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  1. Good chance it will be. Still be enough for all SSC members
  2. Good source told me that we will be wearing the 3rd kit!
  3. Failure to qualify in recent years is the main reason it won't sell out. Looking forward to the game before travelling to Slovakia. I expect around 40,000 will be at Hampden.
  4. Hamilton have decent hospitality. Decent meal, great selection of drinks, you can choose to sit inside or outside and most importantly if you are the away team, your team should win!
  5. Taps aff, Kilt and flip flops weather
  6. Edinburgh to Malta Saturday - Tuesday direct
  7. As a coach for a small local team, I regularly watch youth and school football. This season we were Under 15's/ 3rd year High school. The coaching/ facilities available are far better than I had at that age in 1983. The biggest stand out issue is the fitness levels of the boys.
  8. I would prefer ROI to go for a goal! I have BTTS and Belgium to win
  9. Absolutely cruising at 2-0. Czech Republic never had a corner until injury time.
  10. Very interesting thread. My wife does the shopping for us, family of 4, kids 14 & 12 and I have never thought how much she spends each week. Scared to ask incase she asks how much I spend on fitba and drink. (She is T-Total and wouldn't have a clue how much a pint cost)
  11. Don't have issue with fans running on pitch to celebrate. Anyone physically assaulting anyone should be punished.
  12. Just seen footage on BBC website of an older Rangers fan pulling a young Hibs fan by the scruff of the neck. The laddie looks about 10 years old, luckily he got away.
  13. We never turned up, well done Killie!
  14. COYB! Huge game for both clubs today, will be a great atmosphere, hope the Bairns can do it!
  15. Scottish fans have watched fans invade the pitch every day for the past week in England. Don't see the media down South making huge headlines.