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  1. As much as I dislike Labour, I don't know if I can bare seeing the likes of Murdo Fraser, David Mundell, Margaret Mitchell, and so on all crowing on TV about being the opposition on the 6th of May. So ideally, a shambolic showing from Labour, but they end up something like 22 MSPs and Tories do their usual 15% pish, please! Also, Scottish hacks especially on Twitter - stopping trying to make Ruth Davidson happen. Trying to paint her up as a fun, joly Jock version of Farage doesn't disguise her awful party.
  2. He's romped home in the last few primaries. All were in the North East - where he has done well in every one so far baring Maine. Also, a lot of exit polls showing more and more Republican voters saying they'll back the Republican nominee whoever it is. So you could say for him, it's been a good few weeks. Indiana next - I think if Donald J. wins there, he'll have this tied up before the convention. The Republicans are in a no-win situation. Donald gets the nominee and some of their hardcore may stay home, it goes to the convention and he loses on the first ballot ; he takes the ball and the Republicans lose his voters.
  3. Remain will win well. 65-35 is my prediction.
  4. Holyrood predictions

    Yeah, agreed. I received a bottle of Limoncella(sic) and with it's bright yellow colour, decided to play a game that I'll take a wee nip for every constituency seat won by the SNP. The rest was history and a disaster. Great viewing though, and the drama of the majority being confirmed at around 5pm the next day on the list vote.
  5. Lovely jubbly. Although no doubt we'll be treated to a story about mad Vlad Putin's links to it all rather than Britain's finest.
  6. Holyrood predictions

    Wouldn't mind seeing an SNP-Green coalition. Predictions : SNP to win again. Greens to gain on their 2 MSPs, but nowhere near the 9 or so the last few polls have been predicting - maybe end up with 3 more their current tally. Their fairweather indy/dinnae mind Harvie support to opt for the SNP at the ballot box. Lib Dems to keep their 5, gain one or two even. RISE to have slept through the alarm - and will fail to register outwith Glasgow where there they'll get 2-3% of the vote. As much as I dislike Labour, the thought of Ruth Davidson being championed throughout the media as the official 'opposition', "DIDNT WE DO WELL" is enough of an incentive to hope that Labour still lose lots of MSPs, but evenutally are runners up (in an ideal world, that would be the Greens or whoever, but it's not going to happen). Saying that hopefully the Tories pick up any 55% Brit Nat UKIP votes and stop Coburn and his party from gaining a seat/s.
  7. New Strip Launch

    Thanks. Haha, yes, I'll take my chances with the Air China free delivery.
  8. New Strip Launch

    On the topic of Ali Express, how long did the delivery take to arrive? I was thinking of ordering a gift for someone (hoping it would arrive before the event in seven weeks).
  9. Some very interesting reading here. Breaks it all down too. http://panamapapers.sueddeutsche.de/articles/56febff0a1bb8d3c3495adf4/
  10. U17s

    Is that two or three even championships on the bounce for Scott Gemmill including a semi-final?
  11. Squad Vs Denmark

    He's right though. Saying that, how many Danes can you or average football fans name?
  12. Good man, Dave. Great song, video, and hope you are well.
  13. Watched a few bits on RTE and read a few pieces about the Rising. A discussion panel with 3 pro / 3 against Irish historians discussing the Rising and the what ifs/may/next/buts of it all - very fascinating. A great nation no doubt at all. Whist Irish pals continued to tell me pre-referendum that it wasn't all milk and honey, and to seriously think before voting, they at least could control their own destiny. Definitely will be wishing them well and cheering them on the summer at the Euros.