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  1. Dave King and confirmed in the same sentence
  2. Yep hilarious but its an embarrassment for Scottish football overall.Is it any wonder nobody wants to invest in our game
  3. An absolute joke of a competition Arbroath play Inverness away in the league cup on Sunday 30th then play Inverness under 20,s away a few days after in this cup
  4. The SFA

    I have done the same stretch as yourself but I,m not at tipping point I,ve tipped .Did go with my laddie but with his work and lack of funds there's no push from his direction so never renewed my SSC losing 8 points in the process,do I care?Not one jot
  5. See big Mike has strengthened his hold on the financial running of Rangers Retail and tightened his grip on the Rangers club shops by resigning from rangers retail and appointing three others..Means his men now outnumber the clubs
  6. Can't believe some actually think some of these Russian thugs/ cowards looked trained
  7. Slovakia

    Don't think we're in a position to call any team that's qualified and playing in the Euros woeful or pish
  8. This Some of the vids online are sickening
  9. This will eventually go the same way as the league sections years ago,down the tubs due to lack of interest/ crowds
  10. Virgin East Coast Tickets

    Return train is available to book via trainline £103 return,down the day before the game,back day after the game
  11. Squad Announced Tomorrow

    Fairly uninspiring,thankfully didnt renew my SSC membership