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  1. Tennis 2016

    Jamie Murray knocked out of the doubles in straight sets. Andy should be on court in an hour or so. Here's hoping for a performance similar to that of Friday, against a similar sort of player.
  2. Hun = Rangers fan, pure and simple. Protestant Rangers fans are huns Catholic Rangers fans are huns Jewish Rangers fans are huns Muslim Rangers fans are huns Athiest Rangers fans are huns Sectarian?
  3. Tennis 2016

    Murray at his extremely frustrating worst! Wrong shot choice time and time again, but hat's off to Stepanek - no idea how he can still perform like that at 37.
  4. Tennis 2016

    Phew!!! Nightmare watching that...
  5. Tennis 2016

    Wawrinka down 2 sets to 1. Think he may be regretting playing (and winning) the 250 in Geneva last week.
  6. Tennis 2016

    Superb draw - could have been handpicked by Andy! He's in good form and this is certainly his best ever chance at RG.
  7. It's on cooncil telly - BT Freeview channel.
  8. Tennis 2016

    Great performance and a 12th Masters title Andy! Has a great chance at the French this year.
  9. Bit of a myth that the Queen Mother was Scottish. Titles mean nothing to me. She was born in England, both her parents were born in England and all four of her Grandparents were born in England. Scottish?
  10. Concluded missives in this instance is merely a binding'option' to buy the land. Everyone can make up their own mind as to thelikelihood of this 'option' being exercised...
  11. Tennis 2016

    First set to Andy in Madrid v Nadal.He's now a match for anyone on clay - his form on the surface lastyear has removed any mental doubts. A crucial stage of the season with Andy defending 1000 ranking points this week and then straight to Rome next week.
  12. SNP x 2 for me (Dennis Robertson in the constituency). Compared to 2011, a very low key campaign all round and expect a record low turnout. Have a feeling theSNP will fall a couple of seats short of a majority.
  13. 1,200

    A really poor allocation- expected supply to meet demand for this one! I reckon all six pointers will be ok and some 5 pointers. I'm on 4 points and have no chance - the home end it is!
  14. Tennis 2016

    Well that didn't go well - Murray papped out of the 'Fifth Major' in the last 32. Fortunate that Federer is still injured, otherwise the number two ranking would be in doubt. Fortunately the Miami Masters follows next week, where he has a decent record. Needs to forget about this Davis Cup malarkey and concentrate on the tour!
  15. Coach Travel On Match Day

    Seats no longer required. Please take me off of the list. Thanks.