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  1. Obama

    Correct. 'Jap' is a vile word and deeply insulting for Japanese people...It's well within the same bracket as all the other choice words for racist wanks like @brant grebner
  2. Obama

    Discussed this with Japanese work colleagues last week. Nobody (from them) wanted or expected an apology from Obama...Maybe Japan has to also apologise for some of the stuff they've done. However, he could've apologised for the behaviour of some of the US military personal based here, like the murder last week in Okinawa of a young Japanese woman by one of his scumbag foot soldiers, or another young lassie raped in March. Not to mention the infamous case in 1995 when three of these scum hillbilly bastards abducted and raped a 12 year old girl >>> Okinawa 1995 rape incident. There's now parts of Okinawa, Kanagawa and western Tokyo Prefecture near US bases that are literally no go areas for locals now. Even going out in areas in like Roppongi or Azabujuban in Tokyo or central Yokohama is likely to involve meeting a group of these beered up fuds annoying folk and generally being dicks......Must be a novelty for them to be allowed out drinking in a 1st word country.
  3. Tamb Cycling Thread

    Superb! Sounds magic! Cheers for that very kind offer. I'll bear that in mind, mate.
  4. I only do it as that option is open to me...If they suddenly banned booze from the stadiums this week then I'd still go to games.
  5. How does booze at other football leagues in Europe and around the world work out? Here at J-League games you can buy alcohol inside the stadium from about an hour before kick off up until 80mins...Some stadiums also have burds walking about the stands selling cans! Bringing in your own carry out is cool too so I usually take 5 or 6 cans in with me. Despite all this it's still rare to see folk wrecked at games. Agree with RenfrewBlue too...If ye canny last 90 mins at a football match without a drink then you probably do have a problem.
  6. Trivia question

    Scottish...He'd have been 13 in 1992 as well.
  7. Trivia question

    He played for Middlesborough in 92/93 and Dundee in 98/99.
  8. Mark Warburton

    Fair enough Still not got that last player on the Trivia question?
  9. Mark Warburton

    There should be an age restriction on this board to stop kids signing up.
  10. Trivia question

    Well done! He won't forget his only appearance in a hurry 1. Colin Hendry (Blackburn/Rangers) 2. Craig Burley (Chelsea/Celtic) 3. Derek Whyte (Middlesborough/Aberdeen) 4. Brian McClair (Man Utd/Motherwell) 5. Gordon Durie (Spurs/Rangers) 6. Paul Bernard (Oldham/Aberdeen) 7. John Spencer (Chelsea/Motherwell) 8. Johnathan Gould (Coventry/Celtic) 9. Scott Marshall (Arsenal/Celtic) 10.
  11. I missed that one too! A genuine typo...B and V are right next to eachother.
  12. Trivia question

    Well played. 1. Colin Hendry (Blackburn/Rangers) 2. Craig Burley (Chelsea/Celtic) 3. Derek Whyte (Middlesborough/Aberdeen) 4. Brian McClair (Man Utd/Motherwell) 5. Gordon Durie (Spurs/Rangers) 6. Paul Bernard (Oldham/Aberdeen) 7. John Spencer (Chelsea/Motherwell) 8. Johnathan Gould (Coventry/Celtic) 9. 10. Quote Edit