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  1. That statement is basiaclly Dugdale's leadership - vapid, incoherent, amateur and misleading.
  2. Labour are in serious danger of heading in to single digit territory in Scotland. Corbyn unelectable down south, and their branch up here a complete disaster. Any time I try and feel sorry for them - let's be honest they are utterly spineless, gutless and pathetic, but they're still a bawhair better than the Conservatives -they will come out with some absolute clich├ęd bollocks like Khan today, or Corbyn right after the Brexit bill with his ''Now the fight against Brexit starts'' Almost like they want to fail.
  3. Haven't heard but read it was Lesley Brennan.
  4. That was impressive stuff. Seen the first 30 minutes and thought we were fortunate to still be in the game - same old. Lacey had a very decent game too, was a bit worried about him at the start. Second half was excellent and blew the old 'glorious failure' cobwebs out of the water. England will be tough, but let's see if we can finally get a win there now we've beaten the Welsh for the first time in 10 years - unbelievable that.
  5. Tomorrow doesn't look that appealing. Only time I have ever seen Swinney come across in this setting was QT the week after the referendum.
  6. Federalism will never work in the UK as that means equality between all four nations. Not a hope in hell of four 'nations' within in one Union having that when the main one has about 85% of the population.
  7. This still the elephant in the room, although let's see how much it's worth after Brexit. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/scots-want-to-keep-after-independence/
  8. That is a big surprise. He was a BIG no. Unless he's joining for research for more SNPbad. As long as ago as two days ago he was criticizing the SNP - of course that should be allowed, and should happen and be encouraged!- but it just seems a bit odd that he's decided to join as a member. Unless he's been on the sauce and lost a bet. Time will tell and maybe we'll get a six month Daily Record two-spread special from him about how the SNP is a dictatorship. Also, Simon Pia seems to now back Scottish independence alongside Eric Joyce. Malcolm Chisholm is also verging ever so closer to saying he supports statehood, and we'll probably be waiting on Henry McLeish to complete his marathon too. I can't imagine Pia, Chisholm or even McLeish would join the SNP; but if/when there is another referendum they are all valuable assets to the cause.
  9. Yes, there might be a few rogue Labour MPs who won't back it, but the Tory -who were remain- MPs will all vote for Brexit. Labour will abstain although it's looking like Scotland's hero Alasdair Carmichael will vote against it. The Libs seem to be pushing 'we are the party of Europe' message that has seen them pick up a MP seat and will be hoping win them council seats, by-elections and back some of those MP seats they lost in 2015.
  10. I'm not surprised, and I doubt many are either about the verdict of the supreme court today. Both the Brexit going through parliament and it's a matter for the UK govt only.
  11. Current work is fairly sound. A mixed team of women and men. The only real one issue is a guy I work with regularly and for 95% of the time is sound, but he'll get in a bee in his bonnet about if certain things are in his 'job description' or the 'rules and legislation' of his contract. To be fair, if an issue comes out we usually talk it out and come to some form of a compromise, but you're thinking to yourself 'why bother' fussing over something that is so trivial and possibly on the gray line of your job description that rather than debating it for an hour or more, it would be far easier just doing it e.g changing the light bulb. Worked in an all female post -or nearing it- menopause environment a few years back and it was the worst place I have worked. Lots of snippy, backstabbing, overly dramatic nonsense every single day. The job was alright itself just ruined by grumpy auld witches. Really need a gender balance for places like that. I honestly don't know how the folk can't just get on at work. Be civil, polite, and respect each other. Working with absolute bastards can ruin people's lives and it's simply amazing how petty people can be about things that have absolutely no relevance or at least, they shouldn't in anyone's day to day lives.
  12. So the PM's big speech was basically a wish-list.
  13. Does anyone know when the supreme court's verdict is due?
  14. Comes across very well and as a likable guy. I'm sorry it didn't work out for him, and was treated pretty appalling by the British media because he says 'PK' rather than penalty or once said 'a road game' rather than 'away'. Yet, it's quite alright for Brits to use Americanisms, but let's not have Americans coming over here and using them. He possibly was a poor appointment, and it looks like Swansea are already doomed, but I was really hoping he would have kept them up and stick it to the English press wolves.