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  1. Ryan Christie plays zero minutes (again) today.
  2. Question: "Did Jesus really exist? Is there any historical evidence of Jesus Christ?" Answer: Typically, when this question is asked, the person asking qualifies the question with “outside of the Bible.” We do not grant this idea that the Bible cannot be considered a source of evidence for the existence of Jesus. The New Testament contains hundreds of references to Jesus Christ. There are those who date the writing of the Gospels to the second century A.D., more than 100 years after Jesus' death. Even if this were the case (which we strongly dispute), in terms of ancient evidences, writings less than 200 years after events took place are considered very reliable evidences. Further, the vast majority of scholars (Christian and non-Christian) will grant that the Epistles of Paul (at least some of them) were in fact written by Paul in the middle of the first century A.D., less than 40 years after Jesus' death. In terms of ancient manuscript evidence, this is extraordinarily strong proof of the existence of a man named Jesus in Israel in the early first century A.D.It is also important to recognize that in A.D. 70, the Romans invaded and destroyed Jerusalem and most of Israel, slaughtering its inhabitants. Entire cities were literally burned to the ground. We should not be surprised, then, if much evidence of Jesus' existence was destroyed. Many of the eyewitnesses of Jesus would have been killed. These facts likely limited the amount of surviving eyewitness testimony of Jesus.Considering that Jesus' ministry was largely confined to a relatively unimportant area in a small corner of the Roman Empire, a surprising amount of information about Jesus can be drawn from secular historical sources. Some of the more important historical evidences of Jesus include the following:The first-century Roman Tacitus, who is considered one of the more accurate historians of the ancient world, mentioned superstitious “Christians” (from Christus, which is Latin for Christ), who suffered under Pontius Pilate during the reign of Tiberius. Suetonius, chief secretary to Emperor Hadrian, wrote that there was a man named Chrestus (or Christ) who lived during the first century (Annals 15.44).Flavius Josephus is the most famous Jewish historian. In his Antiquities he refers to James, “the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ.” There is a controversial verse (18:3) that says, “Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man. For he was one who wrought surprising feats....He was [the] Christ...he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him.” One version reads, “At this time there was a wise man named Jesus. His conduct was good and [he] was known to be virtuous. And many people from among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. But those who became his disciples did not abandon his discipleship. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion, and that he was alive; accordingly he was perhaps the Messiah, concerning whom the prophets have recounted wonders.”Julius Africanus quotes the historian Thallus in a discussion of the darkness which followed the crucifixion of Christ (Extant Writings, 18).Pliny the Younger, in Letters 10:96, recorded early Christian worship practices including the fact that Christians worshiped Jesus as God and were very ethical, and he includes a reference to the love feast and Lord’s Supper.The Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 43a) confirms Jesus' crucifixion on the eve of Passover and the accusations against Christ of practicing sorcery and encouraging Jewish apostasy.Lucian of Samosata was a second-century Greek writer who admits that Jesus was worshiped by Christians, introduced new teachings, and was crucified for them. He said that Jesus' teachings included the brotherhood of believers, the importance of conversion, and the importance of denying other gods. Christians lived according to Jesus’ laws, believed themselves to be immortal, and were characterized by contempt for death, voluntary self-devotion, and renunciation of material goods.Mara Bar-Serapion confirms that Jesus was thought to be a wise and virtuous man, was considered by many to be the king of Israel, was put to death by the Jews, and lived on in the teachings of His followers.Then we have all the Gnostic writings (The Gospel of Truth, The Apocryphon of John, The Gospel of Thomas, The Treatise on Resurrection, etc.) that all mention Jesus.In fact, we can almost reconstruct the gospel just from early non-Christian sources: Jesus was called the Christ (Josephus), did “magic,” led Israel into new teachings, and was hanged on Passover for them (Babylonian Talmud) in Judea (Tacitus), but claimed to be God and would return (Eliezar), which his followers believed, worshipping Him as God (Pliny the Younger).There is overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ, both in secular and biblical history. Perhaps the greatest evidence that Jesus did exist is the fact that literally thousands of Christians in the first century A.D., including the twelve apostles, were willing to give their lives as martyrs for Jesus Christ. People will die for what they believe to be true, but no one will die for what they know to be a lie. Jesus came two thousand years ago to make a way for sinful individuals to be forgiven of their INDIVIDUAL sin. Jesus didn't come to eliminate sin. (He came to eliminate the PENALTY for sin.) Jesus didn't come to solve the world's problems. Sin will be allowed to play out to it's conclusion of near ultimate destruction. (Man's continual defiant rebellious foolish heart toward God will ensure that.) We learn about God (the Father) by learning about Jesus (God the Son). And we learn about Jesus by studying the Bible. We can ONLY be saved by FAITH (and faith comes from knowing the Word). God loves us too much to eliminate the means by which we are saved. You don't understand it (yet). (Keep following along.)
  3. OK... Please enlighten the class. Why do some people get cancer and others don't? (What's the criteria?) Why? Lucky enough? I've said that over 100 times on here. (What's your point?)
  4. Once again... I don't know how people get cancer. (I don't think anyone knows.) All sin is a result of the sin of Adam. It's possible. (He had a history/head start.) It's not a matter of saying 'Abracadabra' though. He would have had to change his heart, and Jesus would have had to have known him in a relationship. Wiki records an account of him dying... Kinison was found lying between the seats of his car at the scene of the collision. He was not killed instantly, according to his brother. His brother and the others begged him to lie down and he did with his best friend, Carl LaBove, who had been in the following van, holding his head in his hands. At first it looked like Kinison had suffered no serious injuries, but within minutes he suddenly said to no one in particular, "I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die." LaBove later said, "it was as if he was having a conversation, talking to someone else, some unseen person." Then there was a pause as if Kinison was listening to the other person speak. Then he asked "But why?" and after another pause LaBove heard him clearly say: "Okay, okay, okay.’ LaBove said, "The last ‘okay’ was so soft and at peace.... Whatever voice was talking to him gave him the right answer and he just relaxed with it. He said it so sweet, like he was talking to someone he loved." Kinison then lost consciousness. Efforts to resuscitate him failed. Kinison died at the scene from internal injuries. An autopsy found that he had suffered numerous traumatic injuries—including a dislocated neck, a torn aorta, and torn blood vessels in his abdominal cavity—which caused his death within minutes of the collision. The free gift of salvation is available to everyone. Once a believer dies, they become Christ-like. No one will have any complaints in heaven. Just sheer unending joy. To what end? What do you feel there would have been to accomplish? Well... work on it. Take on a thicker skin. Both true. Jesus came to save us from ourselves. He wasn't crushed on the cross. He DID the crushing. He defeated death and the grave. Sin will be dealt with. No one will get away with anything. Temporary earthly suffering is a price a believer would gladly pay to be in eternity with God. (Your thoughts aren't God's thoughts. Your ways aren't God's ways.)
  5. I've never threatened anyone on here. (My post means... If you want to be willingly ignorant, then go right ahead.)
  6. I appreciate that. Best to pat each other on the back re: the latest satanic CGI deceptions over here. (There's no such thing as 'light years' btw.) "It's a class 'M' planet, Captain."
  7. That's too bad. You were one of the main people I was directing the post at. You were sarcastically making light of "those poor oppressed Christians" in regard to me bringing attention to the Christian genocide and I responded by saying "here... make fun of this... " WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS (RAW) - ISIS begins killing Christians in Mosul, CHILDREN BEHEADED What's worse... Mocking genocide, or proving genocide to a mocker? Live with your post. (God help you.)
  8. At 3-0 with only 40% possession, Hibs had 7 shots on target to Hearts' none.
  9. Good ones! That's just something that gets repeated by parrots that don't know what they are saying. Agreed. Correct on all counts! I actually get a few 'customers', but yeah, folk don't like to hear what they don't want to accept. (Thon 'Comforting Lies' sign could just as easily say 'Cognitive Dissonance'.) I've been posting for yonks. Just trying to keep it one place.
  10. It's not a false accusation or false comment on a person's character, though. It's more of a warning (like on a cigarette package) which folk rarely heed. Again... No. Cancer isn't punishment. It's a consequence. (In footballing terms, think Rangers. Liquidation wasn't a punishment, it was a consequence.) Prison isn't a sweet deal. (It's hardly a career plan.) Sam Kinison (who has preached from the pulpit) decided that he would live as he wanted but would repent just before he died. I don't know if he got the chance because he was hit head-on by a drunk driver and died within minutes. (It probably isn't advisable setting out to try and outsmart God.) My 1% biker friends at church regret their crimes. Anyone can go to heaven. One half of one sin is enough to separate us from God forever. (It doesn't even have to be the things you've listed. It could be as simple as telling a lie, or having lust or hatred in your heart.) Only sinless people get into heaven... which eliminates all of us (so how's it done?) By humbling ourselves and admitting that we are sinners in need of a saviour. When we genuinely accept that Jesus' shed blood on the cross has paid for our sins, then we become 'justified' and from that point nothing can pluck you from God's hand. Just, fair, and flawless. As valid today as the day it was written. No you wouldn't, Blair. (No one there would believe that either.) (Very disappointing.) As you know, I basically lost the last year due to the person I loved the most in life having terminal cancer. I was the sole care-giver. I saw it all up close. The tumour bigger than a basketball, the pain, the blood, the vomiting, the diarrhea... The thought of blaming and hating God never even entered our heads. In fact, we looked to Him to take us through the trial, and neither of us could have done it without Him. Our love for Him (and each other) only increased. I remain very grateful for the privilege of experiencing the example of my Mother's tremendous strength, dignity, and faith throughout. There's nothing fun about having to say good-bye to a loved one (especially if they die slowly, or young, or unexpectedly). I know that. I just want you to know that I've been there too.
  11. A possible sign of administration hasn't previously been mentioned.
  12. Reading between the lines, and the timing of who said what. The money wasn't transferred by close on Friday. Bloggers jumped on that. Rangers paid on Monday. (The other thing that was pointed out was that when DU didn't get their Cup money in 2012 administration followed for Rangers, so that could be the reason for this story getting the attention it has).
  13. "That's just not cricket, lads!"
  14. What's death? Appreciated! God Bless! The problem is that it isn't what He told us in His Word. Besides, a god needing millions and millions (billions?) of years (boring!) and one who would change his mind and/or figure it out as he goes along, could hardly be God. The God of the Bible simply spoke the universe into being. (He is that powerful!) What do you feel are some of the holes in creation? Two of the questions I like to ask evolutionists are... 1. Where do the billions and billions of complex pieces of information in DNA come from? 2. Can you name one beneficial mutation? I'm not following... Tripe should bother most right-minded folk? How does that make any sense? I'm not scared of anything that isn't real. (I thought that that would be universal.) Unless...