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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. There's a few people I'm going to tell this to and state it as a fact. They're stupid and gossipy so look forward to seeing how long before it's retold to me. Your "defence" can also be summed up by the expression, "you're no as daft as you look." Both made me smile.
  2. I'm a grumbling mumbling grump about that bridge. Saw a couple put one up, guy was skinny and I really thought I could have thrown him over but the girl was more wiry and wasn't sure I could take her so left them. I like spontaneity and romance but this is just romances version of flowers left at a death scene. If I was much younger and in young love I'd probably think it was the most beautiful thing ever.
  3. He was a good age but still sad to hear of his passing, especially the news he had Alzheimer's, a horrible thief of an illness. I loved his comedies, especially when partnered with Richard Prior but first and foremost he'll always be Willie Wonka to me.
  4. Not sure about that one, quite enjoyed all the lost and unrequited love endings but then strayed too far. it did though remind me of one of my favourite films whose ending always makes me sigh and cry. Audrey's last heartbreaking smile to him is perfection. Every single time I watch it I wish that, just this once when he turns round she'll be there on the step ready to run to him.
  5. Just watched that on Friday night.
  6. You're on fire. A few years ago I'd have agreed re' taxi drivers but not now. Don't know any well off private hire drivers, just owners and not sure their money is 100% legitimately from taxi money only. Black hack drivers not moving to Bishopbriggs so much now so assume money is well down with them too.
  7. I know a guy of 40 who's just started a gas engineer course. You've got a list made, haven't you?
  8. I was watching a C4 American comedy and Ron appeared playing the gay ex lover of one of the characters, he had a big beard. It was very disconcerting. I've not been brave enough to google the programme in case it's finished and I'm near the end. When I try to picture tambers or give them character traits you are a bit Ron like to me. The joys of having Italian family is befanini when they all come back from their holidays.
  9. So sorry to hear Glebe but I hope you can take at least a little comfort in the fact Alba died surrounded by love. As hunchy said they are a member of the family and are loved as such. My dog had a best pal who I walked nearly every day and when he moved away with his family Kimmy went a bit funny and took to going into bushes at park and just lying there and staring at park gate. I'm sure she was just waiting for him to appear, heartbreaking to watch and took about 10 days but she eventually started walking in and around park as normal. Hopefully your other dog with start to cope without her pal soon. X
  10. Thank you my zombie compadre for recommending this. I love Ron, I'm not normally a lover of the moustachioed man but for Ron I'll make an exception. Not many programmes that you can laugh out loud at when you're alone (or maybe that's just me?) but this is my modern Frasier. Just watched it on Dave. I've fecked the healthy eating and tanned 1/2 litre of Baileys and big packet of befanini so thank goodness for cheery programmes and Ron.
  11. I can testify to that but have to admit the spitting and spluttering was mildly disconcerting. I repeat, he's multilingual. He tends to adopt the accent of the person he's talking to, which is embarrassing rather than racist when he orders a Chinese meal., Ah but we all love a weggie.
  12. He's from Edinburgh and is multilingual, speaks Edinburger and Manchester/English.
  13. I'm sure it said on the radio the other day that every party voted for it except Conservatives who abstained.