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  1. I thought the story was that bus 8 did not turn up in Bratislavia & the folk on that bus did not get to the game or if they did they arranged a taxi, surely the best way to solve this is for them to club togethr & take the party to the small claims court I am sure they would win does not coat to much either
  2. hi mate I ran two buses the cost per head was £11 a skull, I charged 12 quid a skull the excess monies was dontated to TASA, I made no personel gan from my buses ( paid the same as everyone else).
  3. running buses is a nightmare My buses fecked off after they dropped us off they eventually turmed up after the game we had a wait then a couple of false dawnsfor thr second bus but it turned up but I was n the phone to the bus compay kicking up all the time the first bus was filled but no way was i going till the second bus turned up, i it did not i was piling everyone onto one bus, now the buses that left later for the gme was silly it's common sense to get there as early as possible it gives you time to get onto the bus company if one does not turn up but to laugh about it is fecking ridiculous those 50 odd people missed a game they travelled thousands of miles to see it aint a laughing matter
  4. how about this one Ormond, he' was threatining legal action & mod 11 has responded magnificently Board Downtime By Mod11 09/28/2016 We apologise to anyone inconvenienced by the downtime experienced last night - especially to anyone who thought they had been thrown off the board due to threatening legal action. The outage was due to our server providers replacing a faulty component.
  5. Scotland Umbro Retro Football Shirt Buy it now price: £27.99 End time: 14-Oct-16 10:42:16 BST check this one out it looks like the umbro t shirt you can uy from ASDA with a scotland badge sewn on & wants 27 quid for it
  6. really Now I am intrigued
  7. nope that will cost you 40 quid But i beleive the messiah wlll be there in person to give you especialaly you words of wisodm on how the Scotland supporters were saved by his holliness
  8. how much are the tickets
  9. christ he will come a hunting for you for mentioning taxi. I noticed he has said the support he has had over the years. Corrcect me if i am wrong he only appeared on the scene just before the faro game when he started runing buses and chargeed ridiculous price as well
  10. aye 4 of us on that fligth to
  11. He would like everyone to think that it was started years ago, As far as I am led to believe He got The previous adminto add him as an admin then kicked the admin off the page & took control
  12. Mr McDermott I hear once again you are threatening to close down the tamb Facebook page , once again I will remind you this is not your fecking page. it was in existence long before you came along, give it back to true Scotland supporters whose only interest is in Scotland , You miss the whole point of the tamb Facebook page go away & concentrate on your own Facebook pages FREE THE TAMB FACEBOOK PAGE,
  13. e mails sent out this morning got caught up with other things on friday at work davyb.Mcwomble. tartan mcole I have sent you messages from this to e mail me as i was unable to send the e maails to yourselves cheers Jock
  14. hi mate need your e mail address so i can send you the details for the slovakia buses

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    2. watershed


      you are not on my bus you told me you were going with someone else





    3. ScotsRik


      Hey Jock - Not sure whay this is on my 'status page' and don't really know how it all works to be honest!! But, I take it the exchange above relating to a message from Speckyg is a reply to him!?? You said "You are not on my bus you told me you are going with someone else". I take it that this is to speckyg (John and Mary Gillies) and nothing to do with me?? :)


    4. watershed


      it is mate sorry not good at this modern shit form of communication

  15. Don't want to be pedantic but he said a donation would be made to TACC not the profits