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  1. I think he should go. He came in and did a good job after a horrible time under Levein, but we are steadily heading back that way. I can't recall the last game we played good football. Some people were getting hugely excited about gubbing Malta 5-1 away - after a huge amount of luck e.g red card(s), penalty's given very harshly. Our defence has been shockingly bad. We don't look comfortable or strong at all. It's probably harsh to criticise him as he does pull off some excellent saves, but Marshall can often flog a goal at the wrong time. Our defence look like a team that should be ranked 100th in the world. Against any decent side they are constantly under-pressure, make too many errors or even let off the hook by their opponents messing up. Slovakia tonight could've been through more times than they were if it wasn't for their own last minute sloppy pass or bad decision making. Playing S Fletcher upfront on his own is never going to work against a decent team, if you are expecting to win the match. Fletcher is a useful player to have and very good at times holding the ball, but he isn't good enough to play that role on his own - unless we were winning 1-0 and trying to hold out. Some of the general play is just awful and whilst Strach has to take some blame for the system, tactics and his arrogrance; many of the players just are not good enough, but again that is no excuse as we've seen with Northern Ireland - you can get results with limited footballers. Too many times tonight professional players ran the ball out like a Sunday league team would do, our ball control is terrible, not many of the players look comfortable on the ball.
  2. I think you are wrong. Our best players tonight were the ones who play in Scotland - Tierney, Griffiths, McGinn (when on).
  3. Nevio Scala
  4. Grant Hanley is a professional footballer. What will he be on a week, 30k at least? A scary thought. An absolutely atrocious footballer in clown's shoes. Paterson is not cut out for this level. Tierney has been superb though. Such a shame he's surrounded by second-rate footballers. Gap between supporting midfielders and attacks is shockingly bad. Whilst we've created the odd half-chance, we either relinquish the ball ourselves through error or there is no one there to assist. That half chance from Snodgrass' cross yet no one there in the middle. Slovakia aren't even that good. Their keeper is poor, and their defence shaky albeit a lot better than our centre halves. A decent side like Ireland, Iceland would go here and win. We won't.
  5. The draw in Dublin was -at the time- a good result. Taking 4pts off the Irish was a good return. What ####ed us was Ireland taking 4 off Germany, and not being able to see of Poland in both games when we were ahead. We had a fair amount of luck in that Euro group as well though - Georgia and Ireland at Hampden had some hairy moments, and of course that stinker in Tblisi. I'd give him these next two games. Not expecting anything from the England match, but if we can win in Slovakia and somehow get a result or at least show something different and play well in England - which I doubt due to his stubborn, arrogant, and one dimensional tactics then he should stay on. I'd imagine he might walk himself if we are gubbed in the next two, but strangely if he does go by Christmas - the way the group is going, we may still have an outside chance at second spot with the new coach in for 2017.
  6. Divisive SNP. Sturgeon must condem and answer, frankly.
  7. Not a hope in hell of getting any of those guys.
  8. Yes, there is a feeling of that. Some of the optimists might think we are being a tad melodramtic as our group looks fairly open - between the middle four sides all taking pts off each other so far - but whilst other average Euro nations may stutter at home like we did, they'll win on the road or beat a higher ranked opponent, we won't! And that's why it's near enough over. We're pretty much Donald Trump. Next to no chance, but who knows he may pull it out the hat on Sunday and we may well win the next two games - both scenarios highly unlikely, but when there's life there is a chance.
  9. 100% agree. He's not going to go unless it gets even worse. The way the group is going so far - the four middle teams all taking points off each other - and a win on Tuesday would put us in a good place, but suggesting that right now after such a disastrous result makes me sound insane. Tonight was awful, and it's almost 1 step forward 3 back with Strachan.
  10. Shocking stuff. Lithuania defended and did their job well, so fair dues to them. They didn't create much at all, but took their only chance. The first half was terrible. Two very poor teams playing each other. Burke is young and raw started quite poorly and lost the ball a few times with poor ball control, but had a few decent moments - a baffling substitution as he was starting to get in to the game and is a dangerous player for us to have on. The defence are just a bombscare. Robertson was excellent, but Hanley and Paterson are not defenders. We will always concede goals. Second half was much better, but still we struggled to break them down. McArthur and Griffiths were both excellent when on. Snoddy did ok. Strangely you could say Slovenia winning is a result that went our away, and whilst a draw is a bog-awful-terrible (making up words now, ffs) result it's not the castrophic disaster 1-0 Lithuania would've been. Lithuania are rank though, and we've dropped two points. We HAVE to win now in Slovakia! Did they have the gall to play the shite song after we scored? I hope not.
  11. I'll go for around 40,000. If we win, and get a positive result in Slovakia, followed by a good performance in England - expect the next home games will be sold-out.