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  1. Didn't we used to have our own version at fortress McDiarmid about Graeme Jones?
  2. Done this a few years ago, cracking day out. Took ages to find a boozer next to West Street and ended up at one next to the pub we had visited at bridge Street! 😂
  3. I'll be there. Scotland top at each game I'm at. Nothing to do with attention seeking. Just something I want to do. Seems the TA fashion police are out and about even for non Scotland games now!
  4. Perth races on the same day as Saints v Aberdeen, could be some traffic fun therevening too
  5. Nah no bet required, just a sky bet account
  6. Aye a guid lad, seen at the cup final sporting saints gear! Vegas in May so hope the rate gets back to what it was.
  7. Why don't we just play all games at Celtic Park then to cope with the big following? Or how about they just sell the tickets they are allowed upto the capacity, give Celtic the required amount by sfa rules. Boom. Done. Why should Ek be punished because Celtic (or any other club for that matter) have a larger support?
  8. They do though, every second week roughly. Not their fault we live in a nanny state and the polis won't let them play this one
  9. Could give the bottom 8 a little edge by allowing the "winner" a playoff for the last European spot?
  10. Was there in November for hospitality, food was ok but not brilliant, drink was more than plentiful though and the view from the box was cracking, right on the finish line,a wee tote just outside the room too. Good day all in, 4/6 winners probably helped mind you!!
  11. Think it was 24 I counted at one stage last year, more Aussie games in the morning plus mls at night, no Dutch or German either, plenty scope for more
  12. Got 3 spares for Poland v Ukraine in Marseille on Tuesday 21st if anyone interested.
  13. St. Johnstone 4v2 Celtic on Sunday.
  14. Why do they wait til the players are behind the line before spraying it? Does my nut in
  15. Is the game that decides which club is bigger?