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  1. You need to find a new line to roll out.
  2. No answer again from you I see. I've purposely avoided any conflict with you on this board for over two years now, and here you are acting like a fud...I can only assume your shite is from someone else. If we're both thinking of the same person then it was only one way traffic, an utter peasant offering to knock me out when I'm thousands of miles away. The big man. As @Ormond and several others have correctly pointed out this year...You really are the hard man behind your keyboard...I've met you and you're just a skinny wee VVank, you wouldn't have the balls to say half the shyte you say on this board to me face to face or other folk...Grow up.
  3. Hiya PGB As someone whose job is based on pure 'linguistics' and how non native English speakers actually speak English...Your pretence of being a German is laughable! Actually, anyone with half a brain can spot you...How's Paisley these days? Utter whank.
  4. Haha! I remember that well!
  5. Peoples ignorance about it bothered me before.
  6. Nothing's changed, we're still the same club.
  7. Just keep on telling yourself that we're a new club...One day you might actually believe it.
  8. Then WTF are you on about?
  9. WTF you on about?...I never challenged you to a fight at all.
  10. It doesn't get to me, it did for a while a few years back...I just cringe with embarrassment when grown men hit out this sort of pish, utter PGB mentality.
  11. I wish there was a minimum age limit of 16 years for people joining this board.
  12. I ask question this to loads of people here, more than half don't know anyone outside Rangers or Celtic, after that then it's definitely Aberdeen. Quite a few folk now know about Dundee United because of Kawashima playing there last season.