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  1. Rob Shorthouse

    I must have dreamt this or have offically gone doo-lalay, but I thought there was a quote from Braveheart around the lines of "How can I be loyal when England is foreign to me". I would have taken that line and swung it around to half-jokingly say the same thing about Shorthouse but replace it with Scotland (he is a Gers man after all). Anyhoos, the video itself. I wouldn't get upset about it. Scotland will be independent. Slowly, yearly by year, the union continues to crumble - the Labour party will be extinct in fifteen years. They are an utter irrelevance on the grand scheme of things. Yessers need to keep the heid, and not post up shitey GIFs or blame previous No voters. If you watch the video, you'll notice that a netural room in Austria isn't exactly inspired or excited by the speech. They proabbly, like many Europeans we must have all met after the Indyref or when discussing it, just felt sorrow for him/us.
  2. I never grew up in Dundee but spent a lot of time there playing music, football and socialising, but grew up outside it, and been told I sound like a Dundonian and a few times like 'Christian Dailly'. I never warmed to the accent, but now I'm a bit older, I really like it - Alife in the video - although real orray-borray isn't great to listen to. It's probably the same in other parts, but I find it amazing you can basically go 5 miles north of Carnoustie and the accent changes in to almost pardon my French 'teuchter' or Doric sounding.
  3. Breaking: Its big Sam.

    It's not qualifying that they struggle with - apart from Graham Taylor and Steve Mclaren. I think Allardyce will do as well as manager. They will be tight, probably ugly to watch from a netural view - but if it works, then féck it, plat to your strengths -and rack up the wins. The only issue will be if England start waltzing the group and friendlies and he ends up with a 90% win rate or so by playing the way he tends to and the press will then begin to challenge the sttyle of football etc, and demand more of players that previously have shown isn't yet possible. Whilst Hodgson had a pretty disastrous Euros ; his record is good for non-tournament football. Our group won't be any easier with Allardyce over Hodgson. I expect England to win it well, possibly even all ten games.
  4. League Cup 2016/17

    Enjoying the extra point/madhouse format. At least they are trying something different to revamp the cup.
  5. Not sure if it would've won any more/less votes. The currency is one of the most difficult parts of winning a Yes vote, and a bit of a double-edged sword either way with being told we 'cannot' use the pound, or starting a fresh. I would have gone with a new currency as well, but I can't see it winning over the more cautious/potential Yes voter.
  6. Connah's Quay are 1-0 up in Norway against Stabaek. First tie was 0-0.
  7. Is McGinn finally on holiday?
  8. Wales - Belgium

    Magnificent stuff from Wales, and worthy winners. They are an excellent side. Williams, Ramsey, Allen, Bale, Chester, heck even Robson-Kanu on the back of that performance would walk in to a Scotland team. They play good football too, and I hope they get to the final.
  9. And FC College Europa of Gibraltar have beaten an Armenian side Putynik 2-0. Must be the shock of the first round so far.
  10. Looking like Connah's Quay have drawn 0-0 with Stabaek. An excellent result for the Welsh.
  11. Pretty pathetic stuff from the two Scots teams, so far.
  12. "Blow for Sturgeon as Johnson won't be PM "
  13. Iain Martin what a fud.
  14. Euros Betting

    Absolutely delighted to have jinxed England!
  15. Euros Betting

    I don't think they'll do it, but England 10/1 might have some value. They should win tonight, and the French haven't looked great either. Maybe an eachway bet? Nah, féck it, they'll get put out tonight on Pens.