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  1. The T A M B

    I think it's better than it was. There used to be a real 'hierarchy' who had the opinion that if you didn't post 10 times a day then your opinion wasn't valid. To some extent that still exists but it's less noticeable. It is such a great tool for arranging buses for away games, discussing football/political/social maters and most importantly raising money for charity. There is no way this has outlived it's purpose...I don't think it ever could. VIVA LA TAMB!
  2. Best Moment Following Scotland

    After we lost to Italy. I've never been so gutted but I was so proud that the TA stayed well after full time and the team came back or for a lap of honour. I was bursting with pride that we nearly got out of a group against the two world cup finalists. It was a great campaign although unsuccessful. Bitter sweet moment.
  3. Biggest Disappointment Following Scotland

    The two losses against Wales recently were unbearable. Even thinking about it scunners me.
  4. I'm sure this is Boghead, where I saw my first ever game. Sons 1-0 Morton 16/3/85.
  5. Do all 11 members need to be STC members? Can lapsed members play? Can we play all of our games away, but pay half the home teams costs?

    How many fixtures do you think we will have to fulfill, and what dates will they be between.

    Sorry about all the questions.

  6. Mon the Spiders