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    Football, Drinking, Football, Working Overtime, Football, Getting paid to stay at home, football And er football.

    PS Anything Scottish. apart fae porridge

    Did I say that I liked drinking too.

    Music. Everything apart from rubbish.

    Films. Everything apart from rubbish.

    Perdect day out. Everyday that they let me out.

    Favourite sexual position. With a Woman.

    Favourite TV. Eddie Izzard
  1. Been watching my showbox using Chromecast, but sometimes it just drops out. Tried a few things, but it all points at the transfer of film. Chromecast works spot on with all my other stuff. So anyone know of a Tablet that is Android and has an HDMI socket.
  2. A handbag for somit resembling a dug?? I'm out.
  3. Planning a wee jaunt to usa. I have a few huner quid of tesco clubcard so looked at converting. virgin atlantic are pretty clear on their website. But I think can only use to their primary destinations. So I have to buy an onward flight from jfk to buffalo. So anyone with experience on converting to avios or ba and how I go about getting a quote from other airlines. cheers
  4. Got mine too. Have to take a day off work though :-(
  5. Both. The bloke with the one I want wants a Lisbon end. I buy his, sell you mine but we need a seller for him. comprende?
  6. I have 2 in lisbon lions lower. however looking for 1 in jock stein lower 144 (which I found) or jock stein upper 443. If we find another lisbon lions (not sure if he wants lower or upper) we could have a 3 way deal.
  7. I have 2 together in lisbon lower. looking for 1 jock stein upper 443 or jock stein lower 144.
  8. I too have spare jock stein end upper and barrowland ticket. so a chance for 2 barrowland tickets if you don't need the footy ones.
  9. Ironhorse upstairs. renfrew ferry, so long as you buy a pie/burger.
  10. 1 spare going. Jock stein upper. Face value.
  11. There's always at least 1 :-p
  12. Trying to message you Iain. I have a seat.
  13. Got cheap return train tickets fae inverness. 1040 down on Tuesday. Return on 1040 Wednesday.
  14. We parked in the forge for league cup final. Nobody about. and if like aitkenhead rd asda, parking tickets are unenforceable and will go away.
  15. They keep on referring to an apple TV. Is that an app that can be added to any tablet or iPad only? Or is it a TV?