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  1. Based on what? McInnes strengthens year after year, and we win without Jack.
  2. As in, Rangers wish that they were in your position. (And I don't talk about fairies.)
  3. Shinns ain't for sale; Jack and Pawlett moving on (and we expect McGinn to have a go elsewhere as well).
  4. There's no taking that away from him.
  5. Scott Wright scores his first 2 senior goals for the club. Christie brace (as well) and Johnny Hayes with a lone marker. 0-5 at HT (so if you went with The Dons you'll be fine). (Shinnie, McGinn, Jack, and Pawlett on the bench.)
  6. The Famous keeping their hopes of a 'Glasgow Treble' alive at Firhill.
  7. Have to agree. The Famous would have destroyed The Imps in the first leg.
  8. AKA 'The Ibrox Dream'.
  9. A club can't go to heaven, but fans can, and I would want all Rangers fans to go to heaven.
  10. They are, however, I don't love Rangers and I don't understand him leaving in the worst way possible.
  11. We're serious. Total collaborator. Shave his head and throw him out the door.
  12. He's a strong 7.5 He should attack, shoot, and score more though. Misses more than a few games to injury.
  13. If Ryan Jack already knows that he will be joining Rangers then his season should be over. In fact, he can clean out his stuff now and never come back until he is a visiting player.
  14. 3 questions and a comment. To which are you referring?
  15. (At least use the verse properly.) How am I a fool, then? (You buy into Pedro's mini-League season book push?)