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  1. Moved down to the 'Shire in 2005 and lived in Bolton whilst studying for a PhD at Uni. I then got married and moved to a wee place called Cheadle Hulme but since then i have been divorced and I am now in a wee village called Gatley (on the way to Manchester Airport) and love the place, I do get homesick but Glasgow is only 3 and and half hours up the road in the car and I am engaged to an amazing lass!!
  2. Can't Concentrate At Work!

    Like wise finish at four over here in Ellesmere Port then it's the M56 back to Stockport, throw on my Scotland top and settle down to watch the game. Nrevous but optimistic 2-0 to us!!
  3. Where You Watching Game ?

    My living room in Gatley before heading off to my fiances at full time and a few bevvies to celebrate!!
  4. Ryan Air -- Nationality Question

    Panic over, I phoned them up and they let me change it.....................back to being Scottish again!!
  5. Ryan Air -- Nationality Question

    Treid to download my boarding pass for the flight on Friday, got as bar as booking in and getting my Boarding card online, then I noticed it........................on the boarding card below my name it says in big letters "SWITZERLAND"????? :0 should I give them a call to get it sorted? How can this have happened born and raised in Glasgow moved to Stockport a few years ago and yes I have visited our chums in Zurich and do like the odd Toblerone, but I am in no way Swiss?? Cheers. Andy/Uncle Albert
  6. New Video: Scotland Euro 2016 Preview - Rep Ireland V Scotland

    Awesome....................bloody awesome!!!
  7. 1982- Scotland v East Germany (try explaining that one to young folk nowadays!!) We won 2-0. I was 11 and my old boy took me along to Hampden, I can remember being so nervous going into the ground and being lifted up when we scored.
  8. Viccy Bar

    Can't make it up the road for this one, See you in Dublin Andy will PM you about next month as well.
  9. Anya -- Not Scottish

    This is a wind up post............................Please say I am right??????
  10. Pitch A Disgrace.

    Shhhhhhhhhh don't give the SFA ideas!!!
  11. Adrian Durham

    Listened in the car on the way home from work tonight, the guy is an idiot! He tries to be sensationalist and controversial, comes across as sad! Just my thought!!!
  12. 3Rd Place

  13. Any One Else?

    Missed tonight due to work/Missus arranging a party, will be there on Tuesday though. Wouldn't miss it, even though I know I am getting ripped off!
  14. Match Thread - Ireland

    I am alone in thinking that the last ten minutes or so seemed to last forever?????? Brilliant result keeps us right in the hunt!!! Scotland are back!!