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  1. And he brought these 2 up on deck to sing this song that he'd written on the spot. No one is too young for the Swav Pav. In fact is it not a rite of passage for Glaswegian girls on the cusp of womanhood to get rat arsed at the Savoy and fall down the stairs on the way out, manage to make it home but fall asleep on 1st landing when you live on the top then phone your pal in the morning to ask why you have a burn circle on your forehead only to be told that she's got a grill burn on her stomach? Ah sweet youth.
  2. Noah just floated past my house and tried to steal my 2 rabbits and 2 of my goldfish. That is 100%** true and not exaggerated in the least, so you away and get a grip. It was down at the Vicky infirmary and have to say they looked quite spectacular. Seemingly the Battlefield Rest has a couple of hives on their roof and it was something to do with some new queen bee, aka Lady Gaga, trying to edge in on the auld queens territory, aka Madonna and the male bees all going a bit mental trying to choose. ** I've never been great with percentages so may have got that bit wrong.
  3. I couldn't decide whether to go out with someone once so asked if he preferred Matt Munroe or Frank Sunatra. He didn't know Matt so didn't go out. Moral of the story, I was a wee twat when I was younger. (In case Orra reads this, last sentence is not an open goal.)
  4. I was lucky and always had "sheite" taste in music. I thought it was great but others claimed it was sheite. Showed me that taste is truly personal and there's hee haw wrong with getting ready for a Sunday night out to Colm Wilkinson or The Smiths or Donna Summer or Paddy Reilly. Obviously I got ready alone then went to meet my pals with their more night oot friendly tunes. The only singer I've slightly changed my mind about is Matt Munro. I still love his voice but listening to an album it becomes a bit ''samey'. Music, or maybe musical memories, makes me more emotional these days which I assume is an age thing.
  5. My friends, who were my employers when I worked in Istanbul have been talking about a coup since last year. They were very surprised nothing happened after attack at peace rally and when we spoke after airport attack Amir said if nothing happened now then it never would. They were definitely hoping for an army takeover. I pray their hopes come true in the way they prayed for.
  6. Mr Wolf is obviously Mrs Wolf on alternate weekends but because he's mental Cove Sheep stopped himself before letting the secret out.
  7. But seriously, don't anger Thewolf, he's got rid of Boris, Angie and Gove. You'll be easy peasy sleeping with the fishes stuff for him Orra.
  8. Thewolf is the TAMB's Malcolm Tucker, one word in support of Theresa and Angie shat it.
  9. Don't watch this anymore but This Week was brilliant tonight.
  10. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/watch-noel-gallaghers-emotional-tribute-105300956.html Just watched Queen of Sheba episode 2 weeks ago and again cried like a big lassie when Barb was doing nana's hair and roared with laughter at other times. Real talent writing something that can run the gamut of emotions.
  11. Brilliant. 😂 RIP Jim. Well as peaceful as you can while telling your stories.
  12. My exact words said very loudly, "ya ####k'ing cu'nnt". The dogs who were all sleeping jumped up and one started barking so other 2 joined in. I just glimpsed it so not quite sure if it was moths or not but if it was you're going to the big burny fire.
  13. Have a walk on the Cathkin Braes and neighbouring fields where there are thousands. Sadly 2 of my neighbours have cut down bushes in their front gardens purely because they were always covered in bees as they said children were frightened. Unbelievable. I've still got 2 of them though and planted a few new plants specifically for the bees. Also gave a wee bee a bit of raspberry jam juice when I was on holiday and then had a near battle to get him to leave the juice and join his pals on the flowers. He gave a furious buzz before he flew away. Sadly though the fields are also covered in butterflies so I'm trying to avoid the flower fields as those tattooed moths fecking terrify me.
  14. Very thing I thought, according to Wiki they have 3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_Independence_Party_representation_and_election_results