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  1. Don't bet on it.We have our fair share of rockets and the Lithuanians are happy to scrap with anyone as shown on our previous visits
  2. Ditto
  3. Certainly better than We,ll be coming or Doh a Deer
  4. Hampden Park is an all seater stadium.If someone is standing in front of you ask them to sit down.If he/ they refuses report it to a steward if he does diddly squat report it to the polis.If they do diddly squat report it to the SFA
  5. McLeish, feck no.Hes out of work for a reason
  6. Apathy for me after almost 50 years of following Scotland
  7. We have players who are no more Scottish than fly in the air
  8. No sympathy.Too many clubs,companies renegaing on not paying HMRC or other debts in the hope they get off with it or some other diddy bails them out .
  9. Apparently utilised all loan deals. They have/ had 3 keepers,all injured All three of Raith Rovers’ registered goalkeepers are unfit to play in this evening’s vital league fixture away to Ayr United. Regular stopper Kevin Cuthbert underwent a sports hernia operation 10 days ago. Recovery time is 4 – 6 weeks. Such is the character of ‘Cat’ that he responded to the club’s emergency by offering to play tonight, even though he has not even had his post surgery stitches removed! However we have a duty of care to Kevin and could not permit that. Aaron Lennox is recovering from two broken bones in his hand and cannot play, while we await the results of an MRI scan on Conor Brennan following his painful foot injury sustained 3 days ago at Dumfries. Over the last 72 hours we have kept the SPFL fully abreast of developments, but our options were restricted by football regulations and despite the best efforts of manager John Hughes, club officials and agents acting on our behalf, we have been unable to secure the services of another goalkeeper for tonight’s game. As a last resort, we requested a postponement of tonight’s re-arranged fixture at Somerset Park but this has been refused by the SPFL. Whilst we must respect that decision, we are very disappointed with it. We now have no alternative other than to proceed with what is a vital fixture not only for ourselves and our friends at Ayr United, but also for those other clubs around about us. More than ever, good luck to the team this evening and in particular to Ryan Stevenson who has volunteered to be our goalkeeper tonight.
  10. Anyone who believes anything kings says is needing sectioned is this 18 mill he talks about his own money or inclusive of the numerous soft loans he's accepted from others?
  11. Hearts should never have got second chance.Rovers should have won the first game.
  12. Cheers,kinda thought that.
  13. Guessing because it was a civil case they never received a jail sentence or is because they are/ were footballers?
  14. On the contrary,it is a big deal.Unfortunately the law does view it differently.The case under discussion was high profile e.g. on the TV,viewed but thousands,examples had to be made.If that same guy had attempted the same act outside a pub or anywhere for that matter IMO unlikely to receive a 9 month jail sentence