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  1. Venue Confirmed

    For me sevilla 82 was way hotter than skopje
  2. Ssc Renewal Information

    Same For an aulder hoor like me it doesn,t hold the same attraction as it used to
  3. Ssc Renewal Information

    and another 20 +years member on 8 points but my times up
  4. Ticket Prices Are Out

  5. Think he,d make a good pre match entertainer in the dressing room
  6. 2700

    Agree but expect our allocation to sell out
  7. This You,d think that would have been actioned at the time the loan was repaid.Of course it's maybe just been paid recently
  8. 2700

    So anyone who renews after Feb 26 th but before March 2 nd deadline unlikely to get a ticket
  9. Problem with silly Davies is he's still being paid by Notts Forest apparently
  10. Advice Needed On Transfers

    Hoppa £7-49 one way for shuttle from airport to central prague
  11. Pyro At The Fitba

    If he had been an unemployed smackheed or alky he,d have got community service
  12. Trafalgar Tae Wembley

    We had a carry out.If it was a huge car park it was Lidl we were in which was a shortish stagger to Wembley,if not not a scooby
  13. Trafalgar Tae Wembley

    Lidl,thas where we were not Asdas/Tescos.I,d obviously consumed too many to remember
  14. Pyro At The Fitba

    Judge trying to make a name for himself
  15. Trafalgar Tae Wembley

    And the polis will stop you from drinking in the street.We were moved on from outside a bar/ shops near Wembley or we would be lifted,but they did direct us to the car park of a supermarket across the road,tescos/ asdas?where they could drink our carry out as it was private