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  1. Tennis 2016

    Federer's just had knee surgery - ruling him out of Rotterdam next week and Dubai and he may even struggle to be back for Indian Wells. After an injury free career will be interesting to see how he recovers, particularly at his age.
  2. My Da bought an EU spec. car a few years ago - a RH drive, built for Cyprus. Saved a few grand when buying, but difficult to sell / trade-in.... lost any 'saving' he made at that point.
  3. Coach Travel On Match Day

    2 seats required from Bratislava to match and back. Thanks.
  4. Tennis 2016

    Well done Jamie! I was surprised when he dropped Peers after the success they had last year, but he obviously knew what he was doing.
  5. Tennis 2016

    That could be right, he certainly played last year and got to the final. Not sure about the previous years, although he has played the Hopman Cup a few times. He knows what's best, I'd just prefer to see him play proper ATP tour matches.
  6. Sliema To Stadium Return

    Can I book 4 seats please. Thanks.
  7. Tennis 2016

    A great draw for Andy - it could have been handpicked by him. The lowest ranked seed in every round. A bit concerned about his preparation as he is the only one of the top 8 seeds not to play an ATP warm up tournament. I don't think the Hopman Cup has the intensity required, so he could be quite rusty in the first two or three rounds. Nadal is still edging back to form, but the skelping he got from Djokovic in the Doha final last week confirms that one man is head and shoulders above the rest of the top players. It will take a mega shock (or illness/injury) for anyone other than Djokovic to win in Melbourne.
  8. The Predictor

    After being in contention for a while, just realised I've failed to predict any matches since 13th of December?!? Surprisingly, still in 5th place - the comeback is on!
  9. I've been working on my family genealogy for about five years now and have about 2000 names in the tree. All 16 of my Gt. Gt. Grandparents were born within a 30 mile radius of Aberden. Further back, there are links to Caithness cave dwellers, travellers from Northumbria and servants in the royal household in London. Sections of my mother's DNA also closely resembles people from the Balkans. I find the subject fascinating and feel like I've hardly scratched the surface.
  10. I usually watch Star Wars in order of release - 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 - but in the lead up to the new film, I'll be watching them in numerical order given when episode 7 is set.
  11. Can't remember the last time I used the red button text service, despite being a ceefax addict back in the day. However, will really miss the additional channels accessed via the red channel - great for major sporting events, music festivals, etc.
  12. Atp World Tour 2015

    A dominant straight sets victory for Andy against Ferrer. 200 ranking points and $167k - not bad for 90 minutes on the court.
  13. That's my understanding - mostly in Asia, but partly in Europe. The same as Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. Armenia is wholly in Asia... as is Cyprus.
  14. I enjoyed it. Would rate it on a par with Skyfall - below Casino Royale, but above Quantum of Solace. Really liked all of the nostalgia. It probably is longer than necessary and this could be a problem for repeat viewings - particularly if on TV with adverts.
  15. Atp World Tour 2015

    Murray is playing well and had a good season, but Djokovic has proven again that he's in a league of his own. Six masters titles in a single season has never before been achieved and coupled with three majors and a runner up at the French Open - Novak has rewritten the record books. Hugely impressive.