right up the back? 
  2. asking if anyone knows anyone at Scottish Water to check water consumption on Friday night/Saturday morning at Tynecastle 
  3. Jamie Redknapp

    Yes he is  what has he done now? 
  4. Alan Stubbs

    Stubbs does like the sound of his own voice though, you know, he was the one doing all the talking last season and it didn't get him anywhere, you know, if he doesn't win anything and Hibs remain in the championship will he get next season as well? you know   
  5. Hibs v Hearts

      Hibs playing catch up with Hearts..........as usual 
  6. Hibs v Hearts

    Yeah hearts Tv said they were too and then made an announcement just before 5 saying they couldn't.  The whole situation where the champions league is spread out for maximum Tv coverage and no domestic games are allowed to be televised need looked at.     
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Fletcher starts for Marseille in the cup 
  8. Hibs v Hearts

    If hearts TV can't broadcast it due to UEFA rules then surely  Hibs TV can't either? 
  9. Denmark ticket prices

    Is it just 1 ticket per member? 
  10. Hibs v Hearts

    Hearts have been told that hearts TV can't broadcast the game even to international viewers as it breaks UEFA rules  what a farce 
  11. alrite bud, if you find a IP Proxy number on the internet for somewhere abroad, it basically fools the link to thinking you are abroad.  I do it so I can watch US netflix.  plenty ways to do it on the internet, I'm not that tech savvy to tell you exactly myself though!  

    1. hannibal smith

      hannibal smith

      yeah I am not that tech savvy either and the thought of listening to such and important game on the radio isn't great.

      Hopefully get my ticket on saturday

  12. Hibs v Hearts

    yeah so have Hearts TV, is there a way around it so I can watch it? still waiting to see if I get a ticket or not
  13. The ?!

    I am interested in the Wales game above and who is touting the tickets