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  1. I not only read your posts twice, I also copy them out and keep them in a scrapbook. @Mindimoo.  I now know how to do this Mindi just have to work out why.    Dont like new board anymore. Got all excited that I could post a picture so easily but just comes up that it's too big. (story of my life)    oooh, swear filter actually removes sweary words. 
  2. There's one near me that I put my lipstick on for as it takes my picture so often. It's on other side of the road and think it's set on a timer. I'll get a shock one day though when I'm sent a picture of me speeding through it while blowing it a kiss.
  3. It was a 'get your fat arse out the doorway so I can get out of this rain' bite, so well deserved I say. Avocado salad is much nicer than carrot. (and obviously not served with rabbit.)
  4. WHAT???????At least Stephen King puts a warning on his books, you just battered in with that statement. ;-)
  5. Storm Imogen

    God bless and protect you.
  6. Storm Imogen

  7. Storm Imogen

    Took me ages to read that list Deecie.My 2 rabbits are absolutely scunnered with the weather. Cleaned out the shed this morning and both of them ran out and straight in again and Hoppity bit me on the way past. It's nice she thinks I'm God and responsible for the weather but the germolene was sore and took away some of the happiness.
  8. I would sell a loved ones soul for a roll and crisps with a soupçon of coleslaw right now. I've had emails and texts about this boy from friends and relations today so you're now one or the other Thplinth. ) I called Cardonald to register interest in fostering if he's not taken soon as think he'd be happier in a quieter enviroment. He wouldn't fit in out back with my 2, Hector is terrified of the wee robin red breast who flies in their run and into their shed when the door is open so this big boy would give him a heart attack! I'd happily have him in the house though. At present they're okay with him and they're fairly sure he'll be rehomed soon due to number of enquiries.
  9. I agree, I always added coleslaw to distinguish myself from the trampy bams.
  10. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jan/28/kids-company-founder-says-malicious-child-abuse-claims-led-to-closure
  11. Aye, as if you don't know. (Mentally insert wee goggled eyed emoticon here.) Why don't they work on iPads? (Wee sad emoticon here.)
  12. I was lucky to meet him a good few years ago when he came into the theatre a few times as a friend of his was in the play. When I was introduced to him for the first time I was eating an mashed egg roll and I slabbered then apologised for slabbering then had to repeat 'slabbering' twice as he couldn't understand what I was saying. I don't blush easily, in fact can't remember blushing since but I literally felt the heat as it rose up from my neck to forehead. After that I restricted myself to "hello" only when he came backstage. I found out at the end of the run that he'd enquired of his friend if I was transsexual. That's only the second time I've ever told that story and I'm normally a name dropper extraordinaire.
  13. That's one of the ones I had in mind Thplinth, uncomfortable viewing.