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  1. They're also playing a gig at the Edinburgh Festival - might be tickets left for that one?? TT
  2. Tired and emotional but what a truly great day - Munster fans were excellent and the Glasgow support unbelievably loud. Players really fed of the energy and had clearly learned their lesson from last years Pro 12 final - the start was breathtaking!! Huge performances from Naka, Johnny Gray, Strauss and the ginger ninja!! In fact, superb performances from all if the team, bar none! Also great tactics from Townsend and the coaching staff, adjusting the team when Munster started to take a grip at the end of the first and beginning of the second half - really hope he isn't poached by the national team for another few years - such a great core of youngsters now in the team and a good few coming through the ranks who would really benefit from his guidance. Delighted at the end for the likes of Al Kellock, DTH and Welshie who can now leave the club with a medal round their necks and memories of a season that really has gone beyond the expectations of everyone!! Off to bed now, and then maybe up in a few hours to watch it all over again!! TT
  3. I wouldn't use Rangers forums (or others) to gauge the feelings of the support in general. Around us at the game, and through the season, fans have been critical of the team. Certainly unhappy with McCoist and the signing policy - and I would say that that has probably been consistent regards most of the people who watch the team regularly. In terms of McCall, he has been saddled with a pretty dire group of players - some just bad, others with attitude and fitness problems - so it's perhaps just as short sighted to write him off as it is to laud the performance against Hibs/QoS. Not sure what the answer is, or who will be in charge, however clearly something has to give if they want a competitive team - and that's the work that will have to be done over the next couple of months. In some ways it might be easier to build a team in the Championship that can then be more competitive in the SPL than try to turn this team around in one close season - that's about as much of a silver lining as I can find in this dirty big black cloud!! TT
  4. No doubt the better team won. Actually thought Motherwell were better in most areas - certainly dominated midfield and were excellent on the counter attack - both in terms of fitness and guile. Didn't think there were three goals in it but they certainly deserve the two goal lead going into Sunday - and I expect a similar result. Thing is I'm actually not that surprised (well I maybe was at 3-0) but Rangers didn't finish third in the Championship by accident. The team is so poor defensively that it's still a surprise they have made it this far without a proper showing up in the play-offs. Very little pace and fitness is just appalling! What will be interesting is what will happen in the close season. Does McCall stay and get to bring in his own players or will it be root and branch change - or shudder - will they stick with what they have to try to get out the Championship. Will be fascinating to see what happens, and if Dave King will have a major influence over the changes that are clearly required. Congrats to Motherwell - well deserved. Interesting times ahead for Rangers!! TT
  5. Great game, decent pitching from the Cubs and some great defensive plays - and would have been good to see the two hottest prospects in baeball, Bryant and Harper, both homer, plus the bonus of a walk of win for the Cubbies!! Hope you enjoyed it! Go Cubs go!! TT
  6. I'd assume Moshni will play at Fir Park as McGregor is suspended for the second leg. He can be OK facing the ball, and is actually pretty decent defending the cross - it's just when he actually has possession that he seems to go to pieces - don't think it's got anything to do with the crowd getting to him, he just seems to lose composure and any sense of his environment! So if I was Motherwell I'd just pass the ball to him whenever he's in the box - he'll do the rest himself!! TT PS First game has apparently sold out!
  7. Would be nice to think common sense would prevail and Rangers offer the 2000 tickets - also makes for a better atmosphere in the ground. Hope the suggestion that there will be bother at Fir Park comes to nothing but I have to admit that the playoff crowd has had a really high percentage of zoomers going along - guess the downside of £5 tickets and a free for all. Expecting both games to be close and (obviously) hoping we can take a lead to Motherwell from the first leg! TT
  8. I felt he was over thinking things midweek when he pulled back into a very defensive formation against Hibs rather than going for the third goal - but I guess if head lost a goal in that game he would have been criticised for not defending the lead. Will be interesting to see how he sets the team out against Motherwell TT
  9. I would love to know what the erratic behaviour is or even an example of it. But then I feel we would just be pulled into more unfounded accusations of this or that, and I'm not sure ether of us have the time or energy for that. I certainly don't. If I have offended you in any way with what I perceived as a bit of banter then I apologies. I always assume people like a bit of cut and thrust on here and I have never meant or intended it to be personal. I will make a point to not respond to your posts in future as I was unaware you viewed this as some form of harassment - again, I don't think that was my intention. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. TT
  10. Always notice when people are called on some shite they've written that they resort to this 'you need to chill' pish - it's a messageboard, it's pretty irrelevant as things go, and it's not something that gives me any cause to be anything other than chilled - though as we've established, your not so good at this whole knowing how others are thinking/feeling thing, so I suppose I should get that you might jump to the wrong conclusion So, to get back to the point, you still haven't said how YOU think the games will go - just how others (not very accurately think it will go). Given you watch more Rangers games than most, and certainly more than I have this year, I would value your informed opinion. I could of course just make up your opinion, but you can probably see how daft that would be!! If it helps, you can imagine I said all that in a shrill tone if it helps you to concentrate on actually stating an actual opinion Now I'm off back to recline in my big armchair snuggled up in my blanky with a wee glass of port to await, in a very relaxed state, for your imminent reply TT
  11. Freudian slip eh - don't worry, your secrets safe with us TT
  12. You don't half talk some pish Rangers have played some pretty awful stuff this season so no Rangers fan I know thinks this is over - it is obviously what you want to think. But that doesn't make it any less of a zoomerish comment. I suppose it's so you can make fun of all the Rangers fans who (in your fetid imagination) thought it was done and dusted if we lose - and then just downplay it as a foregone conclusion (in your mind it would appear) if we win. Why not just state your own opinion and leave Rangers fan to have their own - or does that not fit the agenda I fully expect two tough games, probably not pretty and wouldn't be particularly surprise me to see it go to extra time and penalties. Certainly wouldn't surprise me to see Motherwell win. I think most if not all the Rangers fans on this board and beyond would agree with that sentiment. Now go back and enjoy your holiday and leave us in peace to actually have the opinions we have rather than the ones you want to imagine TT
  13. I think the key phrase was 'if we go up' - don't think anyone thinks it's a certainty - in fact far from it. However, regardless of whether Rangers go up or not, there will be a significant clear out and I would be surprised if Allan wasn't considered. Whether Hibs would sell if we were in the same division, or indeed at all, is another question. As with Hibs, Rangers have to try to get a lead on Thursday then play it tight at Fir Park. Interesting couple of games!! TT
  14. I'm slightly confused as a good few years ago I went to a friends wedding in Dublin to his same sex partner - assumed it was a legal ceremony but I guess it was just a declaration of them being together - was one of the best weddings I've been to with some cracking food and dink and a lovely setting in the old schoolhouse just down the road from the Aviva! Maybe we can do it all again ten years on!! TT
  15. We got ours today in the season ticket sale - goes to those with purchase history on Monday and then open sale if any left is Tuesday. Think a lot will be put off by travel and hotel issues, though your right that Munster fans will travel in big numbers if they get through (on S4C right now) - crazy to have the final in Belfast when the Irish Open is on!! TT