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  1. Beautiful stuff, imagine seeing that at the Olympics - the ol' blue Scotland and our flag flying. Well done to Alan and Greg. Squash is a great game.
  2. Thomson - thought most Jocks would ken that.
  3. Absolutely! I wasn't meaning it in the throw-away way of ''call that an Olympic sport''. They are brilliant and their times are very good. All built like long-distance runners, and the French guy who holds the world record collapsed a few times/shat himself and finished in about 7th position. It was very interesting, and 3 hrs 30 or so won yesterday's 50km Gold medal just shows you how fast they are going. My 3mile runs are between 19-21 minutes usually depending on the circumstances, and these guys get 22/23mins. Same with a 10k, my best is 37 minutes and the world record for racewalking is 39:22. Amazing!
  4. Surely the 50km walk is pretty much slow warm down jogging
  5. Hahahaha! Tha mi a' smaoineachadh tha gle clever agadsa, fhein
  6. Það er spurning, maður. Ég er ekki viss þá um planið hjá fólksins sem að búa úti eða hérna á landinu. ÍSK er að lagast svo kannski í framtíðinú það væri allt að komast í ljós og þú veist það, er það ekki? Hverning gengur úpp í súmarbústað með Sigga og Jónni? Langaði til að hittast bráðum. Kv.
  7. Yes, why not. I'm 33 and considering studying something like that. You're expected to work until 67, and who knows what age itll be bumped up to in a few years. So if you get in to a day before your 40th birthday - you're probably looking at 30 years of work. Go for it!
  8. He won't need that when in Canada, NZ, or OZ.
  9. If we don't do it, SKY will!!!!
  10. Haha! Or the last horse to sit/lye down once the music stops is eliminated.
  11. Cavendish wipes out the Korean rider - unintentionally possibly - yet the BBC haven't mentioned how he is. He was carried out on an stretcher.
  12. You didn't miss much with the medal ceremony unless you wanted to see Murray mime along to G.S.T.Q. The match itself was excellent. Murray's all round game is superb, although he does tend to let his opponent back in to his game. Was amazed at the amount of broke serves yesterday, maybe that's a bit harsh on JDP as he was excellent too - although found the net quite often. I play a bit of squash when home and pretty disappointed that IOC didn't include it. No idea why I'm saying that, but what sports would you like to see cut/added to the Olympics?
  13. I've backed Del Potro throughout the tournament. He was 8/1 against Djoko, 13/8 v Nadal and 10/3 today. Decided to chuck a few quid on him when he lost the first set at 8/1 as well - so fingers crossed. I'd quite like to see Del Potro win after his injuries and I enjoy watching him, but also would be pleased if Andy does it too. The 'Tina fans are class. Rowdy and having one hell of a time.
  14. The Men's Gold final in tennis has been superb so far. Murray took an early lead, JDP came back to tie it up to 4-4, now Muzza has a chance for the first set. Superb! Murray is tremendous. The last few years his whole game has come on.