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  1. Hi Wubbs


    hope you can help, do you know the Hotel Victor in Bratislava?

    8 of us staying there 





  2. We just booked 2 weeks ago, Edi to Stansted then onto Vienna on Mon 10/10 and return same way on Thur 14/10 for £115 return happy days 👍⚽️
  3. Wubbs do you know the Hotel Viktor? We've got a cracking deal there and it looks excellent 👍⚽️
  4. We've 4 lads going with us who aren't in the SSC, anyone any knowledge on what availability of Slovakia home tickets may be like seeing as how they aren't massive football fans.?
  5. The thing is bud why send the Blazers on another fan paid jolly? its technical coaching people who we need to get to go and find out what these countries are going right and what we are doing wrongly! its so frustrating to not have made a major tournament since 1998. enthusiasm is waning for the national team, which always regularly got the largest support even for midweek friendlies, but with the poor quality on display, our lack of success and this ill conceived UEFA week of football initiative in qualifiers (eg Monday nights) it's high time things changed and they have to quickly and surely the SFA can see this??
  6. I'd love to see any of our young players playing for a top EPL side and Robertson may well do it I have to say though that after going over to Prague a few weeks back I thought that he looked out of form and passed the ball straight to the opposition on numerous occasions I'm not one to knock out top talent but I do wonder if he's good enough sadly
  7. To be honest there's nothing at all new in a kit supplier giving us a printed badge, even back in the Umbro era the 1980 red away Lott had a printed badge
  8. Have to agree and looking at our Euro campaign, how many times did ROI score late on many matches?
  9. I've got to admit it was gutting to miss out on a major championship again:( However, I have renewed my SSC membership and look forward to the World Cup campaign, but i do feel that it's critical this time that the home tickets pricing is spot on otherwise I really can see a drop off in interest sadly I've been attending games since 1978 and love going but I like many feel that this UEFA week of football has meant many could've attend Personally I'd like double headers to be either Friday/Saturday and then Tuesday/Wednesday I don't think playing major matches on a Monday for example helped as many had to take time off work for a couple of days Scotland are still a very well supported team, but we all who love our team want that to continue and I feel Saturday afternoon is when we'd mostly prefer to ce going to Hampden to watch
  10. Went to Dublin with Jamie's trip and can't praise it highly enough. It was a great trip, very well organised and reasonably priced with TA from Blairgowrie, Perth, Hamilton, Tayport and other places having a fantastic time. Everyone was so positive and after the draw over there we were all so confident of making Euro 2016,.... Bloody Georgia Wouldn't hesitate to go with them again 👍⚽️
  11. Cheers Northen Ireland? I don't think I'll bother
  12. Tried to get tickets, but it says you've to be a national of one of the playing teams? Can anyone who's applied assist me please? Cheers
  13. Gutted more than ever now that with today's finals draw nearing, it's hurting even more that we aren't going to be in France next year:(
  14. Hungary away would be a great trip, it's been 36 years since we last played in Buadapest
  15. C'Mpn guys, this fan mag and Facebook page are excellent reads You won't find more informative info on Scotland anywhere. Please get behind these guys and support them, surely we can push the Facebook likes up way beyond 400 overnight Keep up the great work guys 👍⚽️