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  1. hi guys buses are full , i I have sent everyone an email today detailing the pick up etc you should have received it if not please contact me
  2. To everyone on my buses would like to say a big thank you thanks to you lot the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal will get a donation of over £318, which will be donated to them once this trip is done & dusted,, thanks again for booking on my buses btw there will be a football card on each bus as well so we can raise more money for TASA cheers jock
  3. hi the buses are now full But i believe there are other people runnign buses
  4. I would take eleven seats. Let me know a.s.a.p. As I will make other arrangements if this isn't possible

    1. watershed


      sorry mate bus is full 


  5. due to a cancellation I have 18 seats left on bus 6 its £4 a skull send payment to watershed77@oultook.com via paypal, please remember to use friends & family option
  6. hi Kenny yes you are on the bus sorry must have forgot to send you the e mail saying that i receveid the cash an e mail will be sent out in august detailing bus pick up times etc
  7. Hi mate sent u payment for 2 seats but not had any confirmation back yet was just wondering if u got the payment? Cheers mate 

  8. hi the buses are now full PASTA MICK got the last two seats
  9. Hi Jock / Watershed, sorry been a while since I’ve been on the TA board and just presumed id missed the chance of getting a bus.

    I have seen some guys posting regarding the latest bus.

    Do you have seats available?

    I would need 4 if you have them.

    My user name is CamBFTLS.

    If you do have seats I will arrange payment immediately.

     I've also sent you a mail.



  10. I have seats left on the bus 5, this is the last bus there will be no more I have 30 seats left so it will be first come first served payments to watershed77@outllook.com via paypal please remember to use friends & family
  11. Hi Watershed

    Just wondered if there is any further availability on the bus.

    I was looking at two seats and think you have me down on the reserve list.

    All the best,

    Doha Dave

  12. Good news managed to persuade bus company to Delay payment till end of June as I am on holiday at the moment. So you have up to the 28th of June to make payment Bus is open to all .Those who booked a seat provisionally had untill the 13th to secure your seat so all seats up for grabs payment via paypal to watershed77@ourlook.com
  13. Bus is now open to everyone so its first come first served you want a seat send the payment to watershed77@outlook.com £4 per person. 86 seats available buff will send your refund now
  14. is there any room on the st julians buses?

    looking for one seat

  15. URGENT UPDATE TO PAYMENT DEADLINE Hi all and firstly thanks to the 130 seat payments I’ve received already, its much appreciated. I’ve had an update from the coach hire company and to coin a phrase, “the goalposts have been moved”, but just a little. It’s because of this, I’m forced to change the payment details I’ve previously shared and is now: TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPACE(S) ON THE BUS, I NOW NEED YOUR PAYMENT ON OR BEFORE MONDAY THE 13TH OF JUNE 2016 (The coach company requires payment on or before the 15th of June but I’ll need a wee bit of time to make the payment, hence requesting the payments before the final deadline) I have committed with them to still hire the SIX 53 seat coaches and within reason, I’ll try and cover any shortfall between monies received and the money needed to be paid by the deadline but if it’s too big a gap, I’ll have to reduce the number of coaches being hired – hence my statement above about guarding your seat(s) be by on or before the 13th of June Really sorry but it’s a condition that needs to be complied with, as the hire company has a high demand on their fleet that weekend. Any questions/problems/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to message me as required. Thanks in advance, JOCK This has been copied & pasted from Paul no copyright on it so i stole it hi lucky masher after 5 pm on monday i iwll open he bus list to first come first served, till buses are full