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  1. Kosovo

    Is there a Kosovan identity growing - since statehood? If Kosovo end up being an Albania B, or Albania knicking their top players, the brotherhood could end up more like a huge rival. Who voted against Gibraltar in the other vote?
  2. Agree. Similar to the SNP in 07. Although no doubt the likes of the Guardian have already 'Taffy Tories' lined up after the deadlock. If does indeed go to another poll, surely it'll be on the 23rd along with the EU ref.
  3. Voting

    John Scott (Tory), JoLa and Ken Macintosh going for the PO job with Murdo Fraser (The Queens' 11) deciding today if he'll make a run for it.
  4. Voting

    An interesting result. Even more so that Nicola has came out already stating she'll go with a minority government. D'Hondt isn't the greatest system, but is reasonably fair compared to something like FPTP. Not really sure how I feel. I was tempted to vote Green on the list and probably should have with hindsight (NE region) but happy to see they won some seats across Scotland and seem to have done well out of the voting system regards numbers and share of the vote. The SNP will also have to focus again and won't be able to steam roll through legislation or clog up committees, and I say that as an SNP member. Hopefully we might see something bolder regards taxation and land reform, but they may well look for support elsewhere for budgets/bills. Seen a few SNP fanatics on social media blaming the Greens which is a bit rich considering there was a meme going around last year "vote with your head in 15, vote with your heart 16'' trying to attract Green voters. Nothing has changed regards the constitution, both the Greens and the SNP have said similar things in that there will be a referendum when people want one - and the Greens will back that, two thirds of their members joined after the referendum and they ken where their bread is buttered. Should be an interesting five years.
  5. Voting

    Lent on the enter (return it was gr9wing up)
  6. Voting

    This is where SNP list votes comes in handy.
  7. Voting

    Labour confident of winning Edinburgh South
  8. Voting

    No point in trying to make any logic from Orkney (nor Shetland) about Lib Dem vote. Kevin McKenna making some good points about Labour, Scunnered and whoever else on here is a Labour voter.
  9. Voting

    After nearly killing myself last year on the Limoncella nips for every constituency won by the SNP, I've opted for a slow swig of red wine Labour wine this year sipping away their vote as it falls. Although the thought of Murdo Fraser, Davidson, crowing about second is giving me the boak.
  10. Voting

    Greens looking good for 4th place and beating Labour in Kelvin (Harvie) according to Twitter.
  11. Voting

    Probably not on a non UK ip, but you could try tunnelbear - free to download. PS Will send you a PM!
  12. Voting

    SNP/SNP Tempted to vote Green on the list, but eventually went SNP. Although won't be too sad if the SNP lose their majority by a couple of seats, and require the Greens for govt - who can hopefully push through more exciting land reform. Seeing quite a few SNP/Green on social media etc, but could well be a wee bubble talking to themselves or a good 10-15% of last time SNP list voters have gone that way. Preferably Labour finish second. As shite as they are, I'd quite like to see a dissapointed Murdo Fraser, Ruth Davidson etc through the wee hours after talking it up for months. Greens to overtake the Libs would be very good too. Also wouldn't mind seeing Tavish Scott punted from Shetland although I doubt that'll happen, the Libs to go down to 2 MSPs please, and UKIP to fail miserably with 2% plus give or take, and a close battle to see if the SNP get a majority or need the Greens for govt,will make a fairly mundane election quite interesting.
  13. As much as I dislike Labour, I don't know if I can bare seeing the likes of Murdo Fraser, David Mundell, Margaret Mitchell, and so on all crowing on TV about being the opposition on the 6th of May. So ideally, a shambolic showing from Labour, but they end up something like 22 MSPs and Tories do their usual 15% pish, please! Also, Scottish hacks especially on Twitter - stopping trying to make Ruth Davidson happen. Trying to paint her up as a fun, joly Jock version of Farage doesn't disguise her awful party.