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  1. Despite the exertion in Rio last week, Andy cruises into the final in Cincinnati. Here's hoping for a 13th masters title later today!
  2. 5 seats please.
  3. Not the cheapest, but probably the most convenient. We're Vienna - Heathrow - ABZ with BA. Departing Vienna 14:10 on the Wednesday.
  4. 100% of Cyprus is in Asia. Should they be booted out of the EU?
  5. Happy with the Dons draw. I know it's the third year that we've been in this position, but still seems crazy starting the season so early! Our first leg match will clash with the first quarter final at the Euros... our second leg clashes with the second semi - crazy?!
  6. Murray looked solid today against Cilic and an intriguing final against Raonic tomorrow - Lendl v McEnroe. Federer loses against teenage wonder kid Zverev, in the Halle semi.
  7. Seedlings should be out on Monday, but you're correct that the top four seeds should be Djokovic, Murray, Federer and Wawrinka. Think Wimbledon is the only tournament that doesn't solely use the current world rankings to determine the seeds - they weight more heavily the points awarded in grass tournaments during the last couple of years.
  8. Five of us interested in the boat from Vienna to Bratislava on the Monday.
  9. Lendl back with Murray - can only be a good thing! Federer played the 250 in Stuttgart this week and lost against Thiem in the semi, so not sure he's fully recovered from injury. Should be an interesting week ahead at Queen's and Halle.
  10. In my experience the new version is slower via all devices - mobile, ipad and pc. Frustratingly so via mobile! Don't really care about the quoting facility or the layout, but it's obvious that less people are using the board. Like others have said, would be interesting to see board traffic stats before and after the changeover.
  11. Had to switch off - far too frustrating!!! 5-2 up, yet loses the first set?!?!?!
  12. Murray told to go home as he definitely wont be playing today. Weather looks much better tomorrow, so should be ok.
  13. Confirmed as no play today. Will be interesting to see what schedule they release for tomorrow and if they're playing catch up, some matches may be shifted to the outside courts.
  14. Possible that there will be no play today due to the weather, which should benefit Andy. Tomorrows forecast not looking too clever either, but Djokovic will be a round behind and playing catch up.
  15. Jamie Murray knocked out of the doubles in straight sets. Andy should be on court in an hour or so. Here's hoping for a performance similar to that of Friday, against a similar sort of player.