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  1. Agree with that. BT treat the game with far more respect and professionalism than Sky do - chucking games on at 12.25, 3 minutes before KO. Sutton is right though, DJ is just a cheerleader. Can see why people dislike Sutton, and he can be a bit of a fanny, but he's usually spot on with a lot of what he says and he obviously cares and enjoys our game too, and treats with far more respect than the tired old shite Sky come out with.
  2. I watched the game on Tuesday and we deserved the win. I though they played pretty impressive and barring a few hairy moments, they looked fairly solid as well. I missed the first game - the 4-0 loss - but don't know if Iceland took the foot of the gas on Tuesday, or if Scotland were very poor in that first game ; but we were the first team that Iceland conceded against and took points off in the group - they were talking about a 100% record with 0 conceded all last week, so that was a nice win for our lassies. First goal was a cracker too. I really hope they get a lot of exposure and media in the build up to next year.
  3. It's really taxing watching Davis Cup matches with Britain involved. I wish them well, but the crowd doing my head in.
  4. Good old Eck. What a legend.
  5. We shouldn't have a national team as we are not a proper country. Doesn't mean I won't support Scotland and I will, and we will continue to have a team when the likes of Gibraltar, the UK regional teams, and the Faroes all have national sides, but really if there is a GB team we can't complain.
  6. Fantastic achievement. Makes the game in Reykjavík a fun friendly as both teams have qualified. Delighted for the team and they've come a huge way in the last ten years, we were basically cannon fodder for a long time. Our only bad result throughout qualifying was the Iceland game. Brilliant.
  7. Another interesting aspect of this will be if we ever see a Kosovan-Serb represent them? Probably not for the foreseeable future, but I believe Milos Krasic is from Pristina - although he may well have retired?
  8. We are only one game away from a disaster as we all know, but given the win, and it's Lithuania - who really are shite - I'd love to see us putting in a great, attacking performance and coming away with a comfortable 3-0 win. I'd take 1-0 right now, but if we can beat Lithuania and for example Slovakia lose in Slovenia or preferably a 0-0 ; we will then go to Slovakia with 6pts and them with 0/1 and huge pressure on them - a draw would be a good result for us and would leave them toiling a little, whilst they'll have easier games to come, the table would still show 7pts to 2, etc. Maybe should just take one game at time, but Lithuania is a huge game which could set up early indentation of how the group will go. Certainly will keep the heid, and we all mind how awful we were against Italy/France in the summer, and whilst we got some lucky breaks against Malta - they don't lose heavily, and I believe they'll take pts off of the other middle four teams in the group at home - we should be optimistic about a good win. KO is excellent too. Just mind and pace your drinking, and we'll get the place absolutely buzzing. So if you cannae handle it, nae drinking until 3pm.
  9. Disappointed with Hartson's comments. As for people having a go at Burke after his debut - if true - they need to get a grip. Burke played reasonably well and for his first start, he did very well. Also, he offers (if going by that performance and his start to the season in England) us something we lack, an fast-paced attacking minded player. Him and Snodgrass could be huge players for us this campaign and the fine line between success and failure. Not to put pressure on the lad though. Let's see how he does in Germany and unless he falls out of form rapidly, I'd be willing to start him again against Lithuania.
  10. Great result for them, and certainly have progressed through friendlies and knocked up some impressive scalps. Always wonder what it'll be like through time if the 'Albanian' identity will dilute and a Kosovan one will come more to the front. If I recall the Kosovan FA are trying to encourage - and maybe UEFA/FIFA- the fans not to wave the red and black of Albania, but the blue and yellow of Kosovo. Barney, can maybe give more information. For many Albanians and Kosovars, it's probably like the "good Scot, great Brits" in Scotland - Scotland the wee team and only for fitba, rugby : but British most importantly. Regional and national identities. There has to be a few concerns that Kosovo will end up an Albania B team, and it'll be very interesting through time if a genuine superstar comes out of Pristina (or more probable, Switzerland) and if he opts for Albania or Kosovo. Fair dues to them though, a cracking point, and a group with no great teams ; but a lot of good ones - they may well cause a few surprise results.
  11. Snoddy has been superb. Our key player and hopefully he can stay fit. We were fortunate with the penalty and Malta going down to ten men, but we've scored goals and could've had a sixth most likely if Snodgrass was greedier at went himself than giving it to S.Fletcher who of course lost the ball. The main thing was to win, and we've done that. We played well in spells, but that defence is still extremely dodgy and we will conceded more goals throughout. Burke has looked reasonably good if a bit raw. Not sure about Paterson, but we haven't really got any other options at that position. Lithuania up next at Hampden. We should be looking to build on this and put in a good performance and win.
  12. Very fortunate with that. Fingers crossed we now win this 3-1. You never know with us though.
  13. I just want to see us play or dig in if it's not going to plan e.g 0-0 or even go a goal behind. Show some of this 'Scottish' spirit that we are meant to have.
  14. I think that's most likely right.
  15. Would agree with the last few comments. There's no rush to hold a quick-fire referendum, and the SNP will wait to see what Brexit actually means even if it is suppose to mean Brexit itself, yes! We lose this next one, and it's over pretty much. It'll be a waiting game, and none of us know when the chance will come - didn't think Brexit would win - but the SNP and the Yes need to be on the ball and prepared. Also, no crowing, zoomering or belittling DK's and soft Nos about their vote. We all might have said something in the heat of the loss, but we'll only win this with a clear and convincing and broad argument. Winning over the likes of Malcolm Chisholm, Simon Pia, Henry McLeish whilst not exactly relevant in modern Scottish politics, they would be huge arrivals to the Yes movement. Just have to bide our time for now, but with that cluster-funk down south in govt we may well be going again very soon. Wouldn't be worrying about being only slightly ahead or even behind as the YouGov poll showed today. The currency will be a massive issue, and we need to be ready for it much better than before.