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  1. if you can please give me your Paypal I'll transfer money now as family and friend to avoid fees cheers
  2. I'll take the 2 together please 👍⚽️
  3. Pm you 👍⚽️
  4. Hi Zander can I buy your tickets 

    pay by Paypal now 


    all the best 

  5. Are you still looking for a 78 shirt?

  6. Hi there do you stilll have the England tickets available please?

  7. Yeh good call Scott, I thought some on here may know the answer from previous matches.
  8. Does no one know the answer to this debenture ticket question??
  9. Hi there, does anyone know how you go about purchasing debenture tickets for the Main Stand at Hampden? Any info much appreciated 👍⚽️
  10. Hi GTR

    hope you are well my friend


    my son and I have been thinking of heading to Dublin for Ireland v Wales for sons birthday


    trued a few places fir tickets but it's tout central with crazy prices making the trip unaffordable 


    any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated 

    all the best








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    2. Argentina78


      Hi GTR 


      Thank you so much for the great info 

      I know it's going to be difficult to obtain tickets but hopefully with this info I've a wee chance. 

      Good luck to Ireland in World Cup qualifying 

      Many  thanks 


    3. Green_Tide_Rising


      Cheers Mate

      Hoping Scotland can turn things around also and ye guys have a good go at qualifying between now and the end of qualifiers.


      If i can help you with anything else...please don't hesitate in sending  me a mail....glad to help.


      All the best.


    4. Argentina78


      Thank you for that here's hoping for a Scotland resurgence 

      hope all goes well for Ireland they are do fab so far


      All the best again and thank you 👍⚽️🍀

  11. Thanks guys I'll try your suggestions cheers 👍⚽️
  12. Looking to travel over to Dublin on Friday 24th March for this World Cup Qualifier with my son for his birthday but looking for 2 tickets Csn anyone help or put me in the direction of 2 tickets thanks in advance
  13. Hi Wubbs


    hope you can help, do you know the Hotel Victor in Bratislava?

    8 of us staying there 





  14. We just booked 2 weeks ago, Edi to Stansted then onto Vienna on Mon 10/10 and return same way on Thur 14/10 for £115 return happy days 👍⚽️
  15. Wubbs do you know the Hotel Viktor? We've got a cracking deal there and it looks excellent 👍⚽️