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  1. Why didn't Scottish labour suspend these councillors 6 months ago or a year ago or 4 years ago. It's the same coalition that will enact the same policies ( whether that includes austerity or not)) that has been in power for years, this is merely a continuation. All I'm saying is that this is obvious political posturing by Dugdale and the councillors will quietly be welcomed back in no time at all.
  2. Labour and Tories have been in coalition for the last few years in Aberdeen, so it's business as usual. I fully expect the suspended councillors to be accepted back into the Labour party after the GE. It's nothing more than a political calculation by Kezia to appear to be a strong leader and increase her profile and appeal across the country.
  3. Andy having another nightmare in Rome. His serving has always been inconsistent, but can't remember him ever returning as poorly as this.
  4. He didn't take any loss at all. The league cup ticket guarantee scenario meant AFC only made something like £490k instead of £500k from that game. There was zero chance we wouldn't sell the additional tickets for this cup final and even if there was, the negative PR and alienating a section of your own support is hardly worth the small sum of money.
  5. Bizarre decision from Pittodrie. We sold 19,874 tickets in less than a week - of course we would sell the additional 1,344 in 12 days!?! Know quite a few folk who were waiting for a general sale and will now be disappointed. We are in the South Stand and now guaranteed to have opposing fans above us - not pleasant. It was bad enough in the League Cup final where we only had the end few sections of the upper tier.
  6. Not necessarily. Aberdeens current ranking points of 6.785 is made up of 3.785 (20% of Scotland's association points) and 3.000 (1.000 for being eliminated at QR3 in each of the last three seasons).
  7. Country co-efficient points are awarded for all wins (and draws) at any stage of the competition, so there will be a slight negative impact. Scotlands ranking has actually improved slightly and next time round (2018/19) the cup winners will automatically go into QR2.
  8. Thinks if Spurs and either Liverpool or City win that would do it - United can't finish in the top three. Also need Feyenoord to get a better result than Ajax on Sunday.
  9. The games are on Thursday nights and the June start is a sign of the time I'm afraid.
  10. Aberdeen City final results: SNP 19 (+3) Tory 11 (+8) Labour 9 (-9) LD 4 (-1) Ind 2 (-1)
  11. As expected really. They have achieved their raison d'etre - why would anyone vote for them now?
  12. The YPOTY was chosen by McInnes himself, so think the selection of Christie is part of an attempt to woo him to Pittodrie on a permanent basis.
  13. Hayes was the best Aberdeen player for the first six months of the season, but his form has dropped slightly recently. McLean has been in great form since the turn of the year after being largely anonymous in the two years prior to that. Shinnie has been consistently excellent the whole season and got my vote for POTY. Honourable mentions to Considine, Lewis and Logan.
  14. it was one hell of a cut that stopped that fight - with Vitali being well ahead on points - so I'd stick with him over Lewis. There's a reason why Lewis backed out of a rematch. For a heavyweight to have never been put on the canvas is quite incredible and he didn't have a bad KO record either...
  15. Enjoyed the fight and Joshua can go on to become a great heavyweight, although Wladimir of five years ago would have stopped him. IMO Vitali is the best heavyweight of the last 40 years.