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  1. Sort of. It's about time I started one of my, 'I've not seen my driving licence for years and moved home lots of times, how do I get a new licence without getting into trouble?' thread
  2. 😆😆 Morally you're correct. Legally I think it's Larky who's right.
  3. Got my Clio new in 2013 and I replace headlights and rear lights every 3-4 months. Indicators last about 9 months. I love my wee car but detest the lights. Bloody Bluetooth is knackered now too.
  4. So they go round 12 times? 6 times as it goes up in 2? Oh right there's a special lot of judges then people phone in, is that what you mean? Who are judges? They're pish. As Romania should have been second. im away to prepare for swedens visit.
  5. I'm lost where are other points coming from? Do they only give 12 points now? Graham talking about jury points. Too difficult I'm away for a wee walk.
  6. Wee bit disappointed, cannot be a cool rapper and wear wee sannie socks. Luckily the yodeller is enough to make me forget that. She's bloody brilliant. I love a yodeller.
  7. Romania 1st, Portugal 2nd and Moldova 3rd. I thought that sober but I'm home now and I'm still thinking it. I'd take the Swedish boys out for a wee drink.
  8. I sound like a man so I like to think I have a foot in both camps! Couple of TA did same as you re' Budapest and Bucharest. My way of remembering is Hungary Pest and R in Romania and Rest Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but worked so far!
  9. The take your top off in first room visit. T I listen to some radio programmes where I realise the presenters have to play devils advocate but others seem to just like to divide. I say this even when some of them seem to agree with my views.
  10. When posters start to annoy me by their constant 'black is white, everyone thinks that so I'll think this to be different' I comfort myself with the thought that pre internet they were up in their bedroom scratching their arms with their school compass trying to make a gang tattoo in the hope that would stop them getting a doing next day at school for being the resident fud. ( no not me, just a lad I went to school with who now I look back I think must have been dyslexic as his skin etchings never made up the gang he said he was in. ) The multiple posters sometimes bug me but more with their "who? Nope I'm new but happen to remember Jimbers and birds falling asleep during sex thread." If you're going to deceive then have a good memory. I don't post as much but that's just life at the moment, next time I miss my train stop I'll be posting for hours. I always noticed more arguments when it had been a while between competitive games but now I agree with others and think there is a decline on the board that matches the decline in our game. I've had a range of help on here from fixing my car radio to swimming in lochs up hills and stuff in between. Not a whit of help in all the years on how to get new fecking driving licence though! I've met nice friends and bad friends and had great laughs with both groups. I've visited places I would never have found without this place and not visited places I would have visited without this place. (Frantic call from nice friend that the reason flights to Slovakia were so cheap was because we were playing Slovenia.) It's a wee micro world on here and people take irrational dislikes to people in the real world, disagree politically and have up and down moods. I'm not on twitter or Facebook and don't feel I'm missing out but although I'm not posting on here as much I'd really miss it if it wasn't available. I'd post pictures if I could TDYER, being a 5'9" Cindy Crawford lookalike why wouldn't I, but the 'file too big' message defeats me?
  11. I read that as 'very tough and through a pretty forest.' and thought that would be nice and a bit different for the runners.
  12. Heard this interview a while ago and found it quite chilling. Donny's comment about US being run by a child reminded me of it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04dggn1
  13. Jings, he's a brave man, I suppose the instinct to protect family was strong but inaccurate or not it only takes one lucky shot. I always think that the best knowledge I got from the pub being held up was I now know beyond all doubt I'm not brave. I hear people say what they'd do or not do if faced with danger and I believe no one knows until they're literally faced with that danger. My friends and family always told I'd throw them in front of me to save myself. I'm glad he recovered but can't believe the other man got off especially as another policeman was a victim. Neilser, you're wee smiley face should be an embarrassed one, one video led to another and at 4am I ended up watching outtakes from Car Share. Knackered now!
  14. I was thinking, "this has a Saville feel to it" then he said he had been given the keys in a ceremony and (can't remember who exactly) ?? was even at the ceremony and it confirmed it. Just watched it on iplayer and really enjoyed it. Even had a wee greet with John at the end. What car was Mrs Hudson driving, I couldn't make out what badge said. It looked like a Honda to me but think it was meant to be something flashy?