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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. TBH - I only found it because I watered a plant and spilled some water so had to move the photo frame to clean it up! This is my house keeping ethos.... Dust If You Must by Rose Milligan Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better To paint a picture, or write a letter, Bake a cake, or plant a seed; Ponder the difference between want and need? Dust if you must, but there's not much time, With rivers to swim, and mountains to climb; Music to hear, and books to read; Friends to cherish, and life to lead. Dust if you must, but the world's out there With the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair; A flutter of snow, a shower of rain, This day will not come around again. Dust if you must, but bear in mind, Old age will come and it's not kind. And when you go (and go you must) You, yourself, will make more dust.
  2. OK - can now shed a bit more light (ahem) on the incident. Turns out the glass bit sheared off at the metal base and rolled along the cabinet where it got stuck behind a photo frame. It would appear a power surge is the most likely cause but all very freaky indeed.
  3. Oh dear god! I've been travelling since 2003 and never had any shyte...other than the normal banter...for being a Rangers fan. Maybe it's cos I is a girl.....
  4. No bites in Malta but got a corker in Rome. I only get bitten at this time of year. Apparently, it's getting to the end of the season and the wee feckers go on a feeding frenzy before dying out.
  5. It was under consideration until I found the base of the light bulb still inside the lamp.
  6. Yep - definitely nothing left on the cabinet around the lamp. I even ran my hand across it at the time in case there was just fine shards left but nothing other than normal dust.
  7. Unplugged the light the minute I realised the light bulb was missing - have spent too much time with The Cheeseman not to be worried about the potential of fire! I wasn't drunk...might have had a glass of Bailey's but certainly not pished enough to forget taking out a light bulb. Managed to get the remains of the light bulb out tonight by stuffing a thick, damp cloth into the base and unscrewing it. All that was left was the metal base, which had a slightly crusty rim but no sign of the rest of the light bulb. Oddly, it's a mirrored lamp and it now has some cracks radiating out from the light fitting which I've never noticed before so not sure if that's a side effect of the bulb incident. I have lots of bulbs now but not sure I want to use the lamp anymore!
  8. The fact that wasn't on when I went out but is on when I come home is a bit of a giveaway.
  9. I've got a table lamp in my living room which I have on a timer so it comes on when I'm not in the house. A few weeks back, I went to bed and the light was on. Next day, light didn't come on at the usual time so I went to see if the light bulb had blown...low and behold...no light bulb at all, no glass. As I live alone, I put it down to momentary age-related madness and forgot about it. However, have since bought a number of different sized screw bulbs which are the right wattage for the lamp but none will fit. Tonight I took the shade off the lamp and had a good look and it looks like the remnants of the light bulb are actually stuck inside the light and that's what's stopping new bulbs being fitted. But how is that possible when there are absolutely no shards of light bulb anywere to be seen around the lamp itself? It's driving me mad as I love the lamp and would be gutted to have to throw it out but can't see anyway of getting rid of the remains of the light bulb.
  10. I posted the very same thing on Facebook last night after watching his speech yesterday for a second time. Definitely what his body language was saying - though it was on the back of him being booed as he left his home and that seemed to really shake him.
  11. Ah so...no actual experience of the club. Good stuff - glad we've cleared that up.
  12. I have genuinely no idea what that means but I'm guessing it's a pop at WESTA. I don't know who you are so I can't tell if you are one of the 140+ members WESTA currently have, have attended any of our monthly meetings (last Sunday of the month unless there's a game on; upstairs in the Iron Horse; all welcome); have been on any of the hundreds of bus journeys arranged for members since the club was formed almost 20 years ago; attended any of our events or indeed benefited from any of the charity donations made by the club - or are basing your perception on no actual experience of the club. But - as I said earlier on in the thread - it's not compulsory to go to the Iron Horse. There are plenty other pubs to choose from if it's not your kind of place - you'll often find WESTA members drinking in other pubs in the city on match day simply because IH is too busy.
  13. As you pointed out sweetie...it's a messageboard so I'm perfectly entitled to voice an opinion about others voicing an opinion..... Or would you rather I just sit here quietly in a corner not joining in on a discussion??
  14. It's quite simple....the Iron Horse is the home of WESTA so when folks come on calling for the place to be torn down, I have an opinion.