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  1. Tickets

    I think the SFA tweet how many sold each time they are available to different point levels. 
  2. Denmark ticket prices

    £15 for me and the laddie in the West Stand. I will spend more buying a round at the Airport going to the friendly in Prague.  Agree the North Stand should be about  £15, but plenty decent  £10 seats available if you don't want to pay  £20.
  3. Any games likely to be on the Friday or Saturday after our game?
  4. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    6 of us booked in the Ibis 
  5. Denmark ticket prices

    Reasonable prices for a friendly 
  6. I've set them of a couple of times down the A68 and never been ticketed.
  7. Ticket Allocation?

    I would expect a decent allocation and everyone should get a ticket no problem. With 6 away games already planned, people will pick and choose games. I can see this going to 0 points. The Czech ticket sales will give you a reasonable idea of demand.
  8. Captain For Next Campaign

    Scott Arfield
  9. Electronic handbrakes are fine when you get used to them. Mine comes on automatically when I turn engine off. You have to manually press it on my wifes car though and I keep forgetting!
  10. Killie Vs Rangers

    You never been in the old main stand at Tannadice?
  11. Walking Boots

    I just wash all the dirt of them with hot water, then apply dubbing wax
  12. Andy Murray

    Congratulations to the Murrays
  13. Metz A No Go

    We booked up as soon as the Daily Record reported the game a couple of weeks ago
  14. Dilemma

    First away game for 5 months. Prague is always a good trip, buy 3 tickets when they go on sale to guarantee your points.