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  1. I posted the very same thing on Facebook last night after watching his speech yesterday for a second time. Definitely what his body language was saying - though it was on the back of him being booed as he left his home and that seemed to really shake him.
  2. Ah so...no actual experience of the club. Good stuff - glad we've cleared that up.
  3. I have genuinely no idea what that means but I'm guessing it's a pop at WESTA. I don't know who you are so I can't tell if you are one of the 140+ members WESTA currently have, have attended any of our monthly meetings (last Sunday of the month unless there's a game on; upstairs in the Iron Horse; all welcome); have been on any of the hundreds of bus journeys arranged for members since the club was formed almost 20 years ago; attended any of our events or indeed benefited from any of the charity donations made by the club - or are basing your perception on no actual experience of the club. But - as I said earlier on in the thread - it's not compulsory to go to the Iron Horse. There are plenty other pubs to choose from if it's not your kind of place - you'll often find WESTA members drinking in other pubs in the city on match day simply because IH is too busy.
  4. As you pointed out sweetie...it's a messageboard so I'm perfectly entitled to voice an opinion about others voicing an opinion..... Or would you rather I just sit here quietly in a corner not joining in on a discussion??
  5. It's quite simple....the Iron Horse is the home of WESTA so when folks come on calling for the place to be torn down, I have an opinion.
  6. Fair dos....let me know where you like to drink....so that I can avoid them because they are clearly full of judgemental arseholes!
  7. Jeezo...would you all just take the pokers out your arse! No one is forcing you to drink in the Iron Horse or eat in the Blue Lagoon. The fact that they've both been there for decades would indicate that there are plenty people who do like them and that's fine. You can hardly move in the Iron Horse on a Friday or Saturday night, it's that busy. There are pubs that I like and pubs that I don't but I wouldn't come on a message board slagging them off because everyone can choose to spend their money where they want. Don't like it? Just don't fecking go there...... Oh...by the way...the food is really good in the Iron Horse. Had many a stonking breakfast in there before leaving on a WESTA bus and their mac n cheese is fab.
  8. No - but they die from an overdose of painkillers they have been taking to cope with the chronic pain (according to a report I read subject to official statement)
  9. Me too..but I don't have the record player to put it on any more!
  10. It's free - tickets usually needed but you can pick them up in the Pig & Butterfly pub next door.
  11. I read the first paragraph and thought that's got to be in America...and yup, it is.
  12. My dad brought home a puppy while I was just a few weeks old. We had no issues though I had very clear boundaries on what I could and couldn't do with Cindy who was a typical terrier. I still remember being distraught when she died at 8 years old after eating rat poison in the local park. Upshot is...no right or wrong answers.
  13. Feeling a tad guilty - and having today off work - I went to a local car wash...to find 8 cars already waiting to get washed - at ten to two on a Monday!! Was gobsmacked. I truly expected to just sail in and get washed straight away. Couldn't be arsed waiting in a queue so car is still manky.
  14. My car gets washed when it rains - or if I book it into a garage that washes it as part of the work that they do on it.
  15. No sauce for me - lots of nice flavours with the pork chops which I think would be lost if you added a sauce.