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  1. He should stay- people claiming that the campaign has been an abject failure and that we have hit a new low are watching a different side. There has been definite progress- no need for knee-jerk reactions. Another campaign with no obvious strong second seed is a good opportunity- would be shooting ourselves in the foot to start from scratch. He should get someone else to do his press conferences though.
  2. I hope you're right but my instincts tell me he's the new John Fleck.
  3. Gauld's time in Portugal clearly not rid him of Scottish habit of making reckless nothing challenges!
  4. Liam Henderson has potential but unfortunately don't see any young players that have the ability to be a genuine top class player.
  5. The result on Friday robbed us of any hopes of automatic qualifications. Playoff still very realistic- on our day we could beat Poland at home and I'm not convinced Ireland beating Georgia is nailed on. A playoff is still in our hands but would have to raise our game considerably.
  6. Am I the only one not convinced that Ireland Will beat Georgia? We struggled to beat them at home and Ireland snatched a late win over there courtesy of a world class goal. I don't think there's much between the 3 teams. The fixtures haven't been kind to Georgia- they've only played Gibraltar once and have had 3 of their 4 games against Germany and Poland.
  7. Yes- my fear is that it wouldn't be. If assisted suicide becomes the cultural norm then palliative care will become questionable from an economic perspective. Why waste money keeping someone alive for another 6 months? It just seems like an awful easy way to ease pressure that the ageing population will have on the NHS.
  8. Hope the bill is rejected. I think it would result in the end of palliative care as we know it and lead to a culture where people encouraged to take their lives rather than drain NHS resources.
  9. I want to pay tax but pay as little as legally possible. I've a mortgage, no pension and have been in and out of work for the past 5 years. I have been very lucky with this business deal and need to capitalise on it for benefit of my family. Some interesting advice here- the money is coming about as a result of some consultancy advice I gave- that couldn't be classes as a Capital Gain could it?
  10. I was thinking about that but was told the bank would ask questions and would tip off HMRC.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! A maté said I should get it paid into my Paddy Power account so that it looks like tax free winnings when it arrives into my bank account. Creative.
  12. I done a wee business deal a few years ago and it looks as if it is going to pay off in the next 12-18 months. I'll be looking at a one off windfall of about £150K. I'm just wondering how best to deal with it from a tax point of view. I want to pay tax but a bit sore at losing over half of it given that it's a one-off sum and I've been paying tax through PAYE anyway. Anyone got any advice onthe best legal way to minimise the tax I have to pay?
  13. I'm comfortable talking about it Flora because it was Limmy talking about it that made me seem help. One of the things that helped me deal with it was the routine way that the Doctor dealt with it- no flashing lights or sirens. I had kept it hidden from my wife who is a pharmacist. When I finally told her she said "no big deal- half the towns on anti depressants." It's a very common problem and it can be fixed. It's a shame that the stigma stops people from getting help.
  14. I had a major bout of depression about 18 months ago- felt that I was in a hole that I couldn't escape from, couldn't sleep, losing appetite, ruining my relationship with wife and kids. Finally went to the Doctor, broke down in tears when I was telling her because it was the first time that I had acknowledged the problem. She prescribed Citalopram and within weeks I was feeling better. I've been off medication for 6 months now and I'm in a great place. My whole life up until now had been marred with a background feeling of melancholy and fear of impending doom. That's gone now and I realise that the way I'm feeling now is normal. One of the other things that helped me was Limmy who has been vocal about his problems and how he has tackled them. You'll not beat this alone- reach out for help you'll not regret it.
  15. Given the limited circulation of most papers this isn't surprising. It was the public service BBC that won the referendum for the Unionists and social media cannot get near its level of influence.