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  1. Hi Wubbs


    hope you can help, do you know the Hotel Victor in Bratislava?

    8 of us staying there 





  2. Glasgow-Dublin-Bratislava

    We just booked 2 weeks ago, Edi to Stansted then onto Vienna on Mon 10/10 and return same way on Thur 14/10 for £115 return happy days 👍⚽️
  3. hotels

    Wubbs do you know the Hotel Viktor? We've got a cracking deal there and it looks excellent 👍⚽️
  4. Tickets

    We've 4 lads going with us who aren't in the SSC, anyone any knowledge on what availability of Slovakia home tickets may be like seeing as how they aren't massive football fans.?
  5. The SFA

    The thing is bud why send the Blazers on another fan paid jolly? its technical coaching people who we need to get to go and find out what these countries are going right and what we are doing wrongly! its so frustrating to not have made a major tournament since 1998. enthusiasm is waning for the national team, which always regularly got the largest support even for midweek friendlies, but with the poor quality on display, our lack of success and this ill conceived UEFA week of football initiative in qualifiers (eg Monday nights) it's high time things changed and they have to quickly and surely the SFA can see this??
  6. Andy Robertson

    I'd love to see any of our young players playing for a top EPL side and Robertson may well do it I have to say though that after going over to Prague a few weeks back I thought that he looked out of form and passed the ball straight to the opposition on numerous occasions I'm not one to knock out top talent but I do wonder if he's good enough sadly
  7. programme

    Not my style Andrew, but I spoke to a couple of TA at the airport and when I asked if they'd any spare they got very sheepish and walked off Thank you 👍⚽️
  8. programme

    CMon guys who's got a spare programme then? there were plenty of you trying to make money selling them on EBay 😉
  9. Wheres You All Stayin

    Was superb too highly recommended 👍
  10. programme

    Cheers Scott so does anyone have a spare then? There were obviously plenty as some TA are selling as many as ten of them on EBay, surely someone has one or twoof them spare to share them with their fellow fans in need 👍⚽️
  11. programme

    Where wasthe pallet of free programmes? if free then why are some fellow TA selling them on EBay for £11, £7.95, £5 etc ? anyone got a spare going cheapish please?
  12. What's Your Route

    Wednesday 23rd Edi to Munich 10.30am night in Munich Thurs 24th train Munich to Prague stay Prague after match Friday 25th train Prague to Munich Saturday fly home to Edinburgh
  13. Booked!

    4 hours approx 👍⚽️
  14. Full Adidas Range

    To be honest there's nothing at all new in a kit supplier giving us a printed badge, even back in the Umbro era the 1980 red away Lott had a printed badge
  15. Tickets

    Ah right that'll please some and annoy others 😀