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  1. When I saw iMann chasing Livingstone I was amused at reporter saying Mann seemed oblivious to the cameras just at the moment you see him on the stairs having a wee sneaky glance to check where the cameras are.
  2. Was drinking Appleton at the weekend and wasn't keen. Moved on to Havana 7 and much better. Had Kraken in a pub in town a few weeks agoand it was lovely plus it was served by a rum drinker sohe made it perfectly, rum andginger beer lots of squeezed lime and crushed ice. Tried Diplomatico Reservation Exclusive in Anchor Line, actually only asked for Diplomatico but barman gave me the dearer stuff and wouldn't have minded but one of those cost me what 2 of the Kraken's did and it was served with couple ice cubes and slice of lime. Plus we were asked 4 times by waitress if she could get us another drink, first time was as I was putting the drinks I'd justboughtat bar ontothe table! But for a good night out with my pals andfor quantity over quality you can't best Morgan's. (Flure, if you're reading this I still apologise forvomiting aroundthe koi pond but it was not the rum it was the fecking wee fiddly food bits. Canapés ffs, I'm from Auchinairn. I alsoapologise for saying that to the barrister who wondered if I was from the islands and him thinking I came from Funningkinairn. Looking forward to your summer soirée, no invite yet received but I'll be there.)
  3. Dont need taebe telt twice, well done.. Disgusting headline, what paper is that in?But to repeat myself (sorry Orraloon) and others on here this whole stramash is more about getting at Corbyn than dealing with racism of any kind. I heard someone on the radio yesterday saying some new thing they'd brought in to the Labour Party would deal with racism and especially anti semitism and I wondered why the 'especially'. Only good thing is the majority of people I've spoken to aren't being taken in by it.
  4. Well stop fecking repeating yourself. Forget Hitchens (I once had a ciggie with him outside a restaurant in London and he was very nice and very funny.) and listen to the real voice oftoday. "And thehaters gonna hate,hate, hate,hate,hate."
  5. I tan to heal past wrongs. No,he was suspended because the media hate Corbyn and will find any and every excuse to get at him. I'm surprised at KL as he's usually a sharp operator and seems friendly with Corbyn and he must surely have realised anysentence with 'Hitler' in it would be spun to within an inch if itslife. They can't get to Corbyn as he'spopular with Labour voters so they're now going after his party support. Or soI think.
  6. Heir to the throne can marry a Catholic but can't be one. PM can be Catholic too. Bitsand pieces regarding advice about head of church and I imagine the children can't be Catholic but apart from that Catholics welcome everywhere. (Apart from a house round the corner from me that's inhabited by the ugliest bigots on God's green earth. They hate everyone who isnot a white Protestant. It p's them off that their dog loves me and they can't just ignore theself tanning, therefore brown,Jew. I like to tell them I tan because Jesus being middle eastern was brown and I want to make up for whatmy people did to him by making myself look like him.)
  7. He loves me and Phart and Cecelia Aherne books. Phartand I are cool about it but sometimes he gets a bit gushy when emailing us reviews of Cecelia's latest offering.
  8. I had my heart torn out, ripped into bits and and trampled on during Dexys Midnight Runner'sCome on Eileen. I can listen to it now in company but if I hear it when I'm alone I can feel a shadow of the pain and have a wee tear in my eye. I went to liveon a kibbutz when I was 17 and ended up travelling for a couple ofyears, soundtrack of that time varied wildly fromTracy Chapman toSteve Winwood toKenny Rogers, Joan Armatrading, Neville Brothers,Fleetwood Mac, Nat King Cole and others.All of them take me back to certain places and countries but strangely I can't listen to Fleetwood Mac, Rumours as it makes me so terribly melancholy. There was a great quote from The Boat that Rocked that summed up the time I was listening to Rumours, "You know, a few months ago, I made a terrible mistake. I realized something, and instead of crushing the thought the moment it came I... I let it hang on, and now I know it to be true. And I'm afraid it's stuck in my head forever. These are the best days of our lives. It's a terrible thing to know, but I know it"
  9. Again, I agree with you and for that reason, even though you've not admitted to eating used chewing gum or biting into excrement or creepie crawlies, you can join the board of our Minging Club, HQ in Panama.
  10. I agree with you but I've met lots of families when I've been camping, two of whom had newborns! Stocky Ithink a camper van is a bit better, cooking or even just boiling kettle indoors, proper roof over your head and suchlike. Everyone totheir own though and the families I met weren't only having great holidays but were lovely company too.
  11. Angus, the children are 2 and other will be born in June! They havethereown tent and I thought maybe the poolwould be good for the 2year old.To be honest I don't think they'll be up for camping in August but as I say, she's scary so I'm not saying that to her. Potted heid, best memory of Blair Atholl is watching the salmon swimming upriver to spawn. That in itself was amazing but as a few spectatorswere walking away from the river 2 guyswere walking down to it carrying fishing rods, the muttered abuse they received amused me no end. Mindi, I've spoken to a few people recently who've admitted to eating spat out chewing gum. Nice to know there's more than one manky bam around.Sobetween Phart's poo, my tick,your slater and the gum picker uppers Ithink we could start a club and we could be on board of directors. HQ in Panama.
  12. I'll have to warn you Angus, my pal is a mad wummin if things don't go her way so I'll be giving your details and not mine when I pass onyourrecommendation.
  13. Good to know, as I've friends who are looking fora nice site fortheir first family camping holiday. Do you know if you still have to pitch tents in the one area, they had this when I went but I didn'trealise and pitched near fence along the road next to caravans and muchpreferred it? I did it other visits and got away with it but may be stricter now.