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  1. Queens top of the championship?they were murder last night.Made it easy for rangers
  2. In a nutshell
  3. Gulf in class yet Warburton doesn,t think so
  4. Will do,there's 5 of us we're Edinburgh based so might get the train.Decide tonight
  5. Thanks
  6. Let the booers boo in peace, if you don't want to boo stand in the concourse i,m all for booing,
  7. Can you post details up here,price etc ?
  8. Here's hoping there's nae cancellation of trains like the last time leaving the option trying to get on the next overcrowded train or of a bus to Carlisle then train
  9. 1) unless you walk about with your eyes closed when you follow Scotland this is the case home and away 2)No doubt but alcohol is the catalyst Again no doubt t that some/ in fact many need to grow up a bit
  10. A combination of both but you knew that
  11. it shouldn,t be a problem but sadly it is or can be when there's drink involved which is consumed in large quantities by some Personally don't see why anyone feels the need to wear club colours,it's Scotland there supporting
  12. All of this
  13. There's one thing,the press/ media are behind him as he seems to get a much easier time from them than previous managers
  14. Definitely no contact