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  1. This nurse shite is probably going to end up much bigger than it really should be cause a few nuggets seem to think she is married to a Tory councilor. If you want to see SNP MPs, get out and help your local team not spouting shite on Twitter than actually harms the SNP more than it should. This will no doubt end up with a "My Cybernat Hell" and will run for a few days thanks to this. Who would have remembered her after tonight? No one. Thankfully Davidson was absolutely awful and the SNP have their manifesto launch on Tues.
  2. Absolutely. I like him and the Labour manifesto is exciting. I won't be voting for him though - England has to do that and if they do, then like any normal country there could well be a progressive coalition. The recent polls over the past few days showing Labour getting to and within single digits are exciting and hopefully Corbyn can go on and close the gap further. I'm stuck in two minds though - the media will now spin this in to a a hung-parliament etc so get out and vote Tory ; but the 2 million new registered voters and I don't think Labour will do as badly in their 'heartlands' as some journos were predicting at the start along with some hopefully stay at home OAPs will balance it all out. Feck knows though. One thing though, the Lib Dems are having a disaster and I'd love to see them wiped out. The Tories - you know what you get with them and I don't like them, but there's something just awful about the Dems that I cannot abide. Power-hungry, weark-willed, and lots of other double-descriptive things to say about them and their MPs, but I'll shut up for noo.
  3. SNP vote is steady-ish. 40-44% from the last few polls. Whilst the Tories seem to have picked up support from everyone including natural Tories who probably voted SNP in Angus, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire etc to keep Labour out years ago. I think that Robertson and Wishart will keep their seats. The Tories also will probably get 5-6 seats at most and miss out in Edinburgh South, Renfrewshire East etc due to strong 3 way battles.
  4. Times/YouGov Scotland W'minster VI Poll. SNP 42% (+1) Con 29% (+1) Lab 19% (+1) LD 6% (-1) Grn 2% (-1) UKIP 1% (-1) changes from 3 weeks ago In terms of seats SNP 47 (-9) Con 8 (+7) Con gains inc Moray, Perth & North Perthshire and East Renfrewshire
  5. That Labour manifesto looks very appealing and I would certainly vote for them if living in England. No doubt Kezia or some of the muppets in SLAB like Ian Murray will come out in the next few hours distancing themselves from this and get a low blow in. Sadly it looks like for most Brits the only interest in this election is for Brexit. May won't take any questions from journos and doing limited campaigning - go to a factory, allow certain people in then out the back door yet people won't vote Corbyn cos he has a messy garden or his tie doesn't suit right. I really detest the Lib Dems though, almost as much as the Tories, especially their Scottish branch. I hope their big 'comeback' ends up amounting to more or less the same as it did last week.
  6. We lost the first one when they were apparently on board, so no big loss really.
  7. This/and so is next month to an extent, the Tories 'No surrender/second referendum' moment. Whilst there's no doubt they did well. They did no win and came no where near winning a majority of seats. The SNP have a steady hardcore support. And make no doubt about it! Turnout was up in many of the rural areas - the Tories were out to say No, and whilst they may well have equalled or even peeped ahead of the SNP in Perthshire or Aberdeenshire. The SNP vote held steady and took some decent scalps. I will most likely vote for the Greens in the next Holyrood election on the list ; but if the SNP can get even a small number of members to do something, anything to beat the Tories in June ; it will send a very powerful message to London. I can see why some might disappointed that the SNP didn't win by larger margins, but this was almost an alignment of things. The Lib Dem fightback turned out to be nothing - although they did poll in their target seats ; the Greens finally picked up some seats thanks to the SNP - it always feels like its SNP asking for Green votes, so I'm glad to see a big increased in Greens ; Labour who I realised last year at not the enemy after all but they really don't help theirselves in Scotland with Dugdale/McAveety ''this is a bad night for the SNP'', they truly deserve oblivion ; and we are left with the Tories - this was their big turnout/'I'm going to tell that woman moment and they didn't even put a dent in the SNP.
  8. What will be interesting will be to see the vote numbers when this is done. The real shame in this is the good local independents who have lost seats. The SNP will make modest gains overall - but probably lose a few seats in the heartlands; the Greens will make some good gains ; the Tories will make massive gains and it'll be talked up no doubt - but look from where they were starting, e.g in some areas 0 ; and the Libs well apart from a few areas they are strong, the fight back is most certainly not happening! The SNP possibly have put up too many councillors in certain areas. E.G seen one Glasgow ward with 3 SNP candidates all with good first preferences, and the Tories with one. One good thing about all this is the parties will have a good idea of where they need to work to get their vote out in 5 weeks.
  9. And like wise, you are right ; but for the strangler/NO SECOND REFERENDUM crowd it'll no doubt be on one of their leaflets. I think this leak in support will be minimal though. The polls for Indy/SNP have been fairly solid over the past few years (constantly in the 40s), and the ones who don't vote SNP in June will be the tartan Tories going home.
  10. You also have 10 years of the SNP being in government and some will be tired of that too, but agree with a lot of what you say.
  11. I agree. They also have East Renfrewshire going to the Tories in that poll when Labour seem to fancy their chances and put up a pretty high-profile candidate in Blair McDougall. Surely that'll stump the tactical unionists - go with the Tories or Labour. I don't know enough about the demographics and so on, but the Aberdeen South Tory candidate seems to be a full-blown idiot, and is already a MSP. Like wise in Moray, wee Dougie Ross - a linesman, MSP, and soon to be an MP? It'll be interesting for the odds though and will be keeping an eye on it. The SNP surely will lose seats, but the likes of Moray I think some Labour/Lib soft unionists may vote for Robertson. I think the longer this election goes on and the Tories, well May really, her tactic of attacking Corbyn, spouting 'strong and' then Brexit followed by next to no questions, debate, pensions scrutiny (hopefully). She is not doing debates because she is terrible at thinking on her feet will make people think twice about voting Tory. They used to talk about shy Tories etc, is there a shy Labour vote possibly. Possibly not, but there was an excellent point by a guy in the crowd on QT last night about May calling a election but won't actually participate in it, and people are willing to vote her party yet she won't engage with the public. Then again Brexit, Make Britain Great Again, etc and a lot of I'm Alright, Jock/Jack/Taff/Paddy's out there.