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  1. Anyone who believes anything kings says is needing sectioned is this 18 mill he talks about his own money or inclusive of the numerous soft loans he's accepted from others?
  2. Hearts should never have got second chance.Rovers should have won the first game.
  3. Cheers,kinda thought that.
  4. Guessing because it was a civil case they never received a jail sentence or is because they are/ were footballers?
  5. On the contrary,it is a big deal.Unfortunately the law does view it differently.The case under discussion was high profile e.g. on the TV,viewed but thousands,examples had to be made.If that same guy had attempted the same act outside a pub or anywhere for that matter IMO unlikely to receive a 9 month jail sentence
  6. Is it?it wasn't,t for the twat who did exactly the same to my mate,unprovoked,in front of witnesses and CCTV.Never mind,you know best
  7. It's a jailable offence if it happens at Hampden in front of cameras viewed by thousands in a cup final,sure if the same thing happened on the streets at chucking out time it's not
  8. Listen,I know where your coming from but the point I,m making is all students,pensioners or disabled don't lack in disposable income and there others in employment worse or not much better off.Its where you draw the line
  9. Nonsense,if that was the case there would by twats jailed left ,right and centre every weekend
  10. Not all but then again never intimated that I take it the fact you highlight the student plight and not the pensioners/ disabled you are or were one?
  11. Farcical if that had happened anywhere else e.g. outside a pub on a normal night out he wouldn,t have been jailed
  12. No and never said that.Should we let those in part time work,zero hour contract work,those on low paid/ minimum wage work in for free as well?
  13. Why?I know students,pensioners and dare I say disabled who have more disposable income than some in full time employment
  14. Any friendly would be underwhelming,in fact any up and coming Scotland games are underwhelming
  15. I know it's not easy to accept but the truth hurts