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  1. Thats what was originally reported
  2. Yes playing at the monument and then at Todds bar till 7pm
  3. The Society Of William Wallace wish to invite you to the Unveiling of a new monument in Glasgow to Wallace's victory at the Battle of the Bell O the Brae in 1297 Details of the event this Saturday 9th July Arrive at 2.30pm and March from the Necropolis Bridge down to the monument lead by Clan A Drumma Gary Stewart SOWW opens the ceremony and also talks about why we are there Clann a Drumma play a tune George Boyle SOWW makes a speech Sandra White MSP makes a speech Sandra White MSP and Kimberley Ross unveil the monument Gary Stewart will close the ceremony and introduce Ted Christopher to sing us out with Scots Wha Hae After Party Event running from 4pm till 7pm with the Great Ted Better Than Elvis Christopher To be held at Todds Bar 11 Weaver st University of Strathclyde Glasgow G4 0RP In the Grounds of the University See you all there which looks like being a brilliant event
  4. Speaking to a Dutch bar man years ago he was saying all the club fans have a pack that when international games come along there is no in fighting and no club loyalty which is why no fighting at international games
  5. Aye boys cheers think might leave it FFS Scotland
  6. Any links as ones that are up ain't working for me, Slainte
  7. MURRAY 5-7 7-6 6-0 *6-2 GASQUET
  8. Andy taken the third set 6-0
  9. Photos of the day can be found at Photos can be seen Here Was a wonderful day and still canny believe we got this up LOL
  10. You ever been down to the monument at Smithfield ?? And if you have, did you go in and see the church or even no it was there. Thats one of the reasons for the plaque as well as looking at the Smithfield Wallace plaque people may well say its 700 years ago who cares, Our plaque is there so say that the people of Scotland still care 700 years on so the plaque was not just to commemorate Davies great achievemt but a few other things as i have explained.
  11. Hopefully see you there, should be a great wee day
  12. Canny believe this is next week, looking forward to it, is anyone from the TAMBA coming
  13. surprised no mention on this thread but we WON our first every game on Saturday
  14. Czechoslovakia 1973 for me,
  15. Blew It again