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  1. Squad Announced Tomorrow

    Fairly uninspiring,thankfully didnt renew my SSC membership
  2. Ray McKinnon

    Allegedly Mc.kinnon was approached by Utd last Friday Raiths CEO was in the directors box with Thomson at the Dundee derby
  3. No BT only covering fromsemi final onwards
  4. A bit disrespectful to the rovers considering the Rangers could only draw with them a week or so ago
  5. Rangers v Celtic

    Good luck to the Hibs in the final.Be quite gauling to see a club win it that left a trail of creditors,robbed the tax payer and small businesses of thousands upon thousands of £
  6. This and Wally just fuelled the hoards with his comments or are season tickets due renewal
  7. Standing

    Thanks for the link TM,interesting read and dont get me wrong i,m not against standing at football,on the contrary all for it,
  8. TV Money

    Scottish Payments English
  9. Standing

    experience?been going to Scotland games since the late 60,s Why do you think standing creates a better atmosphere?Why can't the atmosphere be the same or equally as good sitting?
  10. Standing

    Why and have you got stats/ concrete evidence to substantiate your claim?
  11. 23000 memberships

    No restriction,entitled to go in to any stand
  12. Not a football debt? Was paying all football debt notpart of the 5 way agreement
  13. Team against Malta

    Expect the same old same old from Strachan