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  1. How did Devilla go for you? Course wasn't as tough as last year.
  2. Gretna were paying some of their players £2k a week in the 2nd division. Amazing the amount of folk that fell for the Gretna story.
  3. Listened to it on Radio Scotland, sounded as though Rod was blotto.
  4. I think it's Francis McDonald, he released a classical album last year.
  5. I was 1.49.12. We stayed at the lodges at Bagaduish, where the race starts. Would definitely recommend it.,
  6. Aye it was, marshall hadn't got to their station, runners took wrong turn. It was my 1st half marathon, it was good course.
  7. Are Kilmarnock still benefiting from the taxpayer bail out?
  8. Just now I'm more thinking towards my 1st marathon, quite fancy Stirling next May. See they've changed the entry criteria for The Fling.
  9. Done my 1st Ultra on Sunday on Tiree. Really enjoyed it despite not having done much training for it, managed to get to the finish. Definitely would recommend it for folk who like doing them. Furthest I had ran before was 15mile leg of The Fling relay in April.
  10. Another 1 putting club before country, was part of boozegate as well.
  11. It was harrowing to witness, the first injection didn't work because of a collapsed vein in her leg so it had to be done in her other one.
  12. Took my folks to the vet today to get their wee Westie put to sleep. Cracking wee dog gave them lots of happy times.
  13. Got book today, cheers.
  14. Just ordered👍