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  1. Didn't mention Varga as I wasn't old enough to watch him play (as far as I'm aware, no footage of him exists playing for us?), so can't judge. Don't agree that Bisconti did little - thought he was head and shoulders above the rest of the team at that time. He did have a terrible attitude off the park though and came across as a horrible person, but I'm concentrating on his football.
  2. 12:15 is a ridiculous KO time anyway, but that weekend the Perth-Glasgow railway line is closed for maintenance meaning that the very few direct trains from Aberdeen to Glasgow will be taking a looooong route via Fife. Reckon less than 10k Dons fans will be able to attend.
  3. It's mostly been mentioned before, but for the Dons Gillhaus and Snelders (If he still counts as non-OF) stand out. Zeroualli was a special talent. This century - Markus Heikenen, Roberto Bisconti and ( especially after this summers exploits) Kari Arnasson. iIf English are classed as foreign - Paul Mason. For cult heroes take your pick between Van Der Ark and Dadi.
  4. A bad day for the Highland league clubs in general, but no idea what's up with Locos this season!
  5. http://flightcompensationdirect.com/ This was the first hit I got with google. There are many others offering the same service, possibly with less commission.
  6. 'Security Issues' are one of their get-outs in the small print. However, I think it's a stretch to use a security scare in Frankfurt on a Wednesday as an excuse for a cancelled flight from Aberdeen on the Friday. I'm lazy and can't be bothered with the time and hassle of corresponding directly with the airline, so I've employed a no-win no-fee company that specialises in this. If successful, they'll take about a third of the 400 euros, but it'll be worth it for me.
  7. Paul, efforts much appreciated - went like clockwork!
  8. Really disappointed, but no arguments with the result. Can't believe Murray let the umpire's decision get to him in such a way - thought he was beyond all that now! Folk can also stop talking about Murray as world number one now as Novak will undoubtedly win his third major of the year now. Andy needs to forget about this Davis Cup pish and take a couple of weeks off before concentrating on the Asian leg of the tour, the Paris Masters and the Tour Finals.
  9. Good shout. Will surely be entitled to something if arriving at a destination 7 hours later than scheduled...
  10. Eventually got through. Now on: 14:15 ABZ to Heathrow with BA and then 19:05 Heathrow to Malta with Air Malta Arriving 7 hours later than planned, but was fearing the worst a couple of hours ago!
  11. Is that BA to Heathrow and then Air Malta?
  12. Still on hold - almost 1hr 45min now!! I've had a good search about - no chance of getting there with Lufthansa tomorrow... only option I can see is a BA / Air Malta combo, but doubt that will be offered. Could be looking at travelling on Saturday now - if that's not all booked!
  13. The incoming flight was cancelled tonight (not sure why), so no plane here tomorrow. Have been in a queue on the Lufthansa helpline for over half an hour now, but struggling to see what the options might be!?
  14. Anyone else booked on the 05:35 tomorrow? just had a text saying it's cancelled!?!?!?
  15. The Norway model on Europe is to join Shengen, abolish borders and continue the free movement of people. Would that proposal really capture any euro-sceptics?