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  1. Films 2016

    A Perfect Day Tim Robbins and Benico Del Toro starring. It might have came out in 2015, but seen it on Tuesday night. Both moving and funny as well. Story about a group of aid workersin Bosnia after the Yugoslav war trying to remove a dead body from a well who are struggling with the bureaucracy of the United Nations . Lots of humour in a dark film, and some touching moments as well, but not overly dramatic - just nice. Well worth paying money to go see.
  2. Sanders didn't vote for the Iraq war. Watched a bit on Tuesday and it's certainly very interesting. Lots of ''just wait til Bernie heads to the black/Hispanic states'' - he was 30% behind in New Hampshire a year ago, and up to 5 months ago the same Iowa. I think he may well win or come very close in Nevada, but Clinton will win in South Carolina.  7/4 for Bernie to win in Nevada and the last poll (before New Hampshire) had Clinton 47 Sanders 43 O'Malley 3. A lot of Bernie's ''white liberal'' appeal. Nevada has 75% white overs. Ted Cruz 4/1 to win South Carolina. Over 50% Evangelical voters I've been hearing on podcasts that South Carolina is where it gets ugly. So we'll soon see if the gloves come off and if Trump can keep the heid. Also, will any of the moderators ever ask Trump how? when he comes out with the same about Mexico, China, walls, Japan, stopping drugs, creating jobs. Jeb Bush painting up his fourth place finish -after spending $110 million in N.H- as success. He isn't that bad an outside bet for the nomination. The Republican mainstream party hate Cruz and would even prefer Trump over him, but ultimately the Washington base would want either Bush or Kasich. If, and more like, when, Carson and Kasich drop out - it'll be interesting to see if they back Rubio or Bush. Rubio looks and talks like the clean-cut politician but when you look at his record - barring the 'Gang of eight' - he is not a 'moderate'.  Bush at 20/1 could be a good surprise bet after all. Fiorina and Christie are out, and imagine unless he does a Kasich in New Hampshire, Carson will have dropped out by the 24th of February. There's a Democratic debate on CNN tonight starts around 1am, and a Republican one on Sat/Sun (think same time or midnight?) morning for any buffs/late night workers and with the dropouts, it'll be - Bush, Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Carson and Rubio.
  3. The list is endless. Every new Scottish program seems to be parochial, unfunny, clichéd dross. The last two you could tell from the 25 second trailers were abysmal - the mountain rescuers and Scot Squad? I refuse to believe we are unoriginal, boring bastards when you see some of the excellent authors, underground and some mainstream bands and artists that come from Scotland.
  4. Cheers Flora. Play the guitar, but finding this a task - getting those chubby fingers moving in two different directions and doing different things. It's going OK, learning basic progressions, and attempting two songs Einaudi - I giorni. Hoping once I learn the chords. It'll get easier, but plan to stick with it. Hoping slow, extra slow even and steady wins the race.
  5. Hi folks Does anyone play the piano or keyboard on here? A friend has kindly given me a shot of his keyboard (66 keys) and I am going to give it a go. Spent the last few days learning the basic chord progressions, C Dm Em F G Am. Not planning on taking lessons as such, and was hoping to learn or at least for now via the internet and aff the cuff (ba dooom tsh). Can anyone recommend a good site, or book for beginners? Cheers
  6. Hi Huddy and Brummie Thank you for your replies. The keyboard shouldn't be an issue as I have used an Icelandic one for a while.
  7. Apologies for derailing the thread, but thought I'd stick it in here rather than starting a new one. I've got the chance to buy a new one over there in the next few weeks at a good rate, but how easy is it to change an operating system's language from Norwegian to English? Is it easier to do this with Windows 10? Thanks.
  8. I work as a support work, often turn up in jeans (there's no dress code) but once the boss or the odd visitor goes, I stick on the old trackies from the rucksack - just as lot of my job involves sitting around and watching films, playing board/card games or socialising. I'd never wear them outside, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure to throw them on and relax.
  9. Mum - both sides are from Angus/Perth/Dundee area. Mostly fermers who travelled about working for their paymasters. Most of the family are in that area with the odd rogue being able to immigrant to Canada or Glesgae/Edinburgh. Although the old second uncles think we have French or Spanish relatives to 'explain the dark hair' in some. Dad - his faither died when he was 10, but seems to be no interest in either side from either. Granda was either from Islay/Jura or Barra, but 'spoke the Gaelic' moved to Glasgow and worked on the buses. Gran's side are from Donegal yet she doesn't know if her faither or grandfaither was Irish.
  10. Quite like most of the 'famous' Christmas songs - Slade, Wizard, Shakin' and for a while Paul McCartney's Christmas was my favourtie. Really like Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping, which never seems to be played much on these end of the year programs. Out of the main ones probably has to be Jona Lewie - Stop The Calvary. Sufjan's Christmas albums are my favourites, but out of the main ones it'll be Jona.
  11. The Soloman Islands - 1 pint in the past 30 days. Although having a few tonight. Maybe we should do the test after Christmas and New Year.
  12. Is Anyone Cofident We'll At Least Make The Play Offs

    We were outfoxed by a heroic Irish win against Germany, and bottling it in Tbilisi. Overall we deserved 4th. You take 4pts from the World Champions, you are probably going to be at the Euros. The difference in us being an average team and good team was shown in Georgia. A better team might not have played great, but would've picked up the three points eg Ireland. Our luck evened out on the scale of things. Although Germany not waltzing the group like England didn't help, but it was all there for us and yet again we failed to deliver. I'm somewhere in the middle. We are nowhere near as bad as some suggest, but we're not particularly good either. Our trouble always is the sides just below us - Belarus, Slovenia, Lithuania, Moldova and our beloved Georgia . Whilst we have struggled against minnows. We tend to usually get the job done (97th minute winners included!). I hope the psychologists are looking in to this. Or are our players over arrogant? Why does it tend to go wrong in these key matches? Not just wrong, but often we are utterly stinking in them too.
  13. Euro 2016 Draw

    From the home nations - think England will do well, Wales will disappoint, Northern Ireland happy to score a goal, and Ireland may surprise a few with their excellent defensive record.
  14. It's going to be a lot worse come the summer. Can see the jokes already. England, Eire, NI, Wales fans all getting a Euro 16 diary and cut to a dark room for us (maybe needs a bit of work)