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  1. Anybody else do this? I just started last week and it is the hardest thing I've ever done by far. Always considered myself quite fit but I'm almost puking during every workout Good though!
  2. The wheels have not come off. I've been all over the place emotionally but ma wife's hairdresser came round tonight (she was undecided) and says her family are voting yes now, all of them, including inlaws! Also, she said she has hardly any customers who are voting no, most have changed their minds to yes! This may not seem that big news but considering she was undecided while liking some BNP stuff on Facebook a year ago, I would say its a bit exciting. I've calmed down a bit now!
  3. hi mate,

    a few months ago i think it was you that gave me details of a builder you used and would recommend, I can't seem to get into my messages just now to retrieve his number so I was hoping you still had it and could pass it on to me again.

    It's been a while so maybe the board automatically, but due to one bloody thing or another we just have not been able to follow this u...