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  1. That's the very thing Stewart. I'm sure Roy Keane threatened to sue them but that was probably another publicity stunt.
  2. PP are an excellent company at getting free publicity and very often get it from adverts like this . I suspect they'll be hoping there's an outcry and lots of complaints. I can't remember exactly what it was but I do remember something about a billboard outside the some football ground, that garnered them lots of free pages of advertising due to complaints. Think it involved Roy Keane and a threat of taking them to court. Like this advert I laughed at it then forgot about it.
  3. I love Wes Anderson and after a bit of research bought, a The Life Aquatic studio sessions. You should hear me singing along in the car, it would bring a tear to your eye. And blood to your ears.
  4. For f sake, just gret all the way through that. Then I got a bit dramatic and started to sing a long whilst crying and it all got a bit soap operaish and I knew I was a heart beat away from watching myself cry in front of a mirror. That apart though, thank you Larky.
  5. I may have EU brain overload as I saw one of these a few weeks ago and thought, "fu**king referendum, can't even understand what any of them are saying now." Looking at it again I have hee haw idea why I thought it was a referendum thing.
  6. I first read the dog bite joke in Chic Murray biography. I wonder if Peter or Blake Edwards were fans. I'm assuming Chic was the first but may be wrong.
  7. It's not to dissimilar to the sort of noise someone would give when given mascarpone cheese in a cheese and ham toastie. I'm on a train so should be concentrating on stops instead of TAMB. Either that or make sure Fringo is about to keep me company and remind me to look up every now and then.
  8. After being aw cultural the day and looking at mummies I'll be visiting some fine hostelries where I'll be sure to ask for both of these and snort derisively if they don't know these finely named cocktails. I may may snort derisively after I'm served just in case they snort nastily into my glass.
  9. It's in the diary and ladder to get over the fence is in the car. He definitely said barrister, admittedly it was said whilst he was holding my hair away from my face mid boak. I bloody used 2 mints for that lying bam and don't even like coffee. I've bought something even better than a boa! I Rum, squeeze the lime then put parts in glass with crushed ice and ginger beer. I'm on to my second one just now.
  10. When I first heard about this I thought it probably had more to do with the old farts not wishing to be disturbed rather than not wishing woman members. It's okay, if it's a really teeny penis they'll let you in. They've reserved your seat.
  11. He's my zombie buddy. He denies it. A lot. Not the zombie so much as the 'my buddy' part.
  12. Can't believe you still go there. Thank God for that rule, although really sad that absolutely no men survived the Titanic, Concordia, others that I don't remember but happy that all the female passengers survived**. Phew. ** 1st and 3rd class, whilst separated and 1st treated differently were nothing like Csmeron's pile of pish. My personal rule is, if women are to be allowed at clubs they must pay exactly the same as men. If that's the case then I don't see why clubs don't allow male and female members.
  13. I disagree Thplinth. I think she's a mentally unstable/ill woman and has been for many years. Whilst her brother has always defended their father of the abuse charges he too has spoken of the terrible abuse meted out by their mother. I have no window into her head but maybe the wee girl blamed her dad for not taking her away when her mum was being violent towards her and her siblings and she's not got over that. Unfair though that blame would be as her father fought to get custody of his children. She's been violently vocal against the Catholic Church in relation of their crimes of prolific child rape and cover ups and their lack of intervention in domestic violence. I think I also read recently that she wrote an open letter to her ex and whilst I didn't read it I imagine it was vitriolic as she has a history of speaking out, often rashly. Rather than being a man, church, priest,religious, America hater I think she's damaged. Maybe from past events or maybe a brain imbalance or maybe a mixture of both. Like me she'd bloody love you and phart so take it back. (I just deleted a huge big rant I added at the end. I've a really sore shoulder and a neighbour I'm not allowed to hit or steal her dog as she's a sheite dog owner so believe me it was some rant.)