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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. I only saw Graham Leggat play live once. 30 years ago. It was in an old-timers Scotland v England charity match in Burlington, Ontario. The teams were piped on to the pitch, and what I remember most (apart from us winning 3-2) was that when they introduced the players individually they saved Graham for last, and in a wonderful show of respect he was the only one to get applause from all of the other players. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/thestar/obituary.aspx?n=graham-leggat&pid=175707070&fhid=12317 Scarborough is a little over 60km from where I live. My work commitments sadly didn't allow me to stay for the funeral, but I was there for the visitation and was able to meet with and speak to the family. Graham's wife, Marilyn, his daughter, Karen, and his grand-daughter, Isabelle, were all delightful. A really, really nice family. I asked if it would be OK for me to place an Aberdeen scarf and a Scotland scarf as a fans' tribute to Graham, and they were more than happy to let me do so.
  2. Alive and well. Thank you for thinking about me. My Mum (who lives with me) has terminal cancer, so my priorities have been rearranged. Hope everything is well with you and yours God Bless.
  3. It looks like 3 different strips put together.
  4. Thank you for the memories, Russell! (You were our MOTM that day!)
  5. I was making a joke in reference to the usual pish you get on here.
  6. The dive being mentioned was earlier.
  7. His contract says otherwise.
  8. Livi up on Queens. Looks like Cowdenbeath is for the drop.