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  1. Holiday reading to help TASA

    Got book today, cheers.
  2. Holiday reading to help TASA

    Just ordered👍
  3. TITP 2016

    Started going downhill after Live Nation took over.
  4. Think he's basing it on this one.
  5. Nae Scotland nae perty. In Gord we trust.
  6. Edinburgh City

    Not the best of games, deserved win for Edinburgh City, Joe Mbu was MOM. Sad day for Shire remember age 6,being at Sir Alex's first game in charge as a manager,pre season friendly v Nuneaton Borough,4th August 1974.
  7. Well done, I ran in the relay, ran the Drymen to Rowerdennan leg. Really enjoyed it, Balmaha to Rowerdennan was quite hard going. Maybe contemplate full fling for next year. Good to see Donnie Campbell and Beth Pascallsmash the men and women records.
  8. No wonder with the squad they had, they were paying some of their players £3k per week. Surely you didn't believe the cuddly bunny story was sustainable?
  9. The part about playing Germany etc reads like an SFA press release
  10. They drool over most managers/players on Radio Scotland, mostly because they are all pals of them. Check Chick Young's interview with Strachan couple of months ago. Did not ask him one searching question about failure to get a play off position. I think Strachan give him the questions to ask.
  11. Anyone doing the Devilla 15k this coming Sunday?
  12. Aye that's what I've been told too.
  13. Ran 10k on the trails around the park last night, very muddy at parts. I think they've changed the course from last year, park was wrecked after it.
  14. Was that the gig at the Voodoo Rooms before the 1st album tour? That was a great one.